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  1. diim

    Upgrading Ram

    Hello, I will be purchasing some ram today, and wanted to know if what I'm purchasing is compatible with my Macbook Pro. Here are the specs I pulled from the system: MacBookPro6,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 4 GB Size: 2 GB, Type: DDR3, Speed: 1067 MHz x2 I want to max it by getting: Corsair PC 10666 Ram - 8GB, (2x4GB), DDR3, 1333MHz, SODIMM Laptop Memory, Class9 Is this the correct type? Thank you.
  2. I don't mind that, people are now trying to infect macs. That means macs are increasing more in popularity. People are using macs more and more everyday. When i owned a PC I never got a viruse cause I was carefull. I never used an anti virus program on a pc and I will not use any on my mac. You just have to be smart.
  3. diim

    Mac Book Pro Games?

    Here are some good games. http://www.apple.com/games/