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  1. Me neither but the guide referred to advises "...enable account mode and create individual accounts..." which may not be part of the default settings. If you allow others on the network to see the device - i.e. as a network disk with read privilege - then you will need to apply this extra layer of security. I don't know why one would need to provide such access - including the ability to write too - but guess there's a case for it.

  2. Interesting - and much as I suspected given the views out there. Still, any pointers on low noise and heat would be appreciated - especially from this who have done the deed I'm about to do. I'll not bother with a backup of this machine - as cheap as additional media is - as whilst I would like to recover any recordings I may lose when it fails (that's all it will hold) they aren't so important as to warrant securing them with Time Machine or otherwise.


    One tale I can tell relates to an internal 200GB Seagate 3.5" IDE drive which I bought in 2004 as additional storage for my PC. After switching I stripped that box down (I'd built it myself) and sold on most parts - the drive sitting on a shelf with only occasional mounting in a caddy to add to an archive on there. It popped its clogs this week when I mounted it again - pronging it in and out from time to time never being a good idea - I doing so as I've got two others left over from my PC days and I use each periodically. (It may have taken a knock when I moved home recently.) Oh, well, at least the data wasn't of critical importance - just a bunch of podcasts and radio programmes - and there's a slim chance it will kick into life when I try to mount it again. (I've heard such stories but don't hold your breath.) Still, its loss serves as a reminder that I must get the 4TB RAID 0 NAS drive I've been promising myself all these years rather than the measly 750 GB single drive one which I have at present.

  3. Was that the only thing you were using the emulation for?


    No - it was to continue using Outlook Express after moving to Mac until I got Office For Mac 2004 and so Entourage. (I don't like Apple Mail for the single reason that one can't move from one open message to another using an icon on the toolbar in the message - essential when, say, one is looking back through a series to or from someone - and I regard the pane option a pain.) I try to steer clear of Windows these days but something always pops up where you need to run it. Recently, for example, a relative's laptop's was on its way out and after managing to get it running long enough I took a drive image of it with Norton Ghost and then recovered the bits he wanted by mounting the image in Windows running under VirtualBox emulation on a mid-2007 Mac mini. My two PCs got stripped down many years ago - when I switched - and with some parts having been sold on to a needy friend (who I built a PC for as he was too stupid to switch) and one of the power supplies having failed I don't have a quick way of getting one together again. Mind you, sad as it seems, I may do one day as I have a small stack of Imation SuperDisk disks with data on which I'm keen to review and the drive needs a parallel port. I could use the PC which I built for my mate - i.e. at his place - but he always distracts me with questions of his own about how to do this and that. I wouldn't mind but he often forgets what I show him and I have to re-learn bits of Windows each time. I almost prefer the type of recent task I had - to get a PC running a Russian version of Windows XP to boot - that, thankfully, just needing a clean. The owner of that spoke only Russian and mine is not that good but we managed - the language barrier helping in that he didn't ask me (via my Russian wife) how to do stuff on there - though he did ask about upgrading. I recommended a Mac but they're much more expensive in Russia than in Blighty so it fell on deaf ears.

  4. Just recently my Late 2006 Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz Duo Mac mini (specification) started "beach-balling" in the Finder and with the boot process first being temperamental and then failing I guessed my hard drive was up The Swanee. I ran Apple Hardware Test and that suggested this was the case - to some extent also a so-called Genius - though with the Apple Store I went to being choked with iPhone 4 casualtues I think he simply gave it a couple of minutes failing to boot and surmised the same rather than do any real testing. (Note: Don't seek help in an Apple Store just after Christmas.) I managed to got hold of it in Target Disk mode to pull off some of the files on there (merely loads of television programmes I'd recorded and not had chance to watch) but after a while it really did give up the ghost and only the drive itself was seen with no partition. (Disk Utility's "Repair" option probably laid the fatal blow.) Still, with the drive always getting full too quickly this was an opportunity rather than a problem as it gives me the chance to whack in a 500 GB one at least - though I'm tempted by larger - and this is why I've raised this thread. There are several forum threads and articles out there, of course, though one (which I now can't find) did mention noise being a problem with the newly-installed drive. That's a major concern being as the Mac will mainly serve as a video recorder and playback device - as it was doing - hence I don't want something distracting whether it's busy whilst the Gogglebox is off or even when it's being used. Heat is another issue - something general opinion suggests should not be these days - but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Reliability is also an important factor but with drives barely costing more than fifty quid I can live with one which only lasts a few years - though I will get one with the usual three to five year guarantee and return (somewhere) it if it fails - fifty quid being fifty quid as we tight-fisted Yorkshiremen say. So, I'm after opinions - ideally from those who've done something similar - the ones I've seen elsewhere suggesting Samsung are especially cool-running and reliable but not mentioning the noise. I know I could read the technical specifications for the drives on offer from Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba and Hitachi but there's nothing like real world experience.

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  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I had a look at it but was put off for some reason - quite why I forget as it was (as you can see) quite a while ago - in the meantime I managing with emulated versions of Windows. (I "progressed" to XP at one stage - a dodgy copy I must admit - and hosted by the rather splendid VirtualBox.) Having recently upgraded to Snow Leopard I've found Preview's improved "Annotate" tool does the job. Hurrah!

  6. The iChat option is only available to use with USA mobile phones - as covered here - and the option from the "File" menu doesn't even appear here in Dear Old Blighty. I don't have an AIM account - and wild horses wouldn't drag me to get one given how bad a reputation the company has in my eyes - and until today I've never tried iChat as I wasn't aware it could be used with MobileMe. (This lack of attention is because Skype and Adium serve my needs - including SMS in the former case - though Skype does not allow SMS text messages to be received as iChat does.) I doubt I'll use it again - despite having a MobileMe account - as apart from the uncertain prospect of chatting with my brother, who's only on AIM, it offers me nothing. My mum uses SMS Mac for, er, SMS as it has a simple interface and that's better for her than the all-singing all-dancing Skype service. (She has enough trouble using Adium!) I would only recommend that if you have no other options, however, or if the options you have are too limited as iChat might be since there is an annual subscription and the charges are higher than Skype's. Finally, if you haven't tried Skype you must do so - though avoid the 5.0 Beta like the plague as it's just out and is as buggy as Hell.

  7. I had a similar problem a few months ago when setting up my two Airport Express units for use in a place with Internet coming in via Ethernet with one serving that and the other being simply an AirTunes link. I can't recall the detail now, I'm afraid, but I do know I had "fun" trying to get it all working with the starting point being a reset of each device and, naturally, the usage of AirPort Utility to do what was needed. (I may have had to use an Ethernet connection to see the device at some stage - something I've certainly had to do on occasions after resets - though that could well be down to a dodgy AirPort card in one of my Macs.) A friend also had an AirPort Express which didn't do as was expected - again the details eluding me - but he got there with perseverance. It is odd, of course,, that you found yourself in that situation but it may be worth trying a full reset of your network devices and trying again.

  8. Of the several threads on this forum about remote access this and this are fairly comprehensive. All the Macs I mentioned have been upgraded to Leopard since and with me having a MobileMe account registered on each I've been able to manage them via Screen Sharing - all very much easier - as is remote file sharing. These days the G4 Macs sit (at my mum's) behind a Netgear DG834GT - my old AirPort Extreme (802.11g) being deployed elsewhere - with the Intel ones at my place being behind an (802.11g) AirPort Express. Access to the former has been troublesome with me unable to see the one of the two which is connected via Ethernet - something I need to troubleshoot as it's my mum's main Mac and it saves me travelling several kilometres to support her - and soon I'll be much further away. I also have trouble with the other - on wireless - something I put down to the network having periodic drop-outs. Still, if you don't have Leopard and a MobileMe account the threads pointed to should allow you to do what you want to do.

  9. I finally got around to upgrading - rather than clean-installing - three G4 and two Intel boxes (via a Family Pack) last year and had no problems. I want to do a clean install on the G4 boxes but my Office 2004 disc and the three keys for it are several thousand kilometres away and both I and my fiancee keep forgetting to pick it it when we go where it is. (We're due back there in September. I also plan to upgrade the Intel boxes to Snow Leopard but given that they are little more than media centres there's no real hurry. Still, it'll be this year - and they will be clean installs.

  10. It's true - and it's not chauvinistic to claim it's a man's job - my bird usually needing me to remind her to attach her backup drive. (I've also just been asked to open a bottle of wine as she finishes preparing dinner.) We're about to move in together (after years both so and apart due to work) and when we get settled I'll be looking at a NAS drive with Time Machine support for all our Macs.

  11. I have a similar (annoying) problem. I have the login page...



    ...as a Bookmark in Safari. When I click on "Sign In" - the credentials being entered by Safari as I've got it to store them - the page gets refreshed and the following address...



    ...appears where {key} is a unique value assigned each time. It's only when I click on the "Sign In" button again that I'm logged in. Clearing the MacCast cookies has no effect.

  12. There are plenty of "hack" sites out there to simply unlock domestic DVD-Video players such that they play discs from any region - and most players (and televisions) can be manually switched temporarily from PAL to NTSC - many doing so automatically.

  13. Generally speaking favicons are dictated by the address being referred to - and the search engine. Still, there may be some scripts out there which will do what you want - what's known as "Add-ons" in the Firefox world - and if you don't get what you want here then I suggest you try the Mozilla forum here. I used them to locate a script which allows the search engine favicon to be shown after it disappeared in a "recent" update to Firefox when using the Camifox Add-on - specifically the one at the top of this list.

  14. You'll find the answer between the chimneys top-left here - though you may need to go elsewhere to get a proper look - and don't look at the link on a non-Intel box as it'll hammer it. Hmmm... that reminds me of a Pink Floyd video. Don't mention the wall. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.