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  1. Yang

    Give my shuffle back, APPLE

    Went back to Apple Store, my shuffle was pronounced dead today, they say it's not fixable......also since it's over the one year period, no refund or anything, wrote an angry e-mail to apple New Zealand today!!!!Not good enough,,,started looking for a player from another company today..... Thank you all for the great help.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yang

    Give my shuffle back, APPLE

    Hi Thank you so much for all the helpful comment. The problem started when I first tried to connect my shuffle for the first time since I updated to itune 7. Now it's not showing up in either of my computers, one pc and one powerbook. it cannot play music because the blinking light of amber and green....I have tried all the means I know, but no avail....I might go back to the Apple store to ask them to repair it. Many thanks... I still love Apple..... Yang
  3. Yang

    Give my shuffle back, APPLE

    not so, i just hope Apple will solve this problem soon or someone helpful to point out the problem and solution, rather than going into the same old argument here..........
  4. Yang

    Give my shuffle back, APPLE

    Ipod cannot be seen anywhere in windows and mac............just no show.......... overreaction?, see what all the people are saying about the new itune and you will see what I mean......not trying to kill their own best selling player, just making you to buy the lastest product.....
  5. Ok...it's simple: My shuffle is dead since I got iTune 7, it shows blinking light, green and amber....my computers can't see tmy ipod (both PC and a Mac), seen some many users reporting same problem on the internet. What's going on here can anyone help? Is the company trying to kill all old iPods by releasing the next iTune? Really disappointing, next time when I choose my Mp3 player I will seriously consider other players on the market!