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  1. theOlster

    Problems with Mail and IMAP

    Thanks - I'll give it a go!
  2. theOlster

    Problems with Mail and IMAP

    I'm trying to configure my multiple IMAP accounts with Apple's Mail app. Does anyone know if there is a way of specifying which folder Mail moves Trash/Junk/Sent items for each IMAP account. My ISP enables me to access my mail via webmail, and these folders can't be reconfigured. As a result I have multiple Junk/Sent/Trash folders for each account. Cheers...
  3. theOlster

    Can't Empty Trash

    @Ginamos - Thanks - the advice on this page worked a treat, all fixed now!
  4. theOlster

    Can't Empty Trash

    Hi, thanks for your response. Both these efforts didn't seem to have any effect. I've also tried searching for ".Trash" in spotlight. The only returns were some old .tar.gz files that I didn't need anymore so I just deleted them, with no effect! Arrrrrr!!!! This is drivin' me nuts!
  5. theOlster

    Can't Empty Trash

    No I don't get that at all. I created an alias for another file, moved it to trash, and the option to show original came up. So this problem is only symptomatic of this rogue file. Any further ideas would be gratefully received!
  6. theOlster

    Can't Empty Trash

    Unfortunately, to do this I need to move it out of trash, which I haven't done successfully yet, any ideas?
  7. theOlster

    Leopard or Ubuntu?

    Funny, this is exactly the reason why I switched to Apple. I'd rather be forced to do something one way, than spend hours/days/weeks/months trying to configure Ubuntu or any other *nix to work the way I want it to! I may not like the way some aspects of OSX work (especially finder) but my productivity has skyrocketed, my wife is relieved to be able to have a new calmer husband, and everything works! (I just read my response to my wife who is currently in stitches, she wholeheartedly agrees with my comments)
  8. theOlster


    I concur, VMWare Fusion is better than Parallels. I tried both the demos, for as long as I could, and settled on Fusion with no doubts about my choice!
  9. theOlster

    Getting What you Want from Applecare

    I 'forgot' to get applecare when I bought my MacBook over a year ago, then my battery died. I thought I'd phone applecare to see what my options were, and if they wouldn't help then I was prepared to order a new one. I told them ALL of this, and after getting me to read back the stats on the power usage - the response was: I go a new battery less than 24hrs later! I've since bought an iMac and iPod, needless to say I made sure I got applecare to go with them. Well worth the money.
  10. theOlster

    Can't Empty Trash

    After a couple of Google searches, it's clear that I'm not the only person with similar problems to this: I can't empty my trash, although there's only one file in there. The filename is really strange and seems to be made up of mostly 'null' characters, and seems to be an alias, here's a screenshot: I've tried: - emptying the trash, with no effect at all. - secure emptying the trash, which says that there are 6 items to empty, but hangs forever until finder is restarted. - using terminal to rm -r ~/.Trash/* , no effect. - moving the item out of trash to my desktop. Although the trash appears to empty (no paper in the wastebasket), nothing appears on my desktop and reopening trash shows the file again. - installing the latest build of Onyx for Leopard, and running several scripts including repair permissions, empty trash and secure empty trash. Although this reports no errors, the item still remains in Trash. - backing up my home folder to an external hdd. Re-installing Leopard (I had to anyway because I screwed some HP scanner drivers and a couple of other things, which are all now sorted) and only copying back the items to my new home directory that I actually wanted to keep. (so it must be one of those right?!) I'd really, really appreciate some help on this. Although, I've been putting up with it for ages now it doesn't really affect the system other than the paper never disappears from the wastebasket. But I'd like to fix it! Cheers, Ollie
  11. I've been a long term linux user, but since I couldn't cope with (amongst other things) the GIMP and Inkscape as a freelance web-developer, last October I bought a MacBook to run Adobe software on. I installed Ubuntu and MacOSX on my MacBook, but I now consider myself a whole-hearted switcher, I'm very disappointed with the direction that Linux has gone in recent years and won't be switching back any time soon. In fact, as soon as Leopard comes out, I'll be buying one of the beautiful new iMacs! Which leads me to a problem. There seems to be no way to easily sync up the documents from one computer to another, so much so, that I'm considering writing some software to do this in Java. The Problem: What I want is to be able to use one computer, edit a word doc, add some images to iPhoto, download new podcasts in iTunes, etc. Then I want to run a sync over the network/firewire/bluetooth to make the equivalent changes on my new iMac. The Linux Solution: I used to do this with my MacBook and PC Desktop both running Ubuntu Linux, very easily. One program handled the whole thing - Unison. Essentially what it did, was make sure that two directories (say your home folder) were exactly the same. When a file has been changed since Unison was last run, it would send the difference between the files over the network to the other computer and re-build the file. Occasionally, the same file may have been modified on both locations without Unison being run, and the user was able to choose a file to keep and one to destroy. If a file was deleted in one location, it was also deleted in the other. Nice easy syncing! The Mac Solution: So that's all very well for linux, but would the same solution work on a Mac, probably not. Although there are probably many reasons for this to fail, I can only think of one immediate issue at the moment. iTunes handles store downloads per computer, so syncing as suggested for linux wouldn't work. Although I don't buy stuff from iTunes, others do and I may in the future. My questions: Am I being dumb - is there already an Apple or other software vendor providing a way for a single user to manage their documents, images, and music across two machines? If not how do you cope with/solve this? I would love to have a solution for this ready for when I buy my iMac, maybe Leopard will do it!?
  12. theOlster

    I can't open pdf's in Firefox

    Hi, When I click on a pdf link in firefox, the browser attempts to download the file rather than opening it. But in safari this works fine... I tried messing about with the prefs in firefox, but don't seem to be getting anywhere... Any ideas?
  13. theOlster

    Apche, PHP & MySQL HowTo

    Ah! ... Things just went a bit pear-shaped. This was working, but now the webserver is not... When I try and access I get a 403 forbidden error! But when I access it appears to work? Could this be because I turned on filevault?
  14. theOlster

    My first mac

    Could someone give me the 'Oh so simple' process for automounting a Samba/Windows shared directory. It's such a pain having to mount it manually each time.
  15. theOlster

    Apche, PHP & MySQL HowTo

    Hi Guys, I know its a while since I posted the questions, but I just thought I'd let you know that the PHP & MySQL install went perfectly. I ended up using Marc Liyange's installation guides which were a peice of cake to use. Thanks for the help!