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  1. If you right-click on an audio Podcast in iTunes 9 you no longer see the options "Mark as New" and "Mark as not New" (give or take a capital letter) but "Mark as Not Watched" and "Mark as Watched". This is wrong - i.e. for audio - and you should use something like "Mark as Played" and "Mark as Unplayed" as such would cover both audio and video Podcasts.


    Fixed in version 9.1.

  2. I do have a back up, but the last time I ran Time Machine was a year ago, so I am missing one full year of pics.


    That's a shame. Perhaps more frequent guidance needs to be provided on the MacCast - ideally with a few horror stories by way of illustration of the need for backups - the best I saw being someone who lost everything after upgrading to Snow Leopard and being hit by the Guest Account bug. I also saw a thread where someone installed Linux on a PC which had Windows on it - they hoping to run dual boot - only to find it wiped out Windows and all their data. Needless to say neither had a backup.

  3. The VPN endpoint is currently on the client (computer) and has to be since the AirPort Extreme (AE) only does "passthrough" - i.e. it acts as no more than a conduit - which is all it can do. So, the box of tricks I'm after suggestions on has to host the endpoint and share the Internet connection via the AE. The best box of tricks may well be a wireless router which supports VPN endpoints - a shame given that there's already a Wireless Access Point there - i.e. the AE. A wired router would probably be the cheaper solution - though maybe such aren't that much less than wired ones - and a wireless one would, of course, mean only one device to configure rather than two. Finally, for what it's worth, the connection is a PPTP one.

  4. A relative of my fiancee's has the Airport Extreme model M8930LL/A connected to an Ethernet cable providing Internet access via VPN. She's staying there at the moment and has discovered that the service will only allow one device to be connected to the Internet at a time - not normally a problem as there's usually only a single device (a Windows XP laptop) using it. Clearly it would be handy if multiple users (not least her with her Mac and iPod Touch) could access the Internet but with the AE only providing VPN Passthrough (IPSec, PPTP and L2TP) it can't be configured to do that. So, she's looking for a solution - presumably a box of tricks between the AE and the Ethernet cable - something I'll be implementing when I find one for her.

  5. The Skype App won't allow calls over a VPN connection as explained here - something my fiancee recently discovered with her iPod Touch. Thanks to that thread she discovered "fring" which allowed her to route calls through her Skype account. Mind you I can't say I was impressed with the sound quality - i.e. as compared with her using a Mac - though that could be down to the headset she used with the iPod Touch which she was using for the very first time. So, it'll be interesting to hear - literally - how she sounds when using each App in turn on a non-VPN link as well as via the VPN one using them on her Mac.

  6. You don't say which version of iWeb you're using.


    You say "...the file was now named domain.sites2..." but the previous step was a "drop" - presumably a copy - from your backup drive hence this doesn't make sense.


    Although you found the Domain package in "Users/{user.name}/Library/Application Support/iWeb" you may have mistakenly been looking for the iWeb folder in "/Library/Application Support/" - i.e. the system area.


    Spotlight won't find things in either of the areas mentioned - or at least it doesn't in Leopard - which is annoying but, presumably, is for good reason.

  7. It's also annoying that yje Leopard version of Front Row - which presumably uses the QuickTime engine to render video - lost this feature. The cyan progress bar is ugly too - very un-Apple. I must use their Feedback service to complain about these matters - though I often wonder whether that's akin to pissing in the wind.

  8. Not quite the same thing but a couple of years ago I picked up a new power adaptor for my bird's iBook from a UK seller on eBay and it was fine - and a lot less than my local Apple Store would have charged. Unfortunately I can't find out the seller's identity so you'll have to take pot luck if you take this route.

  9. I've just had to use a Windows XP box for the first time in ages and whilst it was easy to switch back I was glad it was only temporary as the system notifications - something OS X rarely pops up with - drove me bananas. (The notification service Growl is worth having if you like to know what's going on and have control over application notifications - available in Windows too I see - though that and the system ones on such would be too much for me.) Far worse was trying to get a SCSI-driven dedicated film scanner working with it - a nightmare I won't bore you with except to say it took hours of geek forum searches to resolve it. Apple promotes its systems as "just working" (I'm paraphrasing) with its simplicity being the feature most users find best.

  10. You might like to consider Trillian Astra when the code monkeys at Cerulean Studios get their Mac Act together. (Still, there's always an iPhone versin if needed.) By the way... The word "annoyed" is not the word I'd use to criticise free (donatable) software - "disappointed" being better - though I am annoyed by certain bugs which the development team still haven't fixed after a long time.

  11. The obvious thing to try is this and if that doesn't work follow the link on there to general troubleshooting steps.


    Failing this - and if you've had it less than a year and have proof of purchase - then read this and take a print of it to show the dim-witted robots who work at Currys Digital in case they try it on.


    P.S. My fiancee's iPod Touch wasn't recognised by iTunes after her Mac was upgraded from 10.4 to 10.5 - the solution here not being appropriate to your issue - but I thought it worth mentioning.

  12. So, you manage to connect to the network but can't access Internet services. (Presumably you can control iTunes via the "Remote" app - a setup and troubleshooting guide being found here.) There's a new version of the OS for the iPod Touch and iPhone out - 3.1.3 - and whilst the issues addressed by that don't appear to relate to yours it might well solve that. Failing that a factory reset (start here) might be worth a try. Having said all this my guess is that it is a network issue after all given the other problems you've mentioned - perhaps down to the Time Capsule - and if it came to the worst take both down to see a so-called Genius at an Apple Store. I realise they won't be able to attach the TC to an Internet link like yours but it may be worth a try.

  13. You need to clarify whether the Touch can see the network but can't connect - which it sounds like - and if so what message you get when you try to connect and fail. Of course there are other questions then as to what settings are used on the iPod Touch for your network - which one would expect to be identical in the 'Phone - something which we may need to come on to.


    It has to be said - as you've implied - that a power supply failure shouldn't affect the network settings once power has been restored. (This may be a Time Capsule thing as my 802.11g model Extreme and Express units fire up with the settings they had before being turned off - which they rarely are - and the Macs plus my bird's iPod Touch find the network and connect to it automatically.) It's also odd that the PC won't connect unless you go through the described rigmarole - nor indeed the Wii at all - networks being standard but configuration options possibly stopping things. My only experience of similar is a Windows laptop which wouldn't connect to a WPA2 network despite having XP with Service Pack 3 and which was, presumably, due to the hardware not being up to scratch despite it not saying so.


    Finally, for now, this may be of some help.

  14. I wouldn't mind paying a subscription fee so long as the sponsorship spiel was discarded. (It beggars belief that people pay for subscription television packages here in Blighty and still have to suffer advertising.) I'd also expect more frequent editions - say once a week - even if some of those were fillers like the recent iProng one. (Everybody needs a break.) Mind you I'd be very disappointed if I had to listen much to Ken Ray as I find him tiresome in the open discussions I've heard. (I'm sure his paying subscribers must get a better deal.) More reviews, yes, and a few less rumours as we can find those most anywhere - AppleInsider being my favourite - though I'm more interested in hard news. I'd also like to see a better web site - i.e. one which one can search the Show Notes for - and perhaps better organised. Now if only I could get a version of the show without the often dismal music at the end - and I know I'm in the minority here. Finally, the usage of listener comments - i.e. using their voices - is fine but please don't take it any further as some can be a bit rambling.

  15. The "Console" application (in Utilities) provides information as to what's happening - or more likely what's happened - though you need to be a bit of a geek to follow what's in there. Ask again here as to where in that you might find the best information or (better still) ask in an Apple Store.

  16. A second vote here for Elgato. I've got three of their DVB-T sticks and they - and especially the software - are great. I was tempted by their DVB-S offering - not least so I could get HD - but the lack of a free EPG (and the poor quality of the optional paid-for one) put me off. So, unless the Freesat mob allow Elgato to decrypt that I'll have to hope a Freeview HD capable device comes out soon - not least for the World Cup - though the area where my Macs currently are won't be getting that for some time.

  17. My fiancee's iBook G4 survived five years of ownership - and following me giving her a MacBook it's now mine. During her reign a cup of sweet & milky tea got spilt onto it and, on another occasion, it was dropped with the first event necessitating a replacement keyboard and a new trackpad clicker as both were sticking. Replacing the keyboard was easy enough but fixing the clicker probably meant replacing top case at least - not an easy job - and whilst I could have done that I made her struggle on with it as a lesson in keeping drinks away from computers. (I'm tempted to joke about keeping women away from them too - rather like the Harry Enfield sketch about the same with cars as seen here - but I'd probably be flamed.) The second event (i.e. dropping it) knocked out the trackpad and clicker completely - also the speakers and audio port - plus the fan. Over the festive period just gone I decided to have a go at fixing it - the tight-fisted Yorkshireman that I am meaning I'm determined to get the best out of the £1000 or so I paid for it all those years ago. So, I got a top case from FleaBay and fitted that - only to be disappointed - it not resolving the problems. (I can't say I was too surprised given the number of problems it has - the fan and the audio port not being part of the top case - something I knew before doing this.) So, I wondered if anyone might know what the cause of the problems are likely to be - and whether they might be fixed by someone not afraid to get stuck in - perhaps even where I might find a detailed maintenance manual. (I've replaced the hard drive in another iBook so I have the ability - not to mention the patience - to do most benchwork.) One thing I'd be particularly interested in learning is what the large connector with the orange cable under the yellow tape on the edge of the motherboard is as that became unseated when I stripped the iBook down - the tape having little grip - and I wonder if it became so again after I'd put it back together again and is the cause of these problems. Finally, I realise help for this issue is more likely to be found on the likes of the iFixit or even the Apple forums but I thought I'd try here first.

  18. I'd be surprised if it's the external drive but the way to find out, clearly, is to disconnect it and try. Otherwise the next time you put it to sleep have just Activity Monitor running - showing "Active Processes" with the CPU column sorted with the highest to the top - and see if when it wakes up it gives any clues. N.B. You will need to turn off "Require password..." in System Preferences... / Security / General" if set.