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    iTunes 7

    Well, compared to our previous experience (buying music when inspired - without even leaving the house[!]), going begging for a computer somewhere, transferring (dealing with drm issues)... I dunno - just seems to take some of the joy out of the buying experience. But yes, technically I suppose that's one way we could spend the money currently in those iTMS accounts.
  2. dougmcg

    iTunes 7

    So it seems that people like the way it looks, like the gapless playback and all. I'm sure those are very nice things - especially for people looking for more and more features to be folded into iTunes (well, gapless should have been in there a while ago). I'm feeling a bit screwed at the moment. Up until today we had a nice system going. Though it was based on admittedly old hardware it worked very well for our family. On a 400 MHz G3 iMac we have been running Panther (scoff if you like, it has run very reliably) with iTunes 4.9. Why 4.9? Two reasons: jhymn and why bother with video on this platform? Today my son came back from band practice jazzed up to buy some music, only to find iTMS refusing to sell it to him until we upgrade to iTunes 7. iTMS has never required us to do an upgrade of iTunes before. The minimum system requirements for iTunes 7 state 500 MHz G3. So - it seems that in order to be able to spend the money we have in our iTMS accounts I not only have to perform a software upgrade I don't care to do (well, at least that's "free"), but I need to upgrade the hardware as well?!