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  1. Peter W

    Drop-Down Menus

    Hi All, I work in Tech. Support for a TV company and I want to create a series of drop-down (pull-down?) menus to bring up information on TV channels. E.g. Users could select a channel name to get the number, or display (for example) all French-speaking channels. The file would be on the user's PC (XP, I'm afraid ) so would have to be cross-platform and the only browser available is I.E. I've got a small budget for software and I’m willing to learn HTML or CSS. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Peter W

    Where to get Tiger?

    Amazon.com still have some ( http://www.amazon.com/Apple-Mac-Tiger-10-4...594&sr=8-1) although not cheap there either.
  3. Peter W

    Hidden Message in Google New Years Logo?

    Well spotted! I never noticed that before I saw "SYIN SYNIACK ACK" but I ran both yours and my version though an anagram solver and got nothing that made any sense. It's like a colour-blindness test I remember seeing as a child on a school trip to Edinburgh Museum where the multicoloured numbers and letters you could see in a picture was depended on the range colours you could detect, so there may be different interpretations that make more sense.
  4. Peter W

    iWork Or Microsoft Office

    I like iWorks personally but if you want to export a Numbers file in .xls format it's not ideal as Numbers aligns sheets vertically (down the left-hand side) and Office aligns them horizontally (along the bottom). Although an exported file will look fine either it can mess-up any design work. Another option is the excellent NeoOffice ( http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/en/index.php ) which is donation-ware but is free to download and isn't crippled in any way. Hope that helps:-)
  5. Peter W

    Multiple iTunes Songs

    http://dougscripts.com/itunes/itinfo/dupin.php was recommended on a Surfbits Mac ReviewCast, I don't have duplicate tracks so couldn't test it personally.
  6. Peter W

    So how do you like the new iMac design?

    I must admit to being a bit disappointed, as I was hoping for something a bit more radical. A back-lit, touch-screen iMac would have been amazing. Still, I'm happy that it's not a huge improvement over my six-month-old iMac
  7. Peter W

    Problems with Lacie Drive

    Hello, I’ve had a similar problem about a month ago. I’m using a Lacie 320gig, FireWire hard drive to make a bootable copy of my Intel, 20 inch iMac‘s internal drive. I do this with SuperDuper! daily (okay, so I’m paranoid ) and one day the backup failed due to a problem with the Lacie drive. I tried to open it but got the spinning beach ball as well. I used Drive Genius to repair it and it’s been fine since then.
  8. Peter W

    password manager

    1Password (http://1passwd.com/) is what I use. It cost $30, but I think it’s well worth it.
  9. Peter W

    Best iMac Configuration?

    Thanks for the reply! It’s mainly for word processing, e-mailing and, of course, iTunes, but I would want to do some work with iDVD, iMovie and Photoshop Elements.
  10. Peter W

    Best iMac Configuration?

    Hi, I’m about to buy a 20 inch iMac and wanted to ask you guys for input: Is two gigabytes of ram enough, or should I go for the three? Is the standard graphics card okay? Is the 233 GHz processor worth the extra money? I’m going for the 250GB hard drive (as I haven’t filled the 60GB one I’ve got) and, with the coming of Time Machine, I was wondering how much external storage to buy, I currently have a 320GB Seagate external drive. Finally, if anyone in the UK has an opinion on Apple Care I’d love to hear it. I know it gets praised in America, but if the nearest service centre is in the Netherlands it might be a different story here.
  11. Peter W

    Slicing MP4s.

    That, and the previous reply, has been a great help. Thank you all!
  12. Peter W

    Slicing MP4s.

    Hi, my apologies if this question has been covered before, I did search the various Forums, but couldn’t find anything. I recently bought a 1 hour 25 minute chapter-less DVD which contains 24 music videos. I used Handbrake to convert it to an MP4 (I’m taking this as “Fair Use” as I only bought it to put on my iPod) but I’m left with having to fast-forward past tracks to get to the one I want. I tried using iMovie to make chapters, but for some reason those wouldn’t show when saved. Although chapters would do, I’d really like to slice it up in to 24 individual vidoes, and I’m hoping one of you guys know of a way to do that Any help would be most appreciated.