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  1. Hi everyone, I finally got around to installing Leopard on my G4 (was a dual 450, upgraded to a dual 1.6 GHz, 768 MB RAM) and at first everything was fine. But then as I started working with it I noticed the Mail and then the Finder were crashing. The common thread was that they were trying to access folders with a lot of files on my secondary internal hard drive. Later, I noticed I was unable to download a file via FTP to the second hard drive. I forget what the original error message was and I can't recreate it because now I only have read-only access to the drive. But I did verify that I was the owner of the drive and (at the time) had read/write permissions. Disk Utility will not let me repair permissions on the drive. The option is grayed out. And when I select Verify Disk I get "Invalid number of allocation blocks. Volume check failed." Then it gives up. Is there anything I can do so I don't have to reformat this drive, or am I stuck? Because Disk Utility failed to repair it I now have limited access to the disk. I have read-only access. Annoying. ->Later.....Spice
  2. I want to access my home Mac (G4 running 10.4 Tiger) from my work PC (running XP Pro SP2). What's the easiest way to do this? I can't upgrade to Leopard just yet, but maybe later this summer. Does Tiger have a built in VNC server or is there a good third party one I can use? And what do I use on the PC end? I need to be able to access my files and copy them to the PC. But I also need to occasionally do things like forward an email to myself so I would need full Remote Desktop like control to do something like that. I'm totally new at this type of thing. Can anyone help? Cheap is good. Free is better. Thanks. - Tom
  3. devospice

    podcast order

    I actually used smart playlists before using the default Podcast playlist. I had trouble getting the smart playlist to work properly. It would either not pick up all the podcasts I downloaded or it grabbed ones I didn't want synched, or something like that. Maybe I just need to move this one podcast to its own playlist when I want to listen. Still, seems like something I shouldn't have to do. ->Later.....Spice
  4. devospice

    podcast order

    When I sync my iPod all the podcasts that I'm subscribed to dutifully move over to my iPod. Is there a way to set the order in the Podcasts play list? The problem I'm having is one of the podcasts I listen to (The Mad Music Show - www.themadmusicarchive.com) is a 2 hour podcast broken up into 6 segments, and no matter what I do it shows up on my iPod in reverse order. I've tried downloading them in reverse order, sorting iTunes by every option under the sun and then synching, and nothing seems to be working. It's a pain to keep hitting back twice when listening to this show. Did I miss something or is there really no way to change the order of songs in the Podcast playlist? Thanks. ->Later.....Spice
  5. devospice

    GarageBand demo?

    768 MB. But thanks for the heads up. I have a habit of running lots and lots of programs at the same time. If GarageBand is a memory hog I'll have to remember to keep that to a minimum. The question is will it run on a 450 MHz machine. ->Later.....Spice
  6. devospice

    GarageBand demo?

    You know, now that you mention it I got a call from a friend of mine last week who I hadn't spoken to in a while. He's a mobile DJ who recently converted their whole operation to Macs. I'll bet I can try it on his machine. Thanks. ->Later.....Spice
  7. devospice

    What stand-up podcast?

    Thanks! I'll check it out. ->Later.....Spice
  8. devospice

    GarageBand demo?

    I don't doubt the software is worth the $79 for people who use even two of the applications, but I really only need GarageBand. And even with that since I'm using a 6 year old PowerMac G4 dual 450 I'm not even sure GarageBand will run on it. That's why I'd love to see a demo version. I never really liked iMovie. I thought they oversimplified it to the point of actually making it more difficult to use than it needed to be, but that was an old version I tried and I'm sure they've improved it by now. I don't have a SuperDrive or a DVD burner of any kind, so iDVD is useless. I don't do a lot with digital photos so I probably wouldn't use iPhoto, although I think I still have an old version installed. And I use DreamWeaver for my web developments so I really have no use for iWeb. I do have my eyes on a new Mac Pro, but I don't as yet have $2000 burning a whole in my pocket. ->Later.....Spice
  9. devospice

    What stand-up podcast?

    The caller Ryan who asked about recording phone calls said he did a stand-up comedy podcast. I want to check it out but I couldn't make out the name of it when he said it. Does anyone know the name of this show or have a link to it's site or iTunes page? Thanks. ->Later.....Spice
  10. devospice

    GarageBand demo?

    Is there a demo of GarageBand available anywhere? I want to try it out for my podcast but I don't want to shell out $79 on 4 programs I don't need and 1 I may not end up using. But I can't find a demo version for download available anywhere. Is ther such a beast? ->Later.....Spice
  11. devospice

    iTunes 7 playlist problem

    I was able to delete the old podcasts (I think, anyway, since I can't see them anywhere on the iPod) by syncing the podcasts. Your smart playlist idea sounds awesome. I need to look into that. I've never used smart playlists before. Thanks! ->Later.....Spice
  12. I have a playlist on my iPod called Podcasts which is where I put all the podcasts that I listen to. After the podcasts download in iTunes I drag them directly from the podcasts window to the Podcasts playlist on my iPod. I do not first drag them to my iPod's library. I learned very quickly after I started doing this that deleting a song or podcast from a playlist on my iPod did not delete the track from my iPod itself, as well it shouldn't. I had to go into my iPod's library and delete the podcasts from there to delete them from my iPod and free up space. It appears now that with iTunes 7 any files that I dragged directly to the playlist I can't delete from my iPod! Deleting them from the playlist does just that, but they also don't show up on the iPod library anymore. The Library item has been replaced with Music, which doesn't list the podcasts I dragged directly to the playlist. From now on I'll have to drag the files to the iPod first and then put them in the playlist, which is annoying, but I can do it. But I've got probably a couple gigs worth of files on my iPod taking up space that I can't see or delete. How do I delete them? What am I missing? ->Later.....Spice