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  1. Hey Gang, I am looking for software to allow me to assign and manage tasks from my team on the Mac. I am currently using a GTD app (The Hit List) which is really not made for that type of thing. Looking for some suggestions! Many thanks in advance! SW
  2. Steamboatwillie

    Which PCMCIA USB 2.0 Card for G4 PowerBook?

    >EEK< Indeed I do. For some reason I thought they were USB 1.1 because I have a USB 2.0 external drive that seems to max out at around 12MB's a second. I'm going to check to see if I need a driver for the drive. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Hi Gang, I have several USB 2.0 external Hard Drives and I would like to be able to use them at full speed on my 15" 1.25gHz PowerBook. The only way I see doing that is by using a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card. So my question to ya'll is which ones have you had success with? I several that "support" Mac OS X but I would like to be sure before I buy anything. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Mike's Lame Blog

    Just added two more songs.
  5. Steamboatwillie

    Mike's Lame Blog

    Mike's Lame Blog [website] [feed] Shamelessly plugging my blog, thanks Adam! I talk about weird stuff that happens in my life, of course Mac stuff, and sometimes I get off a good rant about something that really pushes my buttons like when I got a parking ticket in front of my own home Keep up the great work Adam! Mike
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    Mike's Lame Blog

    Not sure if anyone is interested or not but I posted some of my original music on my blog. Here is the link: My Music It's mostly electronic stuff.
  7. Steamboatwillie

    iBook or PowerBook

    Here's another thought. Get a 12" Powerbook, 1gb of ram and an external monitor. I think you would wind up with much more for your money especially if the new employer would supply the monitor. I use Dreamweaver all day long on 2 17" Studio Displays (1280 x 1024) and still wish I had more screen real estate! The 12" Powerbook would give you decent power, be easy to carry to and from work and costs less than a 15" (which I have and love) Just a thought.
  8. Steamboatwillie

    Mail ignores my mouse sometimes

    I have the weirdest bug. Every now and then I will be composing an email or reading emails and my mouse will no longer interact with the mail app. It's the strangest thing. I can quit mail from my keyboard and launch it again and it works fine. Anyone experience this? I am running Tiger 10.4.2 with all of the patches available from software download. Weird huh?
  9. Steamboatwillie

    Katrina Donation Match & nano Donations

    Adam, First I want to express to you that it is totally awesome that you are doubling the donations for Katrina. Second I think that taking donations for the nano give away is a supurb idea. Personally I would not expect you to reach into your wallet for a give away like this. I think it is great that we can all throw in a few bucks for a chance to win a nano and if we give to much the rest goes to the Katrina effort. Good form! You have my vote to proceed. And once again, keep up the great work. Mike
  10. Steamboatwillie

    iPod name usage

    But, they are McDonald's. http://www.mcdonalds.com/ Is the Big Mac in danger? >shudders< Or... bipod | noun a two-legged stand or support. Because a Bipod has an iPod in it! Oh the implications! :shock:
  11. Steamboatwillie

    iPhoto add-ons

    I use and love iPhotoToGallery which lets you export images out of iPhoto to Gallery
  12. Steamboatwillie

    Shared drive on Windows box woes...

    That is one sweet tip man, very nice! Thanks!
  13. Steamboatwillie

    Mike's Lame Blog

    Thanks! And yes, indeed, Dave is "movingly"!
  14. Steamboatwillie

    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    That's a good idea. I like it!
  15. Is anyone having the following problems? I have podcast syncing turned off on my iPod. I have a smartplaylist in iTunes that looks for all podcasts with a playcount of zero. When I sync the smartplaylist to my iPod the files do not copy over even though the playlist does (basically it's empty on my iPod) If I go ahead and set podcasts to sync to my iPod (in this case all podcasts) then the smart playlist works on the iPod. Is this an expected behavior?
  16. Steamboatwillie

    Switched my mom!

    I finally got my mom off her old 333mHz Windows 98 paper weight! She just bought a new 12" iBook. I brought her to the Apple Store here in Germantown Tennessee and we played with the different models and she decided she liked the size and price of the iBook. It came with Bluetooth and Airport built in, nice deal, as well as a $100.00 rebate towards a new printer. I spent the weekend teaching her iLife apps, Mail and Safari. So far she totally loves it especially iPhoto. Just wanted to share the news with the Maccast crew.
  17. Steamboatwillie

    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    Yup, this is true. I never got why Apple did this. All other songs only increase the play count when you listen to the entire thing, so why not podcasts? However, sometimes I do find this as handy. For example, I usually do not listen to the music at the end of the MacCast. However, if Apple managed podcasts the same way as other songs, after I was done with the MacCast, and I skipped the music, it would still be marked as unplayed. I don't know which method I would rather have... Until, if ever, this changes I am going to simply sync all poscasts and use my smartplaylist to manage what I have listened to. I also wish iTunes gave the option to convert the podcasts into bookmarkable AAC. I would think it would be an easy feature to implement. They do something similar with iPod Shuffles, giving the ability to convert high bit rate songs to smaller AAC files. Thanks for all of your replies everyone! Maccast and it's community Rules!
  18. Steamboatwillie

    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    Well, I agree sort of. The problem is that if you start to play a podcast, and not finish listening to the whole podcast, it gets marked as played. If I re-sync my iPod and have only listened half way through a podcast wouldn't it be dropped out of the list?
  19. Steamboatwillie

    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    Let's forget about the native podcast syncing for a moment. The podcasts appear in my library. The smartplaylist is populated from my library. When the smartplaylist attempts to sync, because it is selected as a playlist to sync on my iPods options via iTunes, it does not copy over the podcasts. If I create a smartplaylist of music, and add that to the list of playlists to sync with my iPod, the music gets copied over. This is not the case if I do the same thing with podcasts. It seems that the smartplaylist, and it's paremeters, copy to the iPod but unless the actual podcast already exist on the iPod (via native podcast syncing) they do not show up. I hope that better explains what I am seeing. Thanks for the quick reply!
  20. Steamboatwillie

    Web Receipts Folder

    No kidding. That's so cool! Thanks!