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  1. Flipper

    iTunes/Amex gift Card

    I am just wondering if I can use an amex 25 dollar gift card with itunes by putting the card info into my account because it has all of the same info as a regular(except name) I just wanna make sure before I do anything stupid.
  2. I am starting to use quicksilver more now but I am wondering how can I start up songs with it, I installed the plugin and i try to type a song name in there but it does not show up as a song. If anyone knows how to fix this or how to guide me through this thanks
  3. Flipper


    I did it before but then when the firmware came out with music store I deleted everything now that I am thinking about it again, is it worth it? and would they brick it( even though I heard its only if you unlock it and use it for other carriers) So I need some advice on what to do.
  4. Flipper


    Ok I looked further into these types of products and saw something that looked a bit better which is the elgato eyetv and that looks really good and it works on the mac, iphone and xbox 360 all of which I use. Without getting it first I wanna know what you guys think.
  5. Flipper


    I am interested in getting one for christmas this year but I don't know which one, I looked at the AV and solo one but some of them are a bit pricy at 200 dollars. I have never had one of these before and need some of your guys/ gals expertise . Thanks Also, I am a bit confused on slingbox and TiVo, does the slingbox record tv shows and all like a TiVo does?
  6. Flipper

    Memory in Partitions

    A couple months ago when I got my new macbook I partitioned the hard drive but I did not give myself enough space on the Windows side so how do I add more memory to that side? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Flipper

    Standard headphones

    ye sorry i forget tto mention that on my previous post about hte little button yse the mic on the phone will be activated
  8. Flipper

    Standard headphones

    with regular headphones you have to press the answer button on the phone, with the default headphones you just press the little button on the cord, and you hear the other person's voice through the headphones but you have to use the mic on the phone.
  9. Flipper

    XBlaze problem

    Well i will start off by telling you what xblaze is if you do not already know. Xblaze is a xfire like plugin for adium which is a chat application, xfire is a video gaming chat. Problem: On my macbook i use it and it runs fine but with my iMac G5 whenever i put password in it says the username/password is incorrect and i am sure it is right, i even set up a temporary account for it and it still does not work? Is it because I use it on multiple computers?
  10. Flipper

    Forcing WIFI

    well i fixed my wifi problem by typing my pw into the hex and ascII slot not the wep password slot
  11. Flipper

    Small headphone tip

    Well a couple days ago my friend gave me the 1st gen iPod shuffle sport case, when he gave it to me i was extremely puzzled because i never owned one then when i opened it up there was an adapter for headphones, it is white and looks the headphones. I dont know if it will save you money, maybe because it might be cheap on ebay because no one has 1st gen shuffles anymore, I think it is much better than the belkin headphone adapter because it is not as bulky as the belkin one and looks a lot better.
  12. Flipper

    wifi problem

    I finnally fixed it!!! all i had to do was change my password setting from WEP password to WEP hex, ASCIIS or something.
  13. Flipper

    wifi problem

    Today i went to an apple store to see if they could fix it, they just told me to reset the settings i did and now it doesn't even have the ip address and all that in the settings, and it doesnt even try to connect to wifi. I think i made it worse, im gonna try to take the sim card out and see if that will work, any advice?
  14. Flipper

    iPhone on your tv

    I know with the iPod you can use a wire to watch your content on the tv. but can you do that with the iPhone?
  15. Flipper

    iPhone nano?

    i think they might, but i think its stupid without the multi touch screen, i tink that made the iPHone cool