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    External USB drive has become invisible!

    Hi It turns out it was a combination of a USB hub with a bad port and the USB port on the computer not providing enough power. I'd tried the drive in both USB ports on the Mac, neither of which give out enough power (I know now) but not thought to try it in a different port on the same powered hub it was originally connected to. Once I plugged the drive into a different port on the same hub, it worked fine. I only realised this after trying a second external HDD which, helpfully, beeps if it's not getting enough USB power. If only the Lacie had done this I'd have saved myself a lot of investigation! Thanks Regards
  2. Hi For ages I've been using an external USB harddrive as a backup of one Mac, let's call this Mac A. The disk has 2 partitions and, up until a couple of days ago, would behave as expected - plug it in, the icons for the 2 partitions appear on the desktop, and the drive is listed in Disk Utility. All of a sudden however it's disappeared - plugging it in has no visible effect (you can hear/feel the disk spinning and the light is on) but nothing appears on the desktop and there's no mention of it in Disk Utility. Looking at the USB section in System Profiler, however it _is_ listed (as LaCie USB harddrive + various other information). Other USB devices on Mac A work fine. At first I just assumed the disk was hosed, but upon plugging it into another Mac (call it Mac , it works fine - the drives show up on the desktop and are accessible, the disk & partitions are listed in Disk Utility, as well as in System Profiler. I've run repair disk, repair permissions etc, but still the drive in question is invisible to Mac A. Both machines are running 10.5.6. Any suggestions on how to get Mac A to see the drive again? It's a PPC-based system so I'm not sure if I can easily try another OS to see if it's a Leopard-specific problem. Mac A is a 1.67Ghz 15" Powerbook, Mac B is a 2.2Ghz 15" Macbook Pro. Glenn.
  3. Docproc

    Leopard: writeable FTP support?

    Thanks for answering my question (even though it wasn't the answer I was hoping for!). Glenn.
  4. Docproc

    Leopard: writeable FTP support?

    Why not? OS X itself can do read and write operations on WebDAV volumes, and that's a more complex protocol than FTP. I'm aware of the fact that there are several applications that can do this, but IMO functionality as basic as this should be part of the OS. Windows and Linux don't have this limitation ... Glenn.
  5. Docproc

    Leopard: writeable FTP support?

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean. It's always seemed odd that, in Tiger, you have read/write access to e.g. WebDAV volumes, but read-only access to FTP volumes. I use Transmit and Cyberduck, but could probably do away with both of them if read/write functionality was part of the core OS. Glenn.
  6. Hi I've yet to take the plunge with Leopard, but I'm curious to know whether you can write to FTP network volumes using Leopard? For some reason Tiger doesn't let you do this, which I've always found to be a bit of an annoyance. Have they fixed it? Glenn.
  7. Hi I've been using iPhoto '08 for a couple of weeks. I have 2 iPhoto libraries, a 2007 one and a pre-2007 one. iPhoto '08 converted both of them to its new package format the first time I opened them. So far so good; I use the 2007 library on a day-to-day basis and it's fine. However I can't get iPhoto to recognise the pre-2007 library. It won't open it if I hold down option and click the "Choose library" option - the pre-2007 library is there, but is greyed out and can't be selected. I get the same thing with iPhoto Library Manager. The permissions of both libraries are identical, and I can right-click on both of them and do Show package contents, and the structure looks fine. I'm not panicing because I can always "expand" the package, and re-import the photos that way, but I'd rather not do that as I'd prefer to keep the iPhoto library structure. The library I'm having problems with resided on an external disk for a while before I copied it back onto the laptop hard drive, but I can't open it from the external drive either. Any suggestions? Regards Glenn.
  8. Hi My wife uses Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client to connect from home to a Windows machine at her workplace. It works very well, or rather it did until a couple of days ago when it just stopped working. The error it gives now is "The client could not connect to the remote computer. Either remote connections are not enabled, the computer is too busy to accept new connections, or network problems are preventing the connection. Try connecting again later or contact your administrator." I've not changed anything about my home network configuration. I've also tried it from my office and that gives the same error. The only thing I can think of that's changed recently is that I applied the latest Apple security update (2007-007) which may have changed some networking configuration. Has anyone else seen this, or problems with this update? Regards Glenn.
  9. Docproc

    Bandwith in Europe

    In the UK most people are on ADSL, which generally offers "up to 8Mb/s" although speeds vary and the average people get from their "8Mb" connection is around 2.7Mb/s. As an aside there's a controversy about this at the moment as the providers don't generally make it clear that you won't get anywhere near the full speed from the line. I get about 6.5Mb/s which is pretty good, but I live near the exchange. Elsewhere in the UK there are various cable and other providers who may give higher speeds, but their availability tends to be limited to the big cities. Regards Glenn.
  10. Docproc

    Airport Extreme question

    Thanks Graham, that's a very useful article. Regards Glenn.
  11. Docproc

    Airport Extreme question

    Thanks; other sources suggest I should select "Bridge mode" in the connection sharing preferences - does this achieve the same thing? I believe the default IUP of the AE is which doesn't conflict with anything I have; anyway since I have my existing router configured for a mixtrure of static and DHCP's IP addresses, I should be OK. Glenn.
  12. Docproc

    Airport Extreme question

    Hi As I mentioned in the NAS thread the other day, I've ordered an Airport Extreme base station. It's not arrived yet but I'm thinking about how it'll integrate into my current network. Currently I have a Netgear DG834G ADSL router. This connects to the ADSL line, acts as a NAT firewall and provides 802.11g wireless connectivity. Obviously I'll connect the Airport to this. However I don't want to have 2 wireless networks and 2 firewalls to deal with and tunnel through. So, I plan on disabling the wireless functionality on the Netgear, and just using it as a firewall and ADSL modem, with the Airport providing the wireless (802.11n) and printer/disk sharing. So, is it possible to turn off the firewall on the Airport and have it completely open? Thanks in advance Glenn.
  13. Docproc

    Good ethernet NAS?

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. I've ordered an Airport Extreme and a 500Gb LaCie USB drive (I've been using a 250Gb drive from them for a year or so, it's very good). In the end it was the added flexibility of the Airport, especially the printer sharing, as well as the (hopefully) easier configuration via Bonjour that made me go down this route. Expect lots of Airport Extreme related questions in a few days time! Regards Glenn.
  14. Docproc

    Good ethernet NAS?

    Thanks for the replies so far folks; I'd considered the AirportExtreme + USB disk option but discounted it on the basis of cost, and the fact that I already have a wireless ADSL router. I'll give it further thought though, and maybe re-watch the ScreenCasts online episode on the Airport that Don did a few weeks ago. Glenn.
  15. Docproc

    Good ethernet NAS?

    Hi We're shortly to become a two-Mac household (yay!). Both machines are laptops so I want to have a way to have a large amount of storage that both machines can access. So I need a NAS device, preferably one that has an ethernet interface so that both machines can see it when it's plugged into my router. Any recommendations? My requirements are: - good Mac compatibility (of course!) - reasonably quiet - user friendly (although I'm happy enough messing around with Disk Utility, DHCP etc) - reasonable price I look forward to hearing any recommendations - or otherwise - that you have. Regards Glenn.