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  1. Does anyone know of a way to use the Remote app on the iPhone/iPod touch to control a shared volume? I am sure I am not the only person who stores there entire music library not locally, but on a server somewhere else in their home. I would love to be able to take advantage of the functionality of iTunes DJ and Remote with my share.


    Thanks all:)

  2. Thought I would let you guys know what the issue ended up being. After running Disk Utility from the install disk, I was not able to test the drive, it would keep failing. I knew then that it must be the hard drive. I bought a used one off ebay for $25 and replaced the old one, installed the OS and now she runs like it did when it was brand new:) Thanks for the suggestions guys, helped out a lot. I would prolly still be debating on what the heck was going on.


  3. I still use my iMac G3 as my webserver now. It has a 350mhz cpu and 768 megs of Ram and hosts my site perfectly. I wish I could get my hands on an old tower to user as my file server, but as it stands now I use and old Compaq one with some NewEgg parts running Ubuntu Server 7.10 and everything works great on the Unix end. The only issues on my network are 2 pesky windows machines my roommates have, as I use NFS instead of Samba:) Glad to hear people still find great uses for their old macs as they are very well built machines:)


  4. Not true. They don't care about the RAM unless as Graham said it's a RAM related problem.

    When i took my iMac in to a reseller to be serviced under apple care, they did not seem the least bit interest in what ram i had in it. Turned out my issue was ram too, 3rd party at that, they replaced it with OE apple ram. I must have lucked out becasue I am sure that a apple store would not have done this, but the resellers are not Apple employees so they can work with you in ways the apple store can't.

  5. This is a vexing issue that has been troubling me for a few weeks now. The iBook in question freezes up when booting up. Sometimes at the screen with the Apple logo and sometimes just before it. Last Sunday I did a clean install of the OS and was using OS X. It was really slow and the beech ball kept comming up for the simplist tasks. I ran the update and downloaded and intstalled them. Upon reboot, it went right back to freezing up. I am able to get into the firmware while booting and like I said I can run the install disks and reinstall the OS but the end result is the same. Any idea what the issue is. I'm positive it has to be hardware related, just not sure if the Hard drive is ready to give up on me, or memory or what? Any suggestions would be great no matter how off the wall they seem. Thanks maccast community.


  6. I have to say that i am dissapointed in the new iMac and loving it at the same time. This paradox is based on the fact that I have been looking forward to a fresh new design since i got my second iMac back in Jan 2006 when the intel ones came out. The new one looks great and i tried one at the mac store here and I loved it but as far as i'm concerned is that its just a tricked up G5 iMac. You put the G3, G4, G5/intel iMac's next to each other and its a whole world of a difference. This one is not really a redesign at all, just a fresh look on the same old thing. Too bad, guess i have to wait for the next redisgn. The other vexing issue is why would anyone want one now when Leopard will be out soon and come preloaded on it? It would make more sense to wait 2 months and get the new OS for free.



  7. I personally think that we will not see another iMac till next January Macworld. I think its gonna be totally redesigned so they will want to make a big deal about it, but as stated before, if we could predict Apples cycles we would be very very wealthy.

  8. Just so everyone knows what it turned out to be so that if you ever get a really bright power indicator light flash, iths the memory. My memory was not installed all the way properly by myself to begin with when i upped to 2GB. I was hesitant to push to hard on it to make sure it was in place and behold, 4 weeks later, i get the trouble. Thanks to everyone who at least gave it a read to figure out what was going on.


  9. My iMac is in the shop getting fixed as we speak. I am typing this up on my old G3 350 iMac that has never let me down. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the flashing sequences on the power indicator light. My iMac just decided yesterday when i was watching a hockey game, to go blank and the light just flashed really bright continuously. I shut it off and turned it back on and it instantly starts flashing like that again. Feels like the hardrive is running but there is nothing else at all. I called Apple and they had me try a couple tests, but like i said, instant flashing. I have had no luck in finding any info on understanding the power indicator light. Any help would be appreciated. I have apple care and the computer is only 1 yr old so its covered, but i wanted to find out what it was before the apple store got back to me. Thankyou in advance


  10. I was wondering if I bought 2 2GB sticks of RAM for my Core2Duo MacBook, would it show up as 4 GB of RAM or has Apple taken the low road and done a software limit?

    Yes, but, only 3GB will be recognized. As far as i know the intel chip only recognizes 3GB. I can't rememeber where i read this or why thats the case, but i am almost %100 sure of that.


  11. I just bought apple care the day before my 1yr warranty ran out for my iMac. I spent that year listening to everyone praise it and say its a must have. There was no way i was gonna learn the hard way if something went foul on my iMac. If the monitor and something else had to be replaced i would basically be buying the iMac all over again in repair costs. Its just nice to top notch insurance for you computer.


  12. The best guess i can come up with is that the current Garageband we have and love has not yet been optomized to take advantage of mutli core chips. Its possible that Apple wrote the code for the vast majority of single core owners as the time of the release of GB 3, most people had single core chips and intel cpu's just came out. I'm thinking its just old code in Garageband, heck it has not had a real good update in a while. I'll bet though, that when ever Steve finally decides to release iLife' 07 ( or whatever they end up calling it) that Garageband will be optomized for multicore chips as many more macs users will have these platforms untill the day we all do.


  13. Hey,

    I just bought a iBook G4 and when i talk on skype to my cousin who has a iBook G3 the sound is all fuzzy why?It is really annoying as i talk to him alot on skype is there anyway to fix this issue andthing will help.



    We need more info, like connection speed, computer specs and definetly what the both of you are using to communicate, as in mic's and speakers/headphones. You would be surprised what can throw off skype quality.

  14. Thanks for the replys guys. My main concern was with the fact that my current notebooks get used on the couch and the bricks are normally under the couch. I was just checking out the possibility of it causing a fire. If it just dies Ide be happy as long as applecare replaces it.

    Hmmm.... Its highly unlikely that it would catch fire, but i'm no fire marshal. I think if it was a big enough concern Apple would do a recall to avoid lawsuits like auto companies do.


  15. As long as it's not soldered in, it will work. The two are pin compatible.

    As far as i know its not soldered in so thats good news that they are pin compatible. Now actually taking the imac apart is a different story i would not know where to begin.