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  1. Does anyone know of a simple online storage solution which does NOT sync everything across multiple machines? EG, I have about 200GB of files that I currently access when I'm out and about from my home server. If my house burns down, the files will be lost. All I want is a simple service where I can transfer these files to a location that's more secure. If there was an option to be able to mount a 'virtual drive' on my desktop even better as ideally I'd like regular access to these files. Services offered by the likes of Crashplan which offer a 'back up and forget' strategy do not appeal. It appears there's many online storage/cloud storage solutions available but I'm yet to find one that offers this relatively simply service! To be clear, I have no interest in any of the syncing services the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive offer (unless there is a way of turning off syncing but still being able to see my files) THANKS