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    My nano finally broke.

    I just got my replacement today. It's the same model, same capacity, still a first-gen nano. On the plus side, though, it's brand-new.
  2. windowsguy

    My nano finally broke.

    Just yesterday, I got out my iPod, and it was broken. There were several cracks in the screen, but everything else worked fine. Today I took it into my local Apple Store, and as soon as one guy saw it, he gave the genius bar guy a look, and I knew something was up. It doesn't matter though, because they did me a "favor" and are replacing it for free. I guess even now Apple is suffering from their original defective nanos though. I think I'm really lucky they tried to avoid trouble and didn't charge me $100 for a replacement, and I'm really lucky I still have 9 days left on my warranty.
  3. windowsguy

    XML Problem

    It was hard to decide where to post this, but since it's podcast-related, I suppose it goes here... Anyway, my podcast was working great since February 15th (the last update). Then, I added a PDF file today, manually changed the XML (I'm pretty comfortable with it), and it broke. Then, I took out the new addition... and it still doesn't work. I've pinpointed the problem: Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, and iTunes don't load the whole file. They only get some amount of bytes through, and just stop. Therefore, nothing will work, because tags aren't closed and data isn't loaded. Here's a link to the file. Any ideas why this is happening? http://jefftheman45.home.att.net/SDU/podcast.xml
  4. windowsguy

    Port Forwarding

    Lol, I would imagine... And RMStudio, that is AWESOME. Thanks for actually checking... I'm gonna go get a .ath.cx domain right now. Thanks to all who helped!!
  5. windowsguy

    Port Forwarding

    I have WAMP installed on my home computer. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically just a web server with PHP/MySQL support running Apache. Since Macs come with Apache, I figured someone here would know about this. I'm trying to set it up to be a home server, but to do that, I need to forward port 1024 from my public IP address to the internal one, I've set up my router to do it, but does anyone know how to set up Apache to listen for requests on [public IP]:1024?
  6. windowsguy

    Port Forwarding

    Okay, this is still not working, which is weird. Here are my settings: Windows Firewall (my only firewall): Allowing port 1024 as an exception WAMP Conf. file (httpd.conf): Listen 1024 Router config: Forwarding port 1024 to (my internal IP address) Yet when I go to, it still doesn't work... I then tried to set up a virtual host on port 1024. NameVirtualHost *:1024 <VirtualHost *:1024> ServerAdmin jefftheman45@gmail.com ServerName localhost:1024 DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www </VirtualHost> Now, localhost:1024 works fine on my network, but it still won't publicly load...
  7. windowsguy

    Port Forwarding

    I've tried that, and it still doesn't work... just to clarify my situation, my computer is on a wireless network, behind a router, in case you didn't assume that. And I'm running on Windows - that's what "W" in WAMP stands for. Edit: Here's the Listen part of my httpd.conf: Listen 80 Listen 8000 Listen 9090 8000 and 9090 are both used on my internal network for web sites. Should I just add Listen 1024 and it will work?
  8. What if someone's browser doesn't support Javascript? IMO, this is a much more accessible solution: Unicode to Entities Converter
  9. windowsguy

    What is your homepage?

    I actually use Firefox, and I have an extension that restores the most recent open tabs. But other than that, it's my website.
  10. windowsguy

    adding an rss feed to itunes...

    You can also just drag the "XML" button or a URL to the feed onto the Podcasts icon or into the Podcasts window.
  11. windowsguy

    I know that it's rather uncouth to ask but...

    Right, just burn an Audio CD. But be sure to tell your friend all of the track/album information.
  12. windowsguy

    "Do not disconnect"

    Obvious question, but have you tried to eject it?
  13. windowsguy

    Dial-Up Internet

    In response to yesterday's show, I recently switched to DSL from 28.8k dial-up! I'm very happy about the DSL, plus it's wireless, but a lot of people still use dial-up!
  14. Has anyone had any problems with the new firmware on nanos?
  15. windowsguy


    Don't let those people use your computer. BTW he might have meant 'pr0n', the 1337 form of 'porn'.
  16. windowsguy

    Nano syncing problems

    When I plug my Nano into my computer, it only syncs with iTunes about half of the time. The other half, Windows mounts it as a drive. Any ideas why this is happening, or how I can fix it? By the way, I have the use as disk function turned off in iTunes.
  17. windowsguy

    wheres google?

    If your browser is smart enough to fill in the http://www. and the .com.
  18. windowsguy


    Most likely Rama, as in Ramadan. Happy late ChristmaHanuKwanzaDon.
  19. Hmm.. I have no idea! Since this is my only iPod, I guess I'm not really the best person to ask, though.
  20. Man that battery gauge is easier to see exactly how much battery you've used...
  21. windowsguy

    QuickTime and Itunes (windows) sound problem

    Reinstall Quicktime and/or iTunes? And what format are the videos in?
  22. Well... on my new Nano, I can go to Settings > [Page Down...] > Clicker and I can choose from Speaker, Headphones, Both or Off.
  23. Enjoy that iPod! I got a Nano for Christmas. I also noticed that the clickwheel got scratched... oh well... And yes, it's hard to see the screen at all without the backlight on, but I guess that's why it's there. And about the choppy transitions, I also have that problem sometimes, but it's hardly noticable, like you said. I guess the processor isn't quite good enough, but overall I'm really enjoying my first iPod!
  24. windowsguy

    External HD Help

    I like the drag-and-drop method myself.
  25. windowsguy

    ads by google

    They've added ads to GMail now, too