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    Using a Mac Mini on a Panasonic CRT Widescreen TV.

    Thanks, I tried it, fiddling around with it a bunch, got one that worked, but was overscanned, meaning it went WAY off the screen, I took the numbers from that program and put them in SwitchResX but sadly the two programs either don't work the same way or something else, so I'm back to square one. Probably going to end up sending it back to Apple unless someone else has any ideas/guesses.
  2. Not sure if this would be a software or hardware problem it's sorta both, so I decided to put it here first. Please excuse the length of this post/question, but theres a lot of info that may be relevant. I have a Widescreen HDTV, Panasonic CRT 30 inch Model CT-30WC14J, and have been using it connected to my iMac for a while to watch TV shows etc. For Christmas I decided to get a Mac Mini for this TV so we didn't need to constantly bother whoever was using the iMac to watch TV or whatnot. Anyway, I hooked the Mini up using the same cable I've been using for the iMac and although it is the same TV, OS (Leopard), and HDMI cable, the Mac Mini only offers 3 resolutions. 640x480 720X480 and 1920x1080. The first two being way too small the last being an insanely high resolution. The on the iMac I had it running in 1280x720 (and had the choice of a few dozen other resolutions if I'd wished it) . However I can't get the Mini to show any but those 3 resolutions. I found a program (SwitchResX) that can change the Mac to a resolution that is not normally selectable but any of the resolutions I need are not default. When I try to use it's custom resolution I'm way in over my head because I need timing parameters for my TV. I decided to install the program on my iMac and see if it could show the correct parameters for the resolution when the TV is hooked up to the iMac but that does not seem to work when I use those numbers on the Mac Mini, so that was a dead end. I doubt anyone could help me but is there anyone who thinks they might have an idea on what I can do, like what would be all of the timing parameters etc to input for 720p/i for the Panasonic CT-30WC14J? Maybe any other suggestions? Thanks for looking.
  3. So, when this whole iTunes plus thing happened, I rushed to the store, upgraded and bought two albums to show I support DRM free music. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Smashing Pumpkins' Machina. I went back today looking to buy Pumpkins' Adore and everything of theirs is suddenly not on iTunes plus. Is this an error? Did the Pumpkins complain and get opted out of DRM free? Has anyone else noticed any other bands that were DRM-free that suddenly are DRM-only again?
  4. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    ...or not. I set my Airport up for WEP because it was the only wireless network that the Nintendo DS can connect to. Somehow, that apparently is the entire source of the problem. I just hadn't realized it. The real reason my Mac rebooted right last time was that I had unplugged the Airport and plugged my cable directly into the iMac. When I took it out and put it back in the Airport and rebooted later, it gave me a happy Kernel Panic again. When I unplugged it again, it rebooted... I change it back to WPA2 and it still works. So apparently, this Kernel Panic is not the same as the 14.8 update problem, but a completely different problem (bug?) I'm still holding my breath but I think it WAS the real problem and I'm safe. I just need to remember if I use the DS online that I need to switch the Airport Express back to WPA before rebooting the iMac.
  5. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    Ok, So it seemed I had bad sectors on the boot area of the drive. I downloaded an update for TechTools Deluxe from their website and installed it. I tried again and it found two errors almost right away. Just those two, that was it. Rebooted, and it works perfectly again. Thanks to all who helped me with ideas, etc.
  6. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    Actually, I got one with my AppleCare. So I install "TechTools Deluxe". Ran it. Everything checked out but the two items it skipped by default. The one I can't seem to turn on under options (Volume Structure) but the other one is what I was worrying about, Surface Scan. I ran it, after about an hour the program just seemed to disappear. No crash dialogue, nothing. I was surfing for help so I decided that either I closed it by mistake or it crashed because I was doing other stuff (Something Windows used to do while performing a deep scan on a hard drive). So I ran it again and left the Mac alone and went to bed. When I woke up, again, the program was just gone. I dunno if that is just a problem with the program itself or (more likely in my opinion) it means I got a good screwed part of the Hard Drive. Any suggestions before I end up in King of Prussia?
  7. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    At work, so I'll have to look to see if there is one of those when I get home. The RAM was all installed by Apple (cause I was basically unsure of what to get at the time). I'll report back (from home) if I found a disk or not. That was my next question actually, wether there was any programs I could run in OSX (that also works in safe boot) to test the hardware/ram/drive/etc.
  8. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    Only thing is, I hadn't heard of any problems with iMacs, least not like this. TBH, I honestly wonder if its a hard drive problem and it is corrupting files or something, just speculation obviously. The big problem is the closest Apple Store is quite a bit away, so it'll be a big thing to have to take it in...
  9. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    New Problem, Same as the old problem...?? Ok, maybe it's not exactly the same, but I AM now getting another grey screen panic... Whee... Differences this time are that I can get a prompt in Single User Mode, and have fixed what appeared to be a mislabeling on the HD. I didn't take a pic of it, but it said something like it was reporting 66 files instead of 67 or something of that ilk. Don't think it much matters because it now comes up saying that it appears to be ok. I DO have pics of it locking up trying to go from SUM to the OS, and a pic of it trying to run the OS but showing what happens behind the scene in SUM. I doubt the first pic is needed but I figure the more info I give the better. The other difference is that I can actually use Safe Boot. Oh, also, the only things I can think that I installed recently was the new iTunes and the intel version of VLC, I can't imagine either of those are causing it, but there you have it. Anyway, some help... please? I'm about to scream cry and just start using only Windows on this thing... I wonder really if this is just indicative of the Intel Macs, I've never had any problems with my iBook G4. Edit: I may have made it sound like this is a Mac laptop, it isn't it's an iMac core duo 2.0ghz.
  10. LockeCole

    Will WOW run on this iMac well?

    Yes, it should work just fine. It could probably use some ram to run better but it'll run just fine.
  11. LockeCole

    iTunes audio books

    It's an option, but it doesn't do the trick, sadly.
  12. LockeCole

    Things We Don't Hate In Windows

    Probably my reply would be Windows system restore (though hopefully Time Machine will be a brilliant solution for that) and Scandisk is better than Disk Utility IMO. Which brings me to an interesting Q I've wondered for a while, Why is there no Disk Defragmenter for OSX? Is it because OSX deals with files better than Windows and so optimizing the order of the files on the disk wouldn't change anything or is it something else?
  13. LockeCole

    Grey screen restart...

    Most of it. It also surprises me how much quicker it boots up. I really gotta stop setting things to Open at Login. ^^
  14. LockeCole

    iTunes audio books

    Your best bet would be to download a tool like Join Together. http://www.dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/...=1#jointogether It joins all the audiobook files into chaptered files (with the help of Chapter Tool) http://homepage.mac.com/applepodcast/podca...r_tool_beta.dmg All Audiobooks that I have created prior to the new iTunes version are all in the Audiobooks section. I assume the same would happen with any you create after the new ver but I haven't bought a new Audiobook since then so I haven't had the chance to create a file directly to the new iTunes. I can't imagine why it wouldn't work though. Hope this helps out. Locke
  15. LockeCole

    Rebate Question

    I wish I'da known this, I took advantage of the promotion for the printer and it said that they only took the original UPC. I felt terrible canibalizing my iMac box for 100 bucks