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  1. I only listen to podcasts on my iPhone 3GS as the speaker on there - and the earphones that came with it - don't do justice to the type of music I like. (Besides, I prefer to listen to music at home where I've got decent speakers.) So, as much as I was happy with the inappropriately-named "Music" app on there I considered the two mentioned in the fabled show (see later) but actually never got around to trying either. I did, however, try Apple's new "Podcasts" app this week - only to find it a disaster area with it hanging and crashing - and so I quickly gave up on it. I'll see if I can persuade my wife to install it on hers - perhaps also her iPad - to try in case it's a device or even a library issue. In the meantime - and I've a whole week before she's back - I may try one or both suggestions.


    As for the advice that the relevant show should be listened to, well, the MacCast web site is (as I've previously commented) lacking in that a search doesn't include the "shownotes" {sic} and so the term "Podcast app" won't find the relevant one even if that's in there. I tried the Audio Search feature using the same term and it found a show but drew a blank in the shownotes - the term "InstaCast" finding nothing - though "Downcast" found a load of shows. (My guess is that it's the adjective describing MobileMe users who can't or, like me, won't upgrade to Lion and are gutted that as Snow Leopard buyers we're being treated worse than users of the older Windows Vista system.) Searching the metadata in the iTunes library - the "Search Podcasts" field in iTunes maybe being an option - though I can't test that right now as my library is elsewhere. So, if someone could point me at the show I'd (also) be grateful.

  2. Actually, it happened to me the first time I tried the link from here - in Safari - so I sought and found it in the history of Camino, where I'd previously only accessed it, and it came up again there. After copying the link to Safari all was well - including when clicked on in here. As you said... weird.

  3. By the way... although not directly connected with this issue - if you'll pardon the pun - there's a fault in the service whereby if you start an Internet connection in one account and switch to another it will drop the connection. This is despite the setting "Disconnect when switching user accounts" not being ticked (by default) under "System Preferences / Location: Mobile Broadband / ZTEUSBModem / Advanced... / PPP". The solution is to remove the tick from "Disconnect when user logs out" which is ticked by default. That strikes me as wrong as the user isn't actually logging out.


    On another tack - and in respect of the original issue - whilst investigating it I used the supplied uninstall script to, er, uninstall the application, et cetera,. and during the installation the message "An internal error has occurred during installation (5370)" popped up. It was a bugger to overcome but the solution was to uninstall again - also in the account where it was originally installed (one with Admin rights) and then re-install it the latter.


    P.S. I'm using version - not the one you are - that presumably being the Lion compatible version that I keep being offered when I launch the application. I don't want it as I'm on Snow Leopard (and plan to stay there) and given how shoddy the software appears to be generally according to other forum posts that I've read I'm not going to chance it. Not that I'll be using it in the main - the MiFi that I have being my preferred option. Well, until I get around to getting a wired connection via the 40 Mbps service that recently got introduced in my neck of the woods.

  4. I had a play with it and found a solution. When the software is installed is a new "Location" called "Mobile Broadband" is created in "Network" in "System Preferences". Bring that up and click on "+" then create an interface to AirPort, Go into Sharing (again in System Preferences) and click on "Internet Sharing" in the list on the left. The modem appears in the drop-down and below that, in the panel, you'll see one or two ports called "AirPort". Tick the relevant box(es) and choose "AirPort Options" to set the network name et cetera. (Note that the security offered is only WEP - not ideal but better than nothing - though if you're all over the place rather than mostly in one place then the chances of it being hacked into are probably small.) Tick the box "Internet Sharing" and confirm your choice when queried.

  5. G'day! I'm new around here. I assume you run your own hosting? What's the reference to GoDaddy funk?



    It may be a mis-spelling - maybe even with an anagram of sorts thrown in there - if this is anything to go (elsewhere) by.

  6. I picked up one of these this year - also with Three/3 - and discovered the same problem. Thankfully it was just as a backup device - albeit a crippled one as you say - the MiFi (Huawei E585) serving as my main device. (I got that unlocked, by the way, so that I could use a local SIM when abroad.) I may have a play with it over the coming holiday period (mine being January 1st to the 10th) but if someone can come up with a solution before it will save me the chore.

  7. I made the move and, like some, regretted it. I too was hoping for the rumoured Snow Leopard support and a week after iCloud et al materialised I foolishly jumped. Here's the feedback I've just sent Apple...


    I am very disappointed as someone with two Macs running Snow Leopard that you did not provide support for iCloud in that operating system yet do so in a version of Windows (Vista) which is nearly a year older. I don't want to update my Macs to Lion as one is below the minimum system requirements and both run Microsoft Office 2004 which won't run on that. (I also want to keep Front Row as I plan to retire them to Media Centre roles when I can afford to.) It's particularly annoying, as a MobileMe subscriber, that it wasn't clear in your guidance note (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4597) that Lion was essential for synchronisation of Contacts and Calendars. (I know it's covered here... http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/mac.html ...but it should have been covered there as well.) I wish I'd never jumped. At least I still have my Gallery and iDisk until the end of June - services I will certainly miss.


    ...so let's hope the new man at the top listens.

  8. I'm glad I wasn't wrong (I'd not checked the licence agreements) and that you have the cover. I pride myself - if you'll pardon the Lion pun - on having been fully licenced over the years thanks to a Leopard family pack and (despite the higher cost) two stand-alone licences for Snow Leopard. For what it's worth I won't make the jump to Lion as only one of the two Macs which my wife & I have is capable of running it and given that I have to manage both (and the upgradable one currently runs Office For Mac 2004 which requires Rosetta) it's just easier to stay with Snow Leopard. So, the move will come with new hardware - and, my, those new Mac minis look tempting!

  9. Dual booting is all well and good but if you follow the route suggested you need to be aware that for each machine you'll not only need a second Snow Leopard licence but also a second Leopard one as the Snow Leopard licence demands such.


    As for VirtualBox, well, you are only allowed to install server versions of OS X.


    If you need five Office licences and can live without Outlook then you may as well buy two three-licence "Home and Student 2011" editions (extended name "Family Pack" in Blighty) as for not much more than buying one of those and a "Home & Business" two-licence pack you'll get a spare licence which will no doubt come in useful one day.

  10. I've ended up having to drag and drop everything out to folders in Finder then back in to Entourage in Office For Mac 2004 which I used to use. It was very time-consuming and tedious but possibly the best bet given that I didn't really want to use Apple Mail since that doesn't store outgoing mail from different addresses in separate areas without using rules. Entourage offers that via "identities" but has always been a nightmare when its Contacts and Calendar were synchronised with Apple's Address Book and iCal and caused no end of problems in MobileMe when used on multiple platforms. I would like to get the three-licence Home & Student edition of Office For Mac 2011 and adopt another mail client but need to find a lightweight one which links into Apple's Address Book and ideally has identities like Entourage so that I can keep my mailboxes separate without rules. (I use POP rather than IMAP.) So, if anyone could suggest the best I'd be grateful. Failing that I'll just have to "upgrade" to the three-licence Home & Student version of the 2008 edition in order to get a faster product given that I now use only Intel Macs - and I'll avoid using the calendar in there and sync services - especially as MobileMe no longer supports it. (I gather that's going too - though I've yet to watch the Apple Keynote, which I've downloaded, nor read or listened to any news on that as I've been too busy - if you can believe that.) Finally, one big plus with the mail client would be the option to migrate mail from Entourage 2004 - though I could live with another drag and drop exercise if it meant I were to get the perfect product - and I don't mind paying for it.

  11. I took on the Office 2011 trial after having used Office 2004 (since then) only to realise that I'd be paying twice what I would for the "Home & Student" (or whatever) edition just to get a mail client. That and the fact it has so much stuff I don't need means I'm looking for a way of converting the database to Apple Mail even though I don't much like that application. I know there are resources on the Internet but wondered if anyone could point me at a good one - or even advise how best to do it. P.S. I don't have access to an Exchange Server which is the Microsoft solution!

  12. The box which I replaced the drive in seemed to behave itself though is rarely awake these days as I gave it to my wife (together with an Apple 20" Cinema Display) to do big stuff on - her MacBook not being ideal for such - that in itself having been largely replaced by her iPad as it happens. So, it should last a while. I actually went ahead and bought another 500GB drive (same make and model) and put that in my Mid 2007 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Mac mini (specification) so replacing the custom-fitted 160 GB one. That drive was working fine but as the box is now our main video recording and so playback device - with an Apple 23" Cinema Display and LaCie FireWire Speakers - we can keep a lot more television programmes this way until I either (and illegally) render them down to DivX for keeps or simply watch them and delete them. (We store other video media on a NAS drive from which we stream to that and we stream music media stored on there to a far better audio system via AirPort.) It was well worth doing for another reason - to clean out the dust in there - the box running notably quieter when rendering stuff down vis Eye TV. P.S. I went further than the guide video mentioned and removed the disk assembly ribbon cable to make thing easier - only to snap one of the legs on the grip - it surprisingly managing with just the one. Oops.

  13. Here's a puzzling experience which might help others in the unlikely event they find themselves in my position - i.e. unable to perform Admin tasks due to what seems to be a corrupted account.


    After performing a clean install of Snow Leopard on a new drive I did various things in the Admin account created during the installation and on returning to it after being in another account a message along the lines "...Home folder is missing..." appeared. That seemed to be generated by Finder as that's all which came up after the message was dismissed and Finder clicked upon. Baffled by this I rebooted and went in again and all seemed well until I tried changing a System Preference which required an Admin account credentials. Those for the account I was using - i.e. the Admin one - were rejected with the message "You must type an administrator's name and password to make changes to System Preferences.". (Entering what I knew to be the wrong password resulted in "The name or password you entered is incorrect.") I had a look at Keychain Access but there was nothing there that might explain it. I re-booted from the Snow Leopard optical disk and used the "Reset Password" facility to enable Root user which then allowed me to delete the corrupt Admin account and create a new one.


    For the record this is what I did before finding the problem...




    Default rather than Custom

    Created an account called “Administrator”


    System Setup


    Updated all system software from previously-downloaded (and SHA-1 verified) copies acquired during previous install with further updates via Software Update

    Installed iLife ‘09 and applied updates via Software Update

    Installed Remote Buddy

    Installed DivX 6.7 Bundle

    Deleted DivX Player and DivX Encoder


    Imported a "Managed" account from a Mac running OS X 10.5.8 using Migration Assistant and FireWire and checked all was well

    Created a Standard account called "Media"

    Copied a slew of DivX-encoded AVI files from an external drive into "Movies" in "Media"

    ...none of which is particularly unusual.

  14. I ended up getting a Western Digital WD5000BPVT Scorpio Blue (SATA II - 5400 rpm - 8MB Cache - 12 ms) 500 GB one and it's been running happily for a while - mainly recording television programmes and playing them back - the Mac being solely a media centre. Getting it in was challenging and I recommend the video guides on the web site of "Other World Computing" - also the step-by-step guides at "iFixit" - and suggest you watch and/or read them all the way through before starting. I'd had limited luck getting the television programmes off the old drive when it was failing - the partition eventually disappearing after getting hold of it for a while - and was delighted to find I was able to get almost all of the remainder off when I put the old drive in a caddy. (The partition re-appeared and I used a demo version of Data Rescue to scan the drive - that finding my files in "lost+found" rather than in the "Users" account area where they were expected - then OS X letting me know it could read the drive but not write to it.) The old drive even seems to be behaving itself after reformatting it - something I couldn't do when it was in situ - though I'll not trust it with anything critical.