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    Who still uses their old Mac?

    Just thought i would see who else uses their old macs from years gone by. I'm on my iMac G3 350 right now for that nostalgic feeling. My main mac is an iMac core duo but i love jumping on my G3. Just wanted to make sure i'm not insane so help me out everyone and prove i'm not alone.
  2. BlackSunshine

    Shuffle Replacement Part Question

    I bought a clear rubberized protective kit for my first gen shuffle and it came with several of the ends with different accessories attached to it. I think the manufacturer is Speck products and i got it at Radio Shack for about $10. Hope this helps Cheers
  3. BlackSunshine

    How much RAM do You need for video editing

    When I upgraded from 512 to 1g i could not believe the difference. I'm tempted to upgrade to 2g but i hate to have to discard the ram i have now as they are both 512 sticks. cheers
  4. I just got a Motorola H500 bluetooth headset for my phone and was hoping that I would be able to sync it to my mac for use with skype. The problem is that isync does not seem to find it. It has no problem finding my phone just not the headset. Anyone that knows if these two pieces work togehter or has done it succesfuly with skype, please help! Cheers
  5. BlackSunshine

    H500 bluetooth headset and core duo iMac

    Well i figured it out and it was not to hard. I don't know why i was using isync, that was the problem. Thanks to all that thought about it though. Cheers
  6. BlackSunshine

    Exporting videos for windows from iMovie

    I think he has to have it on windows media player cheers
  7. BlackSunshine

    Exporting videos for windows from iMovie

    I used a friends flip4mac to encode my qt video into wmv. I had originally encoded it into .mov from the raw file from the camera because of the 12.5gb size. Worked well for me but i think its a slightly costly program unless they have a shareware version or some other way of trying it out. It does work well for what I did and it sounds like you are doing the same. Goodluck! Cheers mate
  8. BlackSunshine

    Third Party 802.11g card for "OLD" Mac?

    What about the G3 iMacs? Are the airport cards the only way to go on them because i would really like to go wireless on my old guy. I'm running a cat 5e through my floor in the back of my bedroom and this def has to go Cheers
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    Congrats on the MacBook