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    New iTunes 9.0.3 and iPod SW 3.1.3

    A little old but it works. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know how to reset the music so it will not remember where you last stopped listening to a song? I've already selected my music and changed the "Remember position:" setting to "NO" and reloaded the ipod but it still restarts where I last stopped listening. I have a brand new iPod touch. The problem occurs on my older one too. So I figure its got to be an issue with iTunes.
  3. Downloaded the latest update of itunes and ipod software. I've been hoping for a fix to the problem with sorting on a playlist. If you turn on Auto updating it doesn't sort properly. Well the problem isn't fixed with this update either. Now if you have auto update turned on when you sync then NOTHING gets copied to your iPod. The interesting part is that iTunes shows that the playlist has been down loaded but when you open the playlist on the iPod it says "NO MUSIC". Does Apple even test their updates. I'm currently running with a brand new iPod Touch 64. The other issue is that the upgrade insists on backing up my iPod. I've got 50 GB of data on GoodReader and I'm not prepared to wait ALL NIGHT for the backup to finish. Come on Steve provide some backup options (I DO NOT WANT TO BACKUP GOODREADER)!!! Does anyone know how to downgrade to iTunes 8.x and what ever software for the iPod would match? Let me know. Thanks ------ Update Feb 3 This link will give you iTunes 8- http://support.apple.com/kb/DL857 It'll not likely help me though with the new iPod
  4. I found a location to vent my anger. http://www.apple.com/feedback/ They don't have a specific "Report a bug" setting but hopefully it'll get to someone. Does anyone know how to see all outstanding bugs?
  5. While listening to a radio stream on quicktime the buffer that Quicktime plays from will sometimes not fill up as quickly as the player plays it. Once quicktime reaches the end of the buffer its continues playing from the beginning of the buffer without clearing out the buffer or just pausing the play until it receives some more audio. I think this bug came in sometime early last year (2 or 3 updates ago). This bug is also on the apple forums but there doesn't appear to be any action from Apple (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1274339&tstart=0). Anyone know how to report a bug to apple?
  6. Tried BURN which allows you to set the speed - No luck. Check Apple discussion group I'm not the only one...
  7. Found out this weekend that my 2.5 G5 will not write to a 16x dvd even though its rated as 1x-16x. I have Applecare and this seems to mean Apple Care less. Seems to me that Apple should be upgrading the firmware on their built in DVD. The DVD writer will still write to 8x DVDs.
  8. I've noticed that occasionally my iPod Schuffle will not remove an item that is no longer in my library. I also have some entrys in a smart playlist that have been deleted from the library and therefore shouldn't exist.
  9. I've notice that I can no longer keep my shuffle in the iTunes library when I disconnect it. I found this usefull as it allowed me to update the podcasts I had on it while still listening to them. As mentioned in one of the other topics if you convert a podcast file to AAC the resulting file does not appear in the library anywhere? I did find them in the same finder directory as the original mpeg i was converting. For some odd reason audio files that I create with AudioHijack get placed in the "Audiobooks" catagory. I wish they would allow you to "Delete" a file out of the library or off of my iPod from a Playlist. Otherwise I'm using a Playlist to keep track of what is new then have to go look for the files so I can delete them. I find the way Podcasts are handled to be feature poor. I'll continue to use iPodderX (Transistr). At least they will automatically convert to AAC (which my shuffle requires otherwise the mpegs play out of order). I also find that many of my podcasts within iTunes never get updated. I do like the addition of the other options into the multiple item information dialog.
  10. Larry

    iTunes 7

    Same thing happens to me when I try to convert an MPEG to AAC. The file doesn't appear anywhere in iTunes but is located in the same folder as the original podcast file. Personally I figure you should have the option on each podcast to convert it to AAC and also change the default setting like bookmarks. This is what iPodderX does so I won't be switching my podcasts to the iTunes version yet.