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  1. Luke W

    iPhone Backup

    Ha ha thanks I just figured that out when I just restored my iPhone. Just out of curiosity how is att's coverage at your house, because when I purchased my iPhone 3G they said I would have great coverage at my house (and thats also what att's online coverage map said). Well I take my iPhone home all excited and I have absolutely no coverage at my house, not out side, not in my home. Im am very dissatisfied.
  2. Luke W

    iPhone Backup

    I just bought an iPhone 3G (16 GB, White) And im a new iPhone owner and I was curious about the backup feature that happens every time I sync my iPhone. What does it exactly do? Does It create a copy of all your applications on your iPhone and stores it on your mac, does it make a clone of your iPhones data? What is the backup for, and where is it stored on your mac. Anyone know?
  3. Luke W

    Re-Installing iMovie '08

    Ok thanks man it worked now, I tried that the first time but I didnt reliize that i had to uninstall iMovie first, but I draged iMove to the trash installed it from the disk and it worked. thanks.
  4. Luke W

    Re-Installing iMovie '08

    Hi, I'v been getting this error in iMovie '08 when i try to upload videos to YouTube via the built in YouTube up-loader. When I try to attempt to do so I get a error message saying "Communication Error - an error occurred during communication with the server ("timed out"). Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again". And I get it over and over and over, and iv contacted adam (from the maccast) and he suggested that I try resetting my modem/router. So I did and still no luck. So its come down to reinstalling iMovie '08 but how do you exactly do it. I have a penryn aluminum iMac and it came with iLife '08. So im wondering how to reinstall it being that I dont have a ACTUAL copy of iLife. So I tryed using the Mac OS X install disk and i couldn't find anything with ilife on it. And I also tried the second Mac OS X install disk and all I found was the developer kit. Any help? Thanks.
  5. Luke W

    Space Bar Sticky On Aluminum Keyboard

    It worked great, thanks for the help.
  6. Luke W

    Space Bar Sticky On Aluminum Keyboard

    Ha ha my mistake, I ment to say the dishwasher not the washing machine.
  7. Luke W

    Space Bar Sticky On Aluminum Keyboard

    On second thought, the washing machine route isn't really for me because at the time this is my only usb keyboard i have, so waiting 2 weeks for it to dry just wont cut it. And Im kinda scared to put my most favorite keyboard of all time in the washing machine lol. I think ill try your rubbing alcohol route. Leo is nuts but hes awesome.
  8. My brothers are pigs and when I sat down at our new 20" 2.4 GHz family Aluminum iMac I noticed that the aluminum keyboard space bar was all sticky (soda Im guessing). Can I remove the space bar off the keyboard to clean the pop out or is it non removable. I know that it was possible to remove keys off the previous white apple keyboards but Im not 100% sure on this one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I am a new mac user and I was wondering how to create a desktop shortcut for a application. When i drag the application icon from my application folder to my desktop it copy's the whole application. Is there anyway just to make a shortcut?