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  1. In the past I've used SuperDuper! to make/restore a clone of my setup when I've migrated from one MacBook Pro to another. It's always worked without issue. My wife will soon be transitioning from an older MacBook to a new MacBook Air. She's currently running Lion on the MacBook and all apps are updated. Is there a problem using the same cloning process when jumping across different hardware platforms? Would a clean install be preferred? Thanks for your advice.
  2. mr.e-man

    Restore clone to new MacBook model?

    Thanks johnfoster. I tend to agree that "starting over" as much as possible is the better way to go. It's just that a full clone is the "easier" way to go? Ha. Considering it's my wife that's making the move from MacBook to MacBook Air, I should aim to please. Thanks again.
  3. I'm Mac at heart, but I manage a Windows network for my "real job". I recently moved many of our network file share locations from a Windows Server 2003 server to a 2008 R2 server. I like to create aliases on my Mac for the network locations. The Server 2003 locations used to open up right away. Now, when I connect to Server 2008 R2 shares, there's about a 15 second delay. Windows users have noticed no difference. Has anyone found himself in the same position? Any ideas on a fix? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have not had much of a chance to dive in to a lot of DNS stuff, but I did make one change that seems to have sped up the connection process with the Windows Server 2008R2 shares. Under: Sys Pref --> Accounts --> Login Options ... I set the "network account server" to my local Active Directory domain. Seems to have helped at least a little.
  5. Thanks for the reply. It has (at the very least) started me on a wild goose chase for an answer. My WINS settings were not set to my local AD name. I made that change but it didn't seem to speed things up too much. I'm now pursuing the DNS route. Let me know if you're at all interested in the results of my findings and I can post them back here. Otherwise, thanks for the help.
  6. umm ... working?

  7. mr.e-man

    Wallet Case

    I did some searching today for an iPhone case that was open face on one side and had pouches on the other side for credit cards, etc. Slim pickin's! I found the KoalaKase, but I'd prefer a solid construction like an Incase Slider instead of stitched leather. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I even went as far as to look for pouches I could add on to an Incase Slider and brew my own iPhone case wallet. I'm looking to be able to hold maybe 5-6 cards, maybe a little cash, and maybe a little more space for just whatever. I don't want a slip in case (found plenty of those with pouches) because I don't want to have to take my phone out of the case to use it. Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  8. mr.e-man

    Old addresses showing up in Mail

    Well, I was finally able to get my hands on the machine and take a look at it for myself. It is certainly odd to say the least. I did the only narcissistic thing I could think of and opened up his Mail, went to compose a message and typed in my own name in the To field. It returned several address, a couple of which are very old and not in use anymore. I verified that these addresses were not somehow tucked away in his Address Book. I also verified that Mail does not have any LDAP server settings in it - it does not. I ran pwbeninate's suggestion of clearing the DS cache from a terminal command. No change. I tried Graham's suggestion of blowing away the Address Book library file. No change. So I downloaded Maintenance from Titanium (the maker of Onyx) and ran that to clear out caches and rebuild database indexes on Spotlight and Mail. No change. Ummm ... pretty much stumped at this point. All I can say at this point is that when the old addresses pop up for me in the Mail To field they are listed as lastname firstname. He has his Address Book organized by lastname firstname, so maybe there's some relationship there. I don't know where that leads me, but it's something - maybe. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Would appreciate your thoughts on this one ... Our CEO just recently started using a Macbook Air running Snow Leopard. His company email account is on our Exchange 2007 server so I got him hooked up with Mail and ActiveSync. Things seem to be going OK for the most part. The biggest trouble at this point is that he continues to have "auto-complete" suggestions for names when he's composing messages that have very old email addresses. He has the most recent email address info in his Contact/Address Book. We have reviewed the Previous Recipients list in Mail to make sure there's not old info in there. Where might these addresses be coming from? Some are over 3 years old in some cases. Does Mail crawl and harvest info from old email messages? Any thoughts are appreciated as I'm pretty much stumped on this one. Thanks in advance.
  10. mr.e-man

    Old addresses showing up in Mail

    No, these old addreses that are getting picked up are not in his Address Book.
  11. mr.e-man

    Old addresses showing up in Mail

    No, no direct connection with LDAP, only what ActiveSync does by default. The old addresses that are coming up for him are not names of people in our company (Active Directory), they are personal contacts that he has.
  12. Got a question for y'all that I haven't been able to solve. I have a smart playlist in iTunes that gathers all my podcasts from the past 14 days that haven't been listened to. In iTunes I have this list sorted by released date so that the oldest one is on top (I want to hear podcasts in the order they were released, not what was most recently downloaded). All of this works brilliantly in iTunes. I have the smart playlist set to sync over to my iPhone (3GS - latest firmware). I used to get all kinds of cool things with this playlist on my iPhone. It would auto-update so that when a podcast finished on my iPhone it was removed from the playlist before re-syncing to iTunes, and it would be in the correct sorting order. Now, for a reason unknown to me, the playlist comes up in a jumbled order on my iPhone and it does not auto-update. I've tried deleting and recreating the podcast in iTunes, but that seems to make no difference. Any suggestions? I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
  13. Great help guys. Thanks for the tips.
  14. I'm wondering if Apple's Mail program goes through all email messages in a mailbox and harvests email addresses for use in auto-completion when composing a new message. The reason I ask is that I've got a user that is complaining that old email addresses are popping up when he composes a new message. These addresses are no longer in his Contacts/Address Book. He's connected to an Exchange 2007 server. Thank for your help. Viva la MacCast Community!!
  15. mr.e-man

    Getting an iPhone, should I hold off?

    Expect a new model toward the end of June / beginning of July. That's the historical iPhone refresh timeframe. What will be new in the next release is yet to be seen, too many people are consumed by the tablet rumors.
  16. I'm looking for suggestions on an app to increase the volume/gain of an audio file. I create podcasts in GarageBand and it always seems that the audio comes out softer that most other podcasts I listen to. I increase the volume all the way in GarageBand before exporting. I know about Levelator - and it's a great app for normalizing audio. I'm hoping to find something just as simple, good and free as Levelator. BTW - I also have Logic Studio installed. I haven't explored it much, but maybe there's an app in there can help in my situation. Thanks for your thoughts & suggestions.
  17. I'm selling a lightly used, and in perfect working condition ... Elgato HD Homerun. For those unfamiliar with this hardware device - it's a dual HD tuner that connects in to your network and allows you to watch TV on your Mac! The included Elgato EyeTV3 software gives you channel listings, lets you record shows (DVR), stream recordings to your iPhone, and much more. Adam has mentioned Elgato products several times on his MacCast show. He's also had Ara Derdarian (HT Guys podcast) on the show to discuss home theatre setups, and Ara really likes the HD Homerun product. I'm asking $175 for the HD Homerun hardware and 2 EyeTV3 licenses. I paid over $200 for them originally. Please reply to this thread or send me a personal message through the forum if you're interested in buying. I'm in the Colorado Springs area, but can ship nationwide. Thanks!
  18. I'm wondering if there's a Mac product out there that works like SpectorSoft's eBlaster? I have the need to install a monitoring solution on a MacBook Pro that will silently track all incoming/outgoing email and chat/IM sessions. I know that the same makers of eBlaster also make a Mac compatible product called Spector, but it just takes screenshots and lets you view them "VCR style". What I'm after is a solution that will send email activity reports to a specified email address. This all needs to run without any knowledge of the end user. I will have the MacBook Pro in hand for the install, so the install doesn't need to be remote or silent. I'm willing to pay for the app. Any help is much appreciated.
  19. mr.e-man

    Where are the Chapter markings?

    My guess is those were out for just a show or two as Adam was moving. Very busy + Time to insert chapters = No chapters The last couple of shows have had chapters, so I think Adam's back on top of it.
  20. mr.e-man

    Wal-Mart Music Store

    I got the following message when trying to go to the Wal-Mart Music Store on my MacBook Pro - using Firefox ... We're sorry, your operating system is incompatible. To provide the best download experience, we can no longer support Windows 98, ME or NT. Please visit again after you upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP. Why don't they get it, really?
  21. mr.e-man

    iPods on a plane

    Goodness gracious! Two questions ... where and why?
  22. I slid over to Mac this past summer, after years of being a PC guy. I manage the network at my job and we (like most other small/medium sized business) are a Microsoft shop. I was excited to use Apple's Mail in Tiger to manage both my Exchange mailbox at work and my private email addresses. I found out rather quickly that Mail didn't play with Exchange too well. Does anyone know if the next release of Mail (Leopard) will work better with Exchange-based mailboxes? I'm getting tired of having separated contact/calendar information - and I'm looking forward to the day when I can consolidate info ... and get rid of Entourage!! Lovin' the Mac world and community. Thanks in advance.
  23. Thanks for the replies. After reading through them, maybe my frustration is due more to a lack of understanding than a lack of any Apple application abilities. When I first switched to Mac I was admittedly ignorant of the way all of the Apple applications worked. Now that I've been on a mac for a several months, it is starting to make more sense. Your replies have helped to clear the water a bit. Currently my main frustration is that iCal does not have the Exchange integration piece. I'd love to get away from Entourage (and hopefully all Office apps when iLife/iWork '07 come out), just because it doesn't seem to run well. I know that Office 2008 is going to be a Universal app, and that should help, but still, my whole rational for switching to Mac was to get away from Microsoft. I digress. I will be trying to work out my Exchange woes - minor as they may be. Thanks for the help and feedback.
  24. mr.e-man

    Pages Templates

    Yes, I've seen iworkcommunity.com. Looks like a good resource, but they do not have brochure templates available. I'll keep checking around. Thanks.
  25. mr.e-man

    Pages Templates

    I'm looking for any recommendations on where to find good templates for Pages. Free is always a welcomed price, but I may be willing to throw down cash if the templates are acceptable. Specifically, at the moment I'm looking for tri-fold brochure templates. The 2 that are included with Pages just don't cut it for me. Thanks.