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  1. John Bowers

    No Sound 5th Gen iPod

    Eventually my local Apple Store offered to give me a 10% discount on any new iPod if I turned in my old device. I did so and bought a 30 GB iTouch which I really love.
  2. John Bowers

    No Sound 5th Gen iPod

    My 30GB white 5th Gen iPod is about 3 years old. It has been flawless until the sound output ceased from the jack or the dock after a short period of sound with static. I can still hear intermittent sound with static if I firmly squeeze the case to the right of the clickwheel. There are multiple reports of this phenomenon in 5th Gen iPods on the Apple discussion forum. Some have temporarily fixed the problem by placing the device in the freezer. Many, such as myself, use the device in the car and occasionally leave the iPod in the car during the summer heat. It's currently July in Virginia. The problem occurs in older out of warranty devices. A few have been able to get Apple to replace the device out of warranty. Have others had the same problem? If so, report it to apple.com/feedback. Have you been able to get Apple to replace the device?
  3. John Bowers

    Vista & Parallels

    I hate to do it, but I need to access a couple of sites for work using Windows wtih my MacBook Pro with 2 GB RAM. Can someone post a short review of running Vista with Parallels? Thanks in advance.
  4. John Bowers

    Podcast Crash

    Found a fix on the Apple site. In iTunes select the pocast got to <Get Info> then <Options> then <Start Time> and change the 0:00 in the box to 0:03. It must be that there has to be some blank space at the beginning of a podcast to properly play from iYunes 7. This never happened prior to the new release. Hopefully, Apple will fix it.
  5. John Bowers

    Podcast Crash

    Since upgrading to iTunes 7 attemtping to pplay several podcasts, most notably KCRW's "le Show" by Harry Shearer and NPR's World Cafe cause the iPod to black out, display the Apple logo, then return to the menu. I deleted the show, unsubscribed to the podcast, resubscribed, synched the iPod and it still happened. You can play the podcast, however on the PowerBook. Thankfully, this does not happen with the Maccast. Any ideas? John Bowers
  6. John Bowers

    Blackberry type devices for mac

    Do you know how well the Treo does synching with OSX 10.4 running Ofice for MAC 2004 and using E ntourage for email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and note? I'm trying to decide between getting a Treo and a Blackberry. My work will provide either. John Bowers I'm field testing the Blackberry 7250 and synching it with OSX 10.4 and Office 2004 and Entourage. It requires Pocket Mac, which is available free to Blackberry users. The synching works very well exept the due date on the task list does not synch. I'm trying to decide between the blackberry and the Treo. john Bowers