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    God's Mac Podcast

    Your website is sweet!!!! im DL'ing the podcast now...
  2. me1000

    Website faster after server trobles?

    most defiantly faster! almost 1000% - literally!
  3. me1000

    Album Art

    im on a mac now... Ill try that widget
  4. me1000

    Album Art

    The thing is, i dont have an itunes account, nor do i plan on getting one any time soon...
  5. me1000

    Album Art

    Hello, First off i want to say what a great podcast you put on, i just got my first mac about 4 or 5 months ago, unfortunately it died on me due to a stupid accident. so im on a PC for the time being but i have already ordered a new mac ... anyway, In your most recent podcast you said that there are 3rd party apps that will search through your music library and find the album art for it. Can you please give me a link to a few of these? Preferably windows but mac will be ok, (when i get it) Thank you, Me1000 EDIT: if this is the wrong forum please move it, Thanks