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  1. TacoOrtega09

    Unlocked iPhone with T-Mobile?

    I'm a T-Mobile user and just renewed my contract in February because I like T-Mobile, but also REALLY like the iPhone. So I've heard about these unlocked iPhones and was considering getting one, but what's this about iTunes detecting it not being on the AT&T network and frying the thing? Is this true?
  2. TacoOrtega09

    torn between headphones

    hmm that surprises me that over-the-ear headphones are that good. ill try to fine some place that sells them so i can try em out
  3. TacoOrtega09

    torn between headphones

    So with the er6's would you consider them heavy in any area or are they pretty well balanced?
  4. TacoOrtega09

    torn between headphones

    I just returned a pair of Shure se110's today because they sounded no different than Apple's headphones (leave out sound isolation). So I've been doing some research and found d-jays which got great reviews from ilounge, although im not too crazy about ordering them from sweden (if i dont like them). Also i found the Vibes from v-moda interesting, but I'm not a big fan of bass in my music, so those probably arent for me. I just want my music to "sparkle". Does anyone have personal suggestions? thanks
  5. TacoOrtega09

    10.5 on g5

    I must have missed that when Adam said it. I need to re-subscribe to maccast too. I lost all the episodes from back in 2005
  6. TacoOrtega09

    10.5 on g5

    Hello, Does anyone know how well Leopard might work on an iMac g5? I had 1GB of ram, but idk if it would be slow or not. thanks -Will
  7. TacoOrtega09

    imac completely dead; grey folder w. folder icon

    Alright, despite all do-it-myself software repairs, i got my imac back today from repair. What happened were there were two fans that were out (explains the loudness of the remaining ones) and the hard drive had overheated. With new fans and hd i dont feel like im at an airport anymore.
  8. TacoOrtega09

    imac completely dead; grey folder w. folder icon

    Ya i know i was confused after i wrote that too, so i went back upstairs and saw that it was "verifying the install disk" and not doing the actual thing. So i waited and sure enough, Please try installing again. So i just booted using the option button and ran the hardware analyzer and it gave me this error after: Didn't sound like a good thing to me...
  9. TacoOrtega09

    imac completely dead; grey folder w. folder icon

    alright, i booted from the cd and ran the disk utility and to my great luck, no hard drive. but also, i tried to archive and install the OS and it's doing that alright so far. It's about 16% done, so idk what that means. HD dead? Of course I don't have Applecare, instead i have some BS from Fry's electronics and they have no idea what they're doing. In the case that none of this works, what are my option for recovering data off the drive? I have my parents' macbook that is working, so can that do anything (connect to imac via miracle from God, etc)? Thanks for your help! -Will
  10. Hello I was using my imac g5 no more than 20 minutes ago when it locked up while launching adium. After a restart it played the noise and then went from a grey screen to a black screen, then back to a grey one (Without displaying the logo). Then all I get is this small blue folder (like in OS 9) that flashes the finder icon and a "?". After about 5 minutes of that the fans start to fire up full speed. HELP?! I havent backed up in a month!!
  11. I dont know if anyone has done this before, but I put this ace of spades card in the back of my ipod case and it looks pretty tight. Plus, if you dont like to use the belt clip it covers those holes to shield dust. http://usera.imagecave.com/wtstuller09/etc/showcasemod.jpg *Pic is bad since i took it with cell, sry
  12. TacoOrtega09

    clickwheel protectors for ipod classic

    awesome. thanks
  13. Small question: Will 5G ipod clickwheel protectors work with the ipod classic? I need one pretty bad Thanks!
  14. TacoOrtega09

    Videos cant be played?

    Oh yes without flaw. And i could add artwork to the very first avi that i converted using visualhub. I've decided though that i really dont like the quality of the videos that it produces though. Since i have my ipod set up to use the entire screen when playing videos, visualhub makes the dimensions smaller resulting in more clipping on the screen.
  15. TacoOrtega09

    Videos cant be played?

    Ya I tried that and now it works very well. The only thing that I changed with the high rez is putting it on ffmpeg and not H.264. (It takes WAAY too long). Now I'm running into a whole nother slew or issues. Has anyone heard of a program called VisualHub? I run this program to convert .avi video files to mp4 so i ca put them on itunes, but when i do and try to put album art on them, itunes locks up every time and then when i restart the movie is just green all the way through.