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    Final Cut Express

    Wow Lots of responses already! thanks for the feedback. Although my brother does use FCP, he is MUCH more adept at editing than I am. I'm not near his level, but would like to get there eventually. I'm not sure I would need the features of FCP, but can anyone point out the differeneces between the 2 editions? I know FCP, er Studio has Soundtrack/Motion and all that. Anythign really besides that?
  2. BCMacDude

    Final Cut Express

    I'm a college student with not a whole lot of money. I've been doing a lot of movies/video editing lately just on iMovie and having my brother do some editing with FCP (he gets it from his school). I'm trying to get into more editing and even might get a little job making movies here and there for my school. Should I get Final Cut Express? What are the main difference between it and the Pro version. I don't know if I have any other options than Final Cut Express at the price point it offers. Any ideas? let me know thanks
  3. BCMacDude

    Quicktime pro

    I do a quite a bit of video but am too poor for Final Cut . Word is you can capture video from the internet as well. That would be a useful feature for me as well. Question: What iMovie plugins do you use? I've found a couple from c/fx i think? they're kinda useful. Whats visualhub? is it free? What are its benefits over QTP? Also, what else can QTP do? I've heard rave reviews on apple's website, but none are in-depth. Thanks for the help
  4. BCMacDude

    Quicktime pro

    Any thoughts on this? Is it worth it? If i buy it, are they going to come out with an update really soon thats gonna make me pay $30 more bucks for it? Any thoughts
  5. BCMacDude


    Check out MacHeist. Get 12 great apps for only $49! Over a 400 dollar value!. Check it out using the link below. https://www.macheist.com/buy/invite/89686
  6. BCMacDude

    Mac or PC Music Video!

    i made some videos for a parallels competition its about why choose between a Mac and PC when you could have both with parallels. let me know what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EBlYb-PY_E http://youtube.com/watch?v=s7qxs-YHaGc thanks
  7. BCMacDude

    Windows or OSX?

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate the positive feedback...glad you guys enjoyed them
  8. BCMacDude


    Anybody use parallels? is it worth it? I'm trying to decide if i should try it or not i made a couple videos for them, but i dont know if they're good. check em out for me--et me know what you think http://youtube.com/watch?v=2EBlYb-PY_E http://youtube.com/watch?v=s7qxs-YHaGc
  9. BCMacDude

    Windows or OSX?

    Parallels - the windows virtualization program for OSX just launched a "Why Choose?" campaign aimed at those who don't want to make a decision between Windows and Mac. They're having a contest where they asked people to make videos of times when they had to choose. Here are 2 videos I made for the Contest. Let me know what you think. http://youtube.com/watch?v=2EBlYb-PY_E http://youtube.com/watch?v=s7qxs-YHaGc Thanks
  10. So a while back, adam did a show on how to do shortcuts in the main apple menu. So i ended up making a shortcut for secure empty trash. however, when i upgraded to leopard, i see the empty trash options, the secure empty trash option w/ my added shortcut and an new secure empty trash option w/out the shortcut. how do i get it so there only one secure empty trash option....i dont really care which one it is, i dont really use the shortcut anymore... anyone have any good ideas?
  11. BCMacDude

    Memory Question

    Sadness I have an original MBP. o well...thats what i get for getting 1st gen hardware
  12. BCMacDude

    Memory Question

    can you install 3GB of RAM in a MBP....i thought i heard somewhere that having 3GB wont really help because the OS cant utilize it or something like that.
  13. BCMacDude

    Memory Question

    I did have a gig preinstalled, but i made sure its just 1 1 gig stick rather than the separate 512...go foresight
  14. BCMacDude

    Memory Question

    Okay so i have a first gen macbook pro. I have a 1gb of memory in it in one slot. I have anotehr slot and would like to put another gig in that one. I read something about installing identical pairs in both slots if im going to do that. I was planning on putting another 1gig in there, as i understand matching sticks result in increased performance, but does it matter if they're different brands? I'm planning on buying memory from crucial. It should work okay with my preinstalled apple memory right? Or should i just go buy matching pairs of crucial memory? Any experts out there?
  15. BCMacDude

    MBP Battery Question

    Good News Went in today had them look at it. Replaced my fraying power cord as soon as they looked at it. And it turned out that before i took it in, my computer wasnt recognizing my batter so i took a screenshot of it. Brought it in and showed him and i'm calling applecare tomorrow to get my new one mailed to me. Pretty Straightforward and simple. That screenshot tip from the show a couple weeks back works wonders--they dont question at all. So all is good and happy in my macs life thanks guys