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  1. purrdeta

    MacCast Jabber Live Chat Group

    to join a "chat room" you would start a chat with "roomname@conference.jabber.jabbermac.com" iChat kinda sucks as a jabber client as it doesnt support many of the features of jabber. I use psi as a client personally.
  2. purrdeta

    MacCast Jabber Live Chat Group

    My Jabber ID is purrdeta@jabbermac.com I love Jabber! IT is amazing!
  3. purrdeta

    IRC server for OS X (Tiger)

    IRC as root! I cant bring myself to do that... Even if OS X is supposed to protect you, I know that IRCd as root could = downfall of life as we know it... or maybe just the ruination of your computer and network .
  4. purrdeta

    IRC server for OS X (Tiger)

    Bahamut will run for sure. UnrealIRCd, my favorite, does not seem to work. It will compile but will not read the config file and changes it to some weird perms. bahamut.dal.net I believe.
  5. purrdeta

    gMail Accounts

    Invites! Send them to purrdeta@gmail.com
  6. purrdeta

    Yahoo vs. Google

    I use both Unfortunately google is all about simplicity.. I dont really like simplicity. Also there is a beta Yahoo! client that I really want to try out.
  7. purrdeta

    Yahoo! vs. Gmail

    Man, I searched and it still happened. to me.... Although that topic doesnt really address the reasons just that "you suck" lol. Thanks! And sorry.
  8. purrdeta

    Yahoo! vs. Gmail

    I want to know why you use one or the other... Heck, if your service isnt listed(must be webmail) please feel free to let us know why you like it over the competition. I would really rather that this not turn into a "Yahoo!/Gmail sucks" thread, I just want to know what you find to be the advantages or disadvantages of the service. I shall start. I cant decide which to use. I prefer Yahoo!'s services over gmail due to the fact that it is my ISP and Yahoo! games. Gmail however does provide a bit more freedom... but there is that privacy thing that may or may not be true. Now lets hear from you. PS: I chose this forum because it has to do with internet. I am sorry if you feel it should be off topic. Please let me know though.
  9. purrdeta

    Second Life

    An update, The first Basic account is free with Second Life but does require a Credit Card number or Pay-pal account for verification.
  10. purrdeta

    Second Life

    I LOVE the MacCast and really wanted to share this program with you. It is a game like program called Second Life. Perhaps you have heard of it. It is an online game requiring a broadband Internet connection. You can find it at here. It is literally a “Second Life” as all the content is user created. They have a scripting language called LSL, which can be applied to objects that makes the object perform various tasks and functions. It is a 3D world in which one pays $9.99 one time for access. Each person receives a figure called an avatar, which is customizable in almost EVERY way, and the ability to create objects in designated zones called Sims or Simulators. In order to own land in the game you must purchase a premium membership. It is fully possible to enjoy the game without land as you can rent space to live in or to sell your objects or clothing you have created. Now here is something to get all adults attention. The game is separated by age meaning that people over 18 years of age are on a different “server” than those 13-17. Or at least they should be but still there are teenagers that lie and illegally use the Adult or “Main Grid”. One must be 13 or older to play. I must warn all people 18 or over, there is mature content available but you are more than welcome to avoid it as each sim is rated either PG or Mature. Stay out of the mature zones and you will not encounter any mature content. I really enjoy this game since it is really a second life and a nice way to meet people around the globe. I don’t like calling it a game however because it is more of an environment. People have created “games” inside of it but Second Life itself would be nothing without its users except an expanse of virtual 3D land. One last feature, There are websites in place to allow you to exchange in game currency for real USD as well as vice versa. Now you may wonder what I get out of doing this, well I get 1000L$(in game currency) for each basic member and 2000 for each premium. Now I will tell you my in game name is Alex Ganache in case you want to help me out but I want you to know that there is NO obligation to. You will need a credit card or PayPal to begin your second life. There is a free 7-day trial for those of you that aren’t sure, but it is only ten dollars ONE time. I can’t wait to see you in-game if you are a teen, if not ill see you in a few months! I am sorry that I may have rambled too long and that my review is unorganized haha.