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    Poor Apple Podcast App

    The version which shipped with iOS 9 is dismal - perhaps in part due to the way I consume podcasts - i.e. by capturing them in iTunes and synchronising them across to my iPhone. Then again it's not unusual as Tom Jones would say. First up - and this is a problem I recall from the previous version - why, oh, why does it put them on in a random order when first set up? With thirty-seven in my case it was painful to have to manually sequence them alphabetically - that by far being the best way to have them. Using "Search My Podcasts" is an option but that's hardly quicker when the list is in sequence and I simply want to find a particular source. Secondly, it's so damn slow... after synchronising it taking an age to update the contents... it crawling along in front of one's eyes. I may have a lowly 4S but I expect better. Last and certainly not least is the player "window" - the tiny slat just above the menu with fiddly controls being a nightmare to use - the full-screen controller, available when that's tapped upon, being far better. Oh, and there are howling bugs in there - not least the appearance of the names of other podcasts in certain chapters - also the "Not Subscribed" banner being improperly rendered at times. I've reported these matters to Apple via their Feedback service.
  2. Harry_The_Bustard

    Audio files from Mac to iPhone

    I use "Piezo" from Rogue Amoeba for the audio capture - a more advanced alternative being their "Audio Hijack" application - your choice depending on your needs.
  3. Harry_The_Bustard

    Spotlight Not Indexing Volume

    I had a 2TB external volume, connected via Thunderbolt, which was almost full - there being a handful of MB remaining - around eight I think. Somehow the previously-existing (and searchable) index on there was wiped out - the (hidden) folder ".Spotlight-V100" existing but the sub-folder Store-V2 containing nothing - that, I believe, containing the indexes. Quite how this came about I don't know but I'd be surprised if it were simply as I rammed it. (I've also filled my boot volume in recent days whilst rendering a video file - not good as it does all sorts of weird things like resets one's wallpaper and Notifications settings - though not every time as I know from hitting this more than once.) I followed the official advice on fixing this issue but to no avail. After adding the volume to "Privacy" as described in there I manually deleted the parent folder - i.e. ".Spotlight-V100" - and on removing it from "Privacy" the folder re-appeared, with its sub-folders but, again, Store-V2 was empty. Only after making a bit more space available (1 GB) was the index rebuilt - i.e. Store-V2 was populated - and so Spotlight searches worked again. I know space is required for the index though it didn't take up more than was originally free on the drive - i.e. when down to a handful of MB - so maybe it needed more, as workspace, to generate the index. I've suggested Apple improve their help page to cover this requirement. OS X 10.11.1.
  4. Harry_The_Bustard

    Apple tv

    I don't have a G4 yet (I'm on G3) but will when the BBC iPlayer app comes out. So, whilst I'm not the best person to help Episode 542 of the MacCast (if you've not heard it yet) may be worth a play as that covers several problem areas - though I don't recall this level of detail. Disappointingly the Support section of the Apple web site doesn't tell you much about it either. Maybe you're not in one of the regions in which Siri works - though in that case I doubt you'd have seen the option. Having viewed the setup process via a YouTube video (here) it seems that's not the route you describe. State where 'the "siri option' you mention is - "Setting / General" maybe - so that potential helpers might be found. Don't hold your breath, though, as this forum is not very active.
  5. Harry_The_Bustard

    Anyone seen this in their share menu??

    Hmmm... yes... in mine (10.11.1) too. I guess they're legitimate. However, like Facebook which is there too (and which wild horses wouldn't get me to use) I wouldn't trust them.
  6. Harry_The_Bustard

    Yosemite The Fourth Problems

    I installed 10.10.4 (on top of 10.10.3) on a Late 2012 Mac mini (2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB RAM) with FileVault active and find after booting and being presented with the list of users who can unlock the thing the font of the user names is badly rendered. Please let me know if you've seen this too.
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    Yosemite The Fourth Problems

    I hadn't noticed Spotlight doing its thing and the relative sluggishness remains. (I can live with it.) What may be relevant to the first issue I mentioned - but presumably not the second - is how an EFI Security Update was incorporated in with it. (I don't know what the previous Boot ROM Version was but it has certainly changed as I now have the black screen with a white apple at boot - albeit briefly before the "FileVault unlocking user list" screen kicks in - previously I having the classic grey background with a white apple.) My guess is that FileVault may be relevant and I continue to look forward to hearing whether anyone with a Mac using that which is the same model as mine or later has seen this.
  8. Harry_The_Bustard

    Slap My Brick Up

    A friend of mine’s teenage daughter thinks she made the mistake of revealing her iCloud credentials to a boyfriend and that after that relationship came to an end he logged in and wiped both her iPhone and MacBook Pro via the “Erase” feature of Find My iThing rather than using the “Lost Mode” one. Oddly, perhaps, he didn’t change her iCloud password - which would probably have been the end of that - she changing it as soon as these events occurred and, rather belatedly, implementing two-factor authentication. Her iPhone was set back to “factory” state by the hacker and she was able to restore it from a backup and return it to more or less where it was before the hack. However, she was less fortunate with her MacBook Pro in that it asked for a four digit passcode which it is assumed the hacker assigned (as one has to) during the "Erase" command. She’s had a few shots at it, without success, and the time needed between attempts has increased to an hour. Unfortunately - and this is a classic problem - her father bought it for her via eBay and with secondhand proofs of purchase not being accepted by Apple, and since the original is not available from the eBay seller, they won’t help. Now as much as I would appreciate any help on overcoming this I’ve researched solutions and none of them work so won’t seek help here on this. (There is also the potential concern of contributors that I have stolen it and the above tale of woe is a cock and bull story.) The reason I’ve actually created this thread is to try to find out - as I’ve failed to do so far online - how long the delay between retry attempts for the passcode is at the start and when and by how much it increases. (I could try this on my Mac mini but am nervous about assigning a firmware password despite buying it new just a few months ago and so having the Apple option given that I have the receipt.) I am also keen to learn (and this is not stated in the relevant Apple support resource) whether the passcode is different to the firmware password that also exists on the MacBook Pro and which my friend was unaware of until this situation arose. (The eBay seller has not responded to a request for this.) For what it's worth I suspect they are. For the record the passcode can’t be overcome by... 1. removing a memory module and resetting the PRAM or whatever it’s called in this model 2. putting a new hard drive in with a clean install of Snow Leopard (which it shipped with) or later - it behaving as though no drive is attached 3. booting from an external drive containing a clean install of Snow Leopard or even the installer et cetera - the firmware password (not the four-digit one) preventing such ...and given that the delay between entry of the four-digit passcode is now an hour a brute force attack with the likes of a Raspberry Pi or similar is hardly on the cards from what I understand of that process. P.S. The MacBook no longer appears in Find My iThing - that presumably being a consequence of the "Erase" process.
  9. Harry_The_Bustard

    Yosemite The Fourth Problems

    About a day in and I'm experiencing sluggishness - beach balls popping up from time to time - a problem usually associated with too much memory being used though it's not according to Activity Monitor. (I have rebooted a few times but it soon comes back.) I keep meaning to upgrade to 16GB so maybe now's the time.
  10. Harry_The_Bustard

    Slap My Brick Up

    Although no-one answered this I thought you all might like to know that the problem was resolved by Apple - who did not accept liability - after my friend took them to court. He even got his £60 back. I don't exactly know the case he made but it was along the lines that they were being unfair to those who didn't buy first-hand.
  11. Harry_The_Bustard

    New Photos app and iCloud photo vs. photo stream

    I've yet to transfer any pictures with manually-added locations but a quick test just now with a single image shows that one has to export them from iPhoto - with "Location information" chosen - in order to get that information embedded. (I guess it's always been that way.) From what I can see there's no way of adding the images from multiple iPhoto libraries to Photos without having separate Photos libraries so that seems to be the only way to get that information over after the first time it's used to import. Exactly what goes over in the "first time" usage of Photos and the importation of an iPhoto library is covered here.
  12. Harry_The_Bustard

    New Photos app and iCloud photo vs. photo stream

    That's a shame. It would be good if you knew someone with 9.6.1 from where you can simply copy it in - though I doubt that's possible due to Apple apps having the Mac owner's Apple ID stamped on it preventing such. I for one would be disappointed as there are features in iPhoto such as Place assignment (and alteration) which I need as I'm slowly adding pre-digital images - i.e. scans of slides and prints - over time.
  13. Harry_The_Bustard

    iOS 8.3-Bug?

    The only reason I can think of as to why it works the way it does is to allow one to better handle imports of images with no time/date metadata - be they from a non-stamping source be it a camera or a scanner - finding them being easier. Once found they should, where possible, be edited to use the best shot, if you'll pardon the pun, as to when they were taken (Image -> Adjust Date & Time) though unlike the rather unwieldy iPhoto option Photos doesn't seem to allow location edits.
  14. Harry_The_Bustard

    iOS 8.3-Bug?

    My first and only library was (and still is) a test one with just thirty pictures and two videos shot on my iPhone during the period March 28th to April 10th. Whilst in the "Collections" view I added a screen shot created on April 1st by dragging it in from the Finder and it was not added to the image strip. Clicking on it took me to Moments, of course, and the picture appeared under the correct date section. On taking the "Back" button - i.e. to "Collections" it appeared in the strip and in the right place. On choosing "All Photos" it appears at at the end - i.e after the last picture taken on April 10th. I think I read somewhere that they appear in there in the order they are added - proven too by adding a picture with Exif data which was created on March 26th - that appearing at the end too. I don't like it as it seems illogical.
  15. Harry_The_Bustard

    New Photos app and iCloud photo vs. photo stream

    Mine is version 9.6.1 - the one issued last month - perhaps the only one which works on 10.10.3. Still, even that would be odd. Post your version number so that others might check. Whatever the case I've little doubt it has been pulled now Photos is out - always annoying - in the same way that pre-iOS 8 apps can't always be obtained for older devices despite the older versions still working. Find My Friends is an example - I having it on my iPhone 3GS up until last September when I (finally) got around to upgrading - my mum not being able to get it after I handed it down to her and, of course, she put her own stamp on it. Still, she's not that bothered as at her time of life - her mid-Seventies - calls and messages are all she really needs though Find My iPhone has come in handy once or twice when she's mislaid it.
  16. Harry_The_Bustard

    Identifying Duplicated Media Files

    My wife’s Music folder is a mess: duplicated files (a mix of mp3 and m4a) in several directories with some having slightly different names - some inside (several) iTunes folders and some (actually most) not. Now whilst there are several applications out there that seem to be able to find these - and delete them if need be - I thought to seek a script or similar which would find them and the results of which (ideally stored in a file) she or I could go through and tidy up. (She’s not concerned with the various iTunes library structures as she’ll create a single one when the duplicate files have been identified and removed - though she may well keep some of the existing structures - e.g. folders by artist and then by album.) Having had a good look around I found a set of nested Unix commands here but they don’t work - curiously they being reproduced on other sites and still not working despite modification there. I had a crack at debugging it/them (despite a rudimentary grasp of Unix) but failed at the last hurdle - i.e. the last command - and it’s help with that I’m after. The debugging process involved the creation of a folder with three files in it (File 1.m4a / File 2.m4a / File 3.m4a) then copying two of them (File 1.m4a / File 2.m4a) to a sub-folder where I renamed one of them (File 2.m4a -> File 2 Renamed Copy.m4a) and into which I added another file (File 4.m4a) with the following result… /Volumes/My Data Partition/Scratch File 1.m4a File 2.m4a File 3.m4a /Volumes/My Data Partition/Scratch/xxx File 1.m4a File 2 Renamed Copy.m4a File 4.m4a I moved to the higher directory so… cd ../../Volumes/My\ Data\ Partition/Scratch and then ran the commands in this… find . -size +3M ! -type d -exec cksum {} ";" | sort | tee /tmp/all.txt | cut -f 1,2 -d ' ' | uniq -d | grep -hif - /tmp/all.txt > dup.txt …one at a time as shown here… find (Find all files in and below current directory with...) . {I don’t know what this does.} -size +3M (with size greater than 3 MB) ! -type d (exclude directory names) -exec cksum {} ";" (Return Checksum) Example Outcome... 3485438841 4181457 ./File 1.m4a 1721974798 4154234 ./File 2.m4a 3661829629 1102103 ./File 3.m4a 3485438841 4181457 ./xxx/File 1.m4a 1721974798 4154234 ./xxx/File 2 Renamed Copy.m4a 4235682258 2565825 ./xxx/File 4.m4a | sort (Sort the results in checksum order) Example Outcome... 1721974798 4154234 ./File 2.m4a 1721974798 4154234 ./xxx/File 2 Renamed Copy.m4a 3485438841 4181457 ./File 1.m4a 3485438841 4181457 ./xxx/File 1.m4a 3661829629 1102103 ./File 3.m4a 4235682258 2565825 ./xxx/File 4.m4a | tee /tmp/all.txt (Write the output stream - i.e. sorted set of results - to a file called all.txt in folder tmp.) Example Outcome... (Exactly as previous.) | cut -f 1,2 -d ' ' (Extract the first two elements from each line in the input stream - e.g. 1721974798 4154234 - and place them in the output stream.) Example Outcome... 1721974798 4154234 1721974798 4154234 3485438841 4181457 3485438841 4181457 3661829629 1102103 4235682258 2565825 | uniq -d (Compare each line - i.e. the checksum for and size of each file - in the input stream with the next and if they are the same then write both lines to the output stream.) Example Outcome... 1721974798 4154234 3485438841 4181457 | grep -hif /tmp/all.txt > dup.txt (Read each line of the input stream - i.e. the checksums and file sizes - and if they pattern match some or all of the contents of all.txt then write the line to dup.txt.) …which I would hope would show… 1721974798 4154234 ./File 2.m4a 1721974798 4154234 ./xxx/File 2 Renamed Copy.m4a 3485438841 4181457 ./File 1.m4a 3485438841 4181457 ./xxx/File 1.m4a …in the file dup.txt file but it’s empty. It would be nice too if dup.txt excluded the file size and checksum for ease of reading - though I recognise such would be handy for verifying the results. [end]
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    It all depends on whether you "need" new features. I loathe the latest Skype interfaces (all devices) but "had to" upgrade in order to avoid file transfer problems following them moving that to the cloud.
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    New Photos app and iCloud photo vs. photo stream

    iPhoto was replaced by Photos in the Dock in my account - and appeared in that of the Dock in other accounts where it was not used - but was still in Applications and so could not only be run still but also re-added to the Dock. I forget what happened on first run of Photos - i.e. whether it gave me the chance to import the pictures in my default iPhotos Library - but whatever the case I have it running with a very small set so far so I can get to grips with it.
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    what if the iWatch is a red herring?

    Here is an interesting perspective on ordinary ones - rather like the one given by the collector who appeared in an episode not so long back.
  20. Harry_The_Bustard


    Good advice. I slapped iOS 8 on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S as soon as possible as I could not wait. I also put the further updates on not much after they came out. Too impetuous. My wife, though, held off for at least a week with each and is still not on 8.1. (She too has an iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.) I'd like to think it's because she uses hers for business but it's more to do with the fact she's a typical female - i.e. not interested in the latest bells and whistles - though she likes to shake and blow them when she gets them. (She's also incredibly lazy.) Chief Mac Geek (Adam) said in the latest show he was holding off Yosemite until it settled down. I bunged it on a borrowed MacBook Pro just to try it out (see here) and it seemed fine in the limited time I had it. Mind you I didn't do a lot on there. As the latest show, er, showed there were plenty of others suffering. For my part (see my related thread on old iThings here) I'm finally going to install Lion on my "oldest of the capable few" Mid 2007 Mac mini - upgrading it from Snow Leopard - something one can buy from the App Store. Now that's what I call waiting.
  21. Harry_The_Bustard

    Going back to Mavericks

    In respect of the original post... the latest show (20141030) has a chapter on this subject. As for my roll back (a long way) experience... I managed to clone the "ready to roll" OS partition - i.e. with Lion on it - though not the recovery partition as "SuperDuper!" doesn't do that. (I gather the latter can be done with the likes of CCC and in other ways.) However, I did generate one on an external (flash) drive which I planned to restore, using some voodoo I found, after putting Yosemite on again (and having a play) then rolling back to Lion using the clone when I needed to return the device. As it was I didn't get chance to try that as my broadband went down (a rare event) and by the time it came back up again I didn't have time to do so before the owner came around for it. (I could have done everything without the Internet - or even have used the 3G service on my iPhone - but was too busy swapping out the broadband equipment to see if it was that at fault.) He was happy to do the Internet Recovery thing himself and went away happy.
  22. Harry_The_Bustard

    Going back to Mavericks

    The MacBook Pro that I borrowed (see earlier) came with Lion and as mentioned (in my earlier post) I put Yosemite Sam on there to play with. Having done so for a week I came to roll it back to Lion (not least as the lender planned to flog it on FleaBay) and my goodness what a chore. I found this resource but what it doesn’t tell you is how to run OS X Internet Recovery without deleting the Recovery Partition. (It’s Command+Option+R and I have politely “fed back” to Apple about this.) The good thing about that OS is that it doesn’t require the installing geek to sign into the App Store – i.e. with their Apple credentials – and so link them to the device as one has to do with Yosemite Sam. (I suspect it may have started with a previous OS to 10.10.) I say "good" as I don't like the idea of installing an operating system after entering my Apple credentials when the device is to be sold on as whilst I know a user account would not be created (I'd be following this guide) it still seems odd. (It wasn't fun shaking the device off in iCloud after signing into that on there - a different thing, I know, but not easy.) It actually took three attempts to get where I needed to be - the first two failing for different reasons - one giving a pointer to a "no-recovery" page on the Apple site which was no use at all. Despite these three attempts - and the several hours each took as it downloaded the 5 GB or so it needed - I'm actually going to reinstall Yosemite Sam as I want to play some more now. Before even starting the set up process, however, I'm going to clone the drive via FireWire on another Mac using "Super Duper!" and will use as my play area. Well, at least that's the plan. I'll also follow this guide so that I have a means of installing a Recovery Partition on the internal drive should the need arise - my guess being that it will as the clone will only be of the OS installation partition - Yosemite Sam presumably updating the Recovery Partition when installed.
  23. Harry_The_Bustard

    Maccast Podcast showing up empty on Podcasts app

    A side note to my subscription test - and not really about this thread topic itself - concerns what I got. The "blurb" page says there will be an episode - or more - a week but I've come to realise that it's once a month so is not worth it. As such I've cancelled my subscription and will instead direct it to an animal charity - actually specifically Snow Leopards - they being just as endangered as we 10.6.8 users.
  24. Harry_The_Bustard

    Going back to Mavericks

    I installed it on the next-released model (lower end) and had no problems. (It was recently lent to me for a week to play with - my first real experience with anything beyond Snow Leopard which my Mac mini and the wife's run.) Having said that here are loud noise spikes when trying to make a 'phone call using the Continuity service via my paired iPhone 4S - something I'm still troubleshooting - the step being to try my wife's iPhone 4S and a different wireless network. (We have two - albeit one bridged to the other - but I'll try it on someone else's several kilometres away when I get chance to visit.) The system requirements for Yosemite Sam (as I like to call it) is covered here and that reckons one can get away with 2GB of memory. Interestingly, perhaps, the technical specifications index page for the MacBook Pro (here) shows the Yosemite Sam wallpaper from the model since the one I (temporarily) have despite the system requirements page given above showing the rather curious combined "Mid/Late 2007" ones being capable of running it.
  25. Harry_The_Bustard

    iCloud App Specific Passwords

    Those of you affected - i.e. with two-step authentication set up as I have - will no doubt have received an e-mail message from Apple notifying you of this (delayed) requirement. I got mine a couple of days ago and thought no more of it until today when both Apple Mail and iCal on my Mac mini running Snow Leopard reported my passwords were no longer valid. (It was the same in each - they being the one for my Apple ID.) So, I jumped through the hoops to set new one up - one per application - and all was well. I mention this as a heads up - especially in case folk though older versions of Apple apps would not be affected - they hardly being third party. Strange but true.