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  1. Hi All. I have been tasked to shoot and edit my brother-in-laws wedding video while the family and I were over in Britain this fall. Everything went well and I am now finished with the editing process using Final Cut Pro. The problem I am having is no matter which setting I choose under the export tab the final video is not in the 16:9 or anamorphic format which i shot it in making everyone look squeezed a bit. The only thing I can add to help you all is that I have two clips from LiveType which are not in 16:9 ratio in the movie. Cant figure out how to convert them. If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful. Thanks
  2. iPod nano After summarizing the existing iPod product line, Jobs explained that the iPod mini is what all of Apple's competitors are aiming for. Apple is "going to do something pretty bold," he said. Apple is "replacing it with something new." Jobs calls the iPod nano "an entirely new ground-up design, that also has 1000 songs in your pocket." The white device features a color display and can support photos, uses a grey click wheel to navigate, and is 80 percent smaller in volume than the original iPod -- thinner than a number two pencil, said Jobs. The iPod nano weighs 1.5 ounces or 42 grams Compared to the iPod mini, the iPod nano is half the thickness and 62 percent smaller by volume. It uses a 30-pin dock connector, so the iPod nano plugs in to existing iPod accessories, and can also connect using USB 2.0. It features a 14-hour rechargeable abattery. The iPod nano also features a new graphical clock, games, stopwatch and lap timer, and a screen lock that uses the click wheel like a combination lock. "White is our signature color for the iPod ... but we decided to so a second color, and we tried it because it looked so cool," said Jobs, "so we're doing a black model as well." The iPod nano ships today in 2GB and 4GB confiugurations for US$199 and $249 respectively. Apple is also offering customized iPod nano accessories including a $29 dock, $39 lanyard with built-in headphones, color-coordinated armbands for $29 each, and "nanotubes" -- green, purple, blue and pink slipcases, sold in boxes of five, for $29 each. From MacWorld's live coverage
  3. NY152

    Redownload podcast?

    Also as a little add on. Lets say your download of a particular episode is incomplete. This has happened to me on occasion (Adam usually does not put out 8 minute podcasts.) You would simply select the partial episode and type command/delete. Select "Move to Trash" from the pop up window and viola. The episode is gone. Now just follow my directions above and iTunes will re-download the episode. Hopefully the full one this time. HTH
  4. NY152

    Redownload podcast?

    Lets see if I can explain this better. My problem was if I inadvertently deleted an episode(s) from the Maccast in error. I would then be stuck have all the episodes in my Maccast list except for the one(s) deleted. I use to type command/delete on the Maccast header which would give me a pop up dialog box with the option of moving all the files to the trash. Basically eliminating the Maccast from my podcast directory all together. Then I would re-subscribe to the Maccast feed and re-download all the episodes. This of course was time consuming considering the Maccast has dozens of shows and they would all have to be re-downloaded just to get the one(s) I deleted in error. (Also the extra bandwidth draw for Adam was not appreciated I am sure.) You would now have to manually tell iTunes which ones you had already listened to as it would think they were all new. Also some podcasts you re-subscribe to do not offer all their past shows just the previous few weeks. You therefore run across the problem of losing some past episodes if you planned on archiving them like I do. The solution I found for the problem was as follows: In the podcast list under iTunes select the podcast title with the missing podcast you want to reacquire. Along the bottom of the screen select the button titled Unsubscribe. You will then notice next to the title of that podcast a new button titled, surprisingly, subscribe. Simply hit that and then the update button in the top right corner of the podcast window and iTunes will present you with ALL the episodes from that podcast that you are missing and start downloading them. No need to erase anything. Now I should say I am using a mac so I am unsure if this will work under Windows. Hope I explained it a little better this time.
  5. NY152

    Redownload podcast?

    Just found the answer to this question. Delete the partial show then unsubscribe to the podcast and re-subscribe. iTunes will re-list all the podcasts you are missing. No need to erase and redownload the lot. HTH