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  1. Ah, yes, apologies as you did specify - albeit without a capital - perhaps why I missed it. I've long been thinking about subscribing to the Members service and this thread finally persuaded me to do it - though as someone with an iPad 2, an iPhone 4S and a Mid 2007 Mac mini running Snow Leopard my guess is that I won't get a lot out of it - hence I'm doing the month to month thing and will see whether it's worth it after three. (It's my first ever paid podcast by the way.) Anyway, I got the latest Members show - 181 - in my iTunes library and synced that and all my other free (mainly BBC) podcasts to my 4S. (I opted for the latest only as I do on my 3GS.) I found the same scenario with the Members show - it not affecting the (free) BBC ones - and with me not having any other paid-for ones nor an iOS 7 device running the Podcasts app it's impossible for me to say whether that's right or wrong. (Maybe that's the way it's supposed to work - though your experience suggests not - and given that the feed is visible in iTunes with past shows back to 93 available it does seem odd.) Still, at least you know you're not alone.

  2. I've not tried the Podcasts app in a long time as I didn't like the early versions and with me able to continue to use the Music app to play them on my iPhone 3GS my podcasts were downloaded to my Mac via iTunes and synced from there. Although I recently bought an iPhone 4S it suited me to continue using the 3GS so and not to have any media on the 4S. Still, in view of the issue raised in the original post I launched the Podcasts app on the 4S - running iOS 8.0.2 - and on subscribing to the MacCast (Enhanced Edition) via that fifty shows were shown. So, I'm not able to recreate the issue.

  3. Installed on 4S and mobile (a.k.a. cellular) signal strength reduced - it being poor (two dots) where I live before and now frequently losing it completely. (My old 3GS has a SIM for the same carrier in it and has a two bars in the same place so it's not a temporary local issue.) When "No Service" the character count in SMS text messages (not iMessages) reads "0/0" - when enough characters for first wrap-around are entered - that not happening before (i.e. on iOS 8.0.0) and not on my 3GS running 6.1.6. Reported to Apple. P.S. That'll teach me not to jump straight in.

  4. Somewhat spurred on by the comments in the latest (Three Amigos) show here's my two penneth (submitted online feedback) about the latest and future models...


    "I bought an iPhone 4S (new) just before it was discontinued - replacing my ageing 3GS - as I was happy with the size and, of course, the cost given that it was "only" £349. Although it is unlikely to support iOS 9 the chances are that I'll get more than a year's usage out of it - perhaps even four as I did with my 3GS - before I feel the need to move on. Sadly the 5S will no longer be available then and I won't want either in the 6 series as they're too big. So, when you bring the 7 series out - i.e. in a year's time - please make them small (as in the size of the 5 series) plus, as with the two 6 series models, medium and large."


    ...though maybe I should have said "small, medium and lard-arse" - especially in view of the "Bendgate" saga.

  5. I remember that piece but like so many it would be a nightmare to find - as I've mentioned in the forum once or twice before there being a real need for facility to search the Shownotes - the standard search on the web site not accessing those. You could try wading through those - i.e. one show at a time - though, to paraphrase Les Dawson, don't think it won't be fun because it won't.

  6. Adam said in episode 500 that he doesn't understand why people got so riled about free music. It's not only the principle of having something unwanted foisted upon one but also the fact that some, like me, hate the band as they have outspoken political views which they don't necessarily agree with. (Yes, the "RED" thing is all very laudable but some of the other bollocks that Bonehead spouts just makes me look the other way.) And I've never liked their music. (I have a couple of Rage Against The Machine albums - the first two - not because of and, arguably, despite their overtly-political views but simply because I like the music.) Anyway, by way of a bit of fun, seek out the "Harry & Paul" sketches on U2 - principally featuring Bonehead and The Arse - on a well-known video sharing service near you.

  7. Did you update your iPhone as well?


    Yes... as mentioned in my opening post.


    I've been playing some more today and have seen a few oddities. Unfortunately none of them could be readily recreated. The main problem I've noticed was occasional hangs of apps on my iPad - switching being possible but that's all. The only solution was a restart. (It also restarted of its own accord when I was in Skype - doing what I forget - a consequence of fiddling with three devices at the same time.) Of course these could be app issues rather than the OS itself - maybe even my iPad itself - it having had a few funny turns over the six months or so I've had it. (It often gets stuck when I gesture to return to the desktop - pressing the Home button being the only way out - plus I've had a few Wi-Fi issues which arise regardless of which network I use.) In fact the only real issue I've seen is that relating to Notes - as mentioned previously - the solution being to turn them off and on again. A classic.


    Now onto a disappointment... Counters for incoming and outgoing mobile calls and mobile data are now shown as one figure. That's not so much of an issue with data as the total is relevant in respect of the cap on my plan. (I'm always well below that but it's handy to look at that.) The calls one is, though, as the incoming calls are not relevant to my plan. Madness. It means I'll have to use my carrier's piss-poor app (or just as bad web site) to see where things stand.


    I'm sure more will crop up as time goes by.

  8. I was aware of the Text Size option (Settings / Display & Brightness) and used that to get back to where I was. (It had become set to the maximum.) It would be interesting to hear if anyone else saw this. My iPad update failed - quite why I don't know - it giving a message saying the download didn't complete. (I think that was due to the Wi-Fi service where it was failing.) On trying again it took about half an hour to download (over Wi-Fi still) and maybe the same again to install. Given that it was my second device - i.e. after my iPhone - it was a bit different setting up as it asked me for my iCloud four digit PIN when I reached the Keychain step and I'd not set that up. It wasn't obvious what to do - no pointers on the iPad - but I quickly worked out that I needed to set that up on my iPhone and once done all went swimmingly.


    I went through all the settings and whilst I don't use Flickr I was puzzled by the lack of an "Install" option on the iPad. (It's on the iPhone.) Again anyone experiencing this do tell.


    One oddity on the iPad was that all past iMessages were in green and ones sent via my iPhone after both devices had been updated didn't appear on the iPad. However, after sending such via the iPad they turned blue and the missing ones arrived. (As usual they were out of step - much as one often gets with Skype messages on multiple devices when one is offline a while - something you'd think hardly rocket science to fix.) One nice thing to note with messages now is that the "Delivered / Read hh:mm" status reports are now correct on all devices - previously (another) one saying "Delivered" when the sending one didn't - i.e. when the recipient was offline.


    I modified Notes on each device and it wasn't reflected on the other - something which used to happen - the cloud version of them being as per my iPhone so the iPad wasn't syncing.


    Finally, much to my disappointment the Handoff feature is not supported on my devices as per this support document. Bugger.

  9. It became available here in Blighty just before 17:00 GMT and in no time at all (fool that I am) I began the install process on my (16GB) iPad 2 via the inbuilt service rather than using iTunes. (Arguably this is the wrong area but as I'll be talking iPhone too and as there's no iOS section then here we are.) I was told my request had been submitted and would be informed when the software had been downloaded and was ready to install. (I've not looked since as I chose to leave it elsewhere and will return there tomorrow - hence I don't know what progress, if any, had been made.) An hour and a half later I tried to update my (8GB) iPhone 4S - again via the inbuilt service - and was told it needed 4.6 GB free to install yet only 3.3 GB was available. (You can see my usage is low - especially so when you consider the capacity in iTunes shows as 5.99 GB - so 2.01 GB must be lost in space.) The solution was simple - use iTunes - half an hour or so later and a few hoops jumped through and there we were. (Curiously the iOS install service weighed the iPhone update in at 0.92 GB yet iTunes said it was 1.63 GB - perhaps the latter being an all-singing all-dancing version.) Not that I've done much with it yet - I actually putting it into Airplane Mode so as to avoid communications until I get my iPad updated too - having messages (especially non-iMessage SMS ones) on both devices being something I want to try out from the off. Anyway, as we Limeys like to say without the peculiar (but annoyingly more prevalent) Johnny Foreigner "s" suffix, the only thing I've noticed so far - and I've only had a look at Settings and Messages plus, of course, the "desktop" - is how much bigger the font/s seem to be. It must be an iPhone 6 thing.

  10. I'd go for a RAID 1 solution - i.e. two drives in one - the previous-generation (but still viable) LaCie 2big being on offer, diskless, here at £122.70. (That has removable drives so if one goes tits up it can be swapped - though whether the data can be retrieved easily if the drive host unit fails is another matter - something I know can be difficult with certain NAS hardware.) Of course "diskless" means you'll have to fork out more - suitable 4TB drives (of which you'll need a pair) coming in at the same price - though you can put any-sized pair in there so long as they match. (LaCie provide a comprehensive list of suitable drives.) An alternative is, of course, using two drive units - LaCie's CloudBox being one of many offerings with the 4TB model currently coming in around the £145 mark - with one being set up to copy changes to the other in a RAID 1 configuration. (I've not looked into the means of mirroring such but ChronoSync might be the way.) The suggested external backup service (one of many out there) is always worth considering in case of the likes of flood or fire damage and, of course, theft, but clearly you would only upload your most valuable files to save on costs - and you have to beware of the likely long time it will take and of any bandwidth limitations on your broadband service - not to mention the speed and ease of getting your data back. (Choose one with pre-upload encryption so your data is not sent in the clear.) Whatever you go for bear this security issue in mind and do let us know if you need further guidance and what you go for in the end.

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  11. Here's the feedback I sent to Apple today...


    "I cannot stand U2 - especially that gobshite Bono - and am appalled that you put their latest album into my library. I've not downloaded it (unlike those poor blighters who have "automatic downloads" turned on) and have hidden it until I can find some way of deleting it from my account. (From from what I can tell it can't be.) Do NOT put any more free media in my account without my permission again."

  12. In the light of Tuesday's announcements I thought I'd let folk know I'm still living in the past - I getting a 4S just the week before - finally retiring my iPhone 3GS. (That will be a spare - with a PAYG SIM rather than a much-cheaper contract SIM - and is doing all the things at home it can like playing music and acting as a remote.) It's been quite interesting moving up - a whole two editions when you consider the 4 was in between - and it's good to get back some of the apps which only run on iOS 7. The features in iOS 7 are nice too - though I'm still getting used to the animations - something I know one can tame. Let's hope iOS 8 does all it's reckoned to do on that and my "new" iPad 2 - though I'll no doubt be disappointed that "Handoff" for calls doesn't work - it purportedly needing later Bluetooth and all that.

  13. MacCast 493 finally turned up today in my podcast iTunes library - one of several I have - music being separate. (I find them easier to manage so.) Coincidentally it appeared as I was testing the iTunes link (Subscribe in iTunes) acquired from the feed in another account on my Mac and another library. Curiously that test resulted in the latest podcast appearing together with two episodes from last year which it reckoned I'd played in part - something I can't readily check as I always archive my podcasts - my puzzlement stemming from the fact I'd be amazed if that data were stored outside my libraries and even then the library I tested it with had never had podcasts in it. I wish I knew what was going on.

  14. You're right about the bleakness of the forums. I used to make a point of popping in at least once a week - once a day if I was contributing - but as it's so low on posts it can be as much as a month between visits.


    I know little about colocation (only the concept) but do chip in with updates. If nothing else you may well get a useful thread running with the contribution of John Foster. In fact it's almost his one man show here.

  15. Thanks to the discounting as a result of the discontinuation of the iPad 2 today - and the fact I wanted to stay in Big Plug World - I bought one. So, I've got a spare (original) iPad - one with 64GB - though rather than flog it my wife and I will use it as a media player. Thank goodness for the BBC iPlayer!

  16. Having worked for an ISP addressing no end of different problems - including Wi-Fi - I can certainly say that the router might (just might) be the issue. It's rare to find any router that will have Wi-Fi close to Ethernet speeds and such a difference is not that uncommon - the main cause being interference - that seemingly not being the problem you have. One test you could try it to transfer a file from one Mac to the other over the network at home and again in one or two other places - there not being connected to an ISP - to see if the speed differs. That, at least, might show whether it's interference. I've come across two Windows computers running at quite different speeds on the same Wi-Fi network - that getting resolved somehow - quite how I forget but I suspect it was a driver issue. It's always worth trying a Windows computer or two - if you can borrow such - if only to see if it's not a driver issue. (That could be on the Macs or the router itself - i.e. the firmware in the latter case.) Failing that it's worth trying the Netgear web site.

  17. Turn off all devices using either (dual band) network bar the laptop and test it then.


    Switch off the lower band service - if only temporarily for testing purposes.


    Use an alternative 802.11n computer - be it another Mac or one running Windows.


    (You could try an 802.11g one to see if that is proportionally better - such, of course, not being capable of greater than 54 Mbps - though this would be a sideshow.)


    Swap out the router - not an easy option but essential to prove it's not that.


    Try the router at another place - or two - even if the hard-wired speed there is quite different to yours.

    P.S. Never rely on an iOS device for speed testing as they - actually the apps themselves - usually show a much lower speed than a computer.

  18. The limitation of iOS 5 on my "new" iPad can be irksome from time to time but I'm managing to live with it. Still, I can see me upgrading to an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S (from a 3GS) before long. (The sooner the better as they will be pulled by the Autumn - if not before - so I'll not enjoy the next Black Friday discounts.) Whenever that is I'll treat a less-demanding friend of mine to my cast-offs - he having a Nexus 7 tablet and a Nokia 3310 - so to him it may well be Christmas. (I've even got a G4 Mac mini which would probably wipe the floor with his antique Windows PC - though given the limitations of that he'd be better off buying something new and me keeping it as an iTunes library host - something which, according to the last MacCast, is better than a NAS if you can cope with 10.6.3.) On a related tack I'm still propping up my antique Mac minis (Late 2006 and Mid 2007) as can be seen here and I see no compelling reason to upgrade.

  19. I recently put an SSD in the wife's (Late 2006) Mac mini - a Crucial M500 - and it seems to be fine. I'm still getting those system hangs in mine - something I've been living with - though given how cheap SSDs are now I might swap the one out (for another Crucial M500) to see if it sorts out the problems. Interestingly, perhaps, I have noticed it takes a quite a while longer than it used to to show the Apple logo on restart - i.e. when it's looking for the hardware and, more importantly, a boot drive - this perhaps suggesting an issue with the existing drive. I plan to test that, of sorts, by booting from a drive image on a FireWire drive - also running from that a while to see if it hangs - all the while (a day) making sure any important file changes are backed up manually and then put on the internal drive. (That's backed up via Time Machine too.) Which brings me to the main reason for reviving this thread... that the last MacCast was interesting (more than most to me) with the advice that Crucial drives have a TRIM-type feature built in - something covered by them here - so meaning I won't need to run Trim Enabler. Not that I need to anyway, I guess, as having SATA 1 interfaces in both Mac minis means any saving is probably not to be noticed. Finally, the two Western Digital drives pulled from the two Mac minis (his and hers) last year and this are just within their warranty periods and I'll probably send them off to be replaced - though what I'll do with the replacements (always refurbished drives) I don't know - I having enough "junk" around the place and a wife who can't see the point of it all. P.S. If only cheap short-term licences (a week or a month) for Disk Warrior could be bought I'd be tempted to try to recover the data on mine before I wipe it and test it prior to a possible RMA.