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  1. soulminer

    Best BitTorrent client for OS X?

    Me too. Does all you need it to do.
  2. soulminer

    Looking for FTP program recommendations

    So what do you use for ftp ? Fugu is sftp and ssh only. :?
  3. soulminer

    do i need Norton? opinions please

    ...and has it ever found anything during a scan ?
  4. It wasn't an attempt to put you down, it was merely an attempt to stop you wasting any more of your life worrying about things like the date displayed on an iCal icon. BTW, the program that alerts you of an iCal alarm is "iCal Alarm Scheduler" and not "iCal". They are two different programs, using the same data files.
  5. ... or click the time in the menu bar.
  6. soulminer

    Insane Hardware Photo

    He obviously has more money than sense !!
  7. soulminer

    Why I hate intel

    Get a grip !! It's a computer processor. Just use the damn thing instead of whining about it. I doubt you could tell the difference between a PPC or an Intel processor anyway. Why do people get so wound up about a silicon chip inside a computer ?? :roll:
  8. soulminer

    Looking for FTP program recommendations

    There are many ways to skin a cat. Use whatever you feel is easier or quicker for you. I only suggested the UNIX ftp client as it is already built into the OS and you don't have to download, install or configure anything.
  9. soulminer

    Looking for FTP program recommendations

    Why not use the ftp client that is built into the operating system ?? It is free, and will do anything that a graphical client will do. Simply open up a terminal window, type "ftp" and return. Then type "open" and return and input the address of the ftp server. Ftp will then prompt your for your username and password. Once you have authenticated, you can use the "help" command for useful commands. Also you can type "help" followed by the command name to get more explicit help (eg "help put"). The most simple commands are "mkdir", "ls", "put", "get", "open", "bye". If you read the manual page for ftp from the terminal ("man ftp"), it will give you even more information.
  10. soulminer

    Classic Icon In System Preferences

    Cheers for that Adam. I didn't really want to delete it in case it had any adverse effects or I ever did need it again in the future, so I just changed the file extension from .prefPane to something meaningless, and left it in the original folder. That's worked a treat. No more annoying icon. Thanks for the info.
  11. soulminer

    help me if you can.

    He has already told us that. CompTIA A+
  12. I unwittingly downloaded an old classic app a week or so ago, and obviously it didn't work, as I don't have OS 9 installed. I deleted the app straight away and thought nothing more of it. Now I have this "Classic" icon in the System Preferences panel under System. Is there any way to get rid of it ?? I will never use it, and it throws me out every time I see it now. Also, it doesn't appear at exactly the same time as the rest of the icons, it appears maybe half a second later, as though the System Preferences process is checking a folder or list for classic apps before it loads the icon. Any thoughts ?? I am experiencing this on an iBook G4 running 10.4.3. Thanks.
  13. soulminer

    Hello Video iPod

    No... That's 60GB Lunchbox, as in 60 Giga Bytes. These guys are talking about Generation 'G'. The new iPod is 5G means it's fifth generation, not 5 Giga Bytes. ;-)
  14. soulminer

    New PowerBooks

    ....and can Jubilee get rid of that sig pic or shrink it down. It is becoming extremely tedious and annoying now. :roll:
  15. soulminer

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome Matt.