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  1. I've never specifically used a Synology, but it should just using whatever it wants for the internal drives. The external that you listed is if you want / need to connect an external hard drive. At least that's how it is my with QNAPs.
  2. Just as a temp solution, have you tried completely disabling the password?
  3. What are you trying to accomplish with the VPN? Accessing your mac from your phone?
  4. I have a 2011 iMac that has mixed ram. Thinking about it, most of my mac desktops have mixed ram.
  5. I currently have two multi terrabyte drives and I need to compare the drives to make sure that all of the information that needed to be copied over has been copied. So my question is, does anyone know of a software that can compare the files on the two drives and display the results back to me.
  6. It works for me. The biggest big right now that I see is that a person I share with thy is not part of the beta sees nothing. I guess it's more of an annoyance than a bug.
  7. I have the mobile me calendar beta. There is sharing I am excited that they have finally added it. I had been using Google calenders to share. But that mobile me has it, I am back to using that.
  8. Its running 10.5, it was not allowing it to rotate. I think it was the graphics cards not working. So I just decided to redesign the mount so that all 6 monitors are just oriented the correct way.
  9. Such a random question but I thought I would ask. Does anyone work in the game development or similar related fields.
  10. I have 6 of the same monitors hooked up to a machine. Only two of them are letting me rotate their orientation. It looks like its the graphics card. Anyone know of a program that will let me rotate the other displays?
  11. Alright, I just thought that it was strange because I know some people that have already preordered it.
  12. I do not see a need to. I kept going back and forth between having it jailbroken or not. Now I just leave it the way it came from apple.
  13. Is anyone else having problems while trying to use this service? I follow the links to where it asks for the Apple ID that I used to purchase the computer with. After entering the ID and password it brings me to the store with an empty cart with no message about having added snow leopard to the cart.
  14. That is very strange. At least it is now working.
  15. I have heard of the ViBook USB that can run DVI monitors but I have not used it.