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  1. EckTheTech

    Whine Noise

    From what I can tell it is an idle whine from the second core from what I hear.
  2. EckTheTech

    Whine Noise

    No, I have the 5400 rpm hdd.
  3. EckTheTech

    Got a Macbook Pro 2.16ghz yesterday.

    Yeah I got a whine on my 1.8. It is driving me nuts. I went and had my other exchanged for a new one. And my new mbp has the same whining sound. It is driving me nuts. I think I need to call apple now.
  4. EckTheTech

    Whine Noise

    I have had my macbook pro for 3 weeks now and I have noticed this whine sound since I got it. I have been looking on the apple forums and noticed that this is a noise that is not on all macbook pros. So I was wondering does anyone else have this whining sound from the right side of the keyboard. I got a new macbook yesterday to replace the whining one and this one has the same whine. So I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with this whine besides turning on photobooth, mirror widget, or the app that busies up your 2nd core to remove the sound? Thanks, Eck
  5. EckTheTech


    Why don't you try trillian. It allows you to do AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, and IRC all in one program with video and audio. I hope this helps.
  6. EckTheTech


    Thanks guys for the help. I wil tell my mom about it. Maybe we can get the family on apple. Then the only person not wanting to use an apple would be my sister. She is not very computer savy, so I don't really blame her for not wanting to switch, but the apple OS is so easy I don't see how she would have a problem.
  7. EckTheTech


    I am trying to get my parents to switch their computer to apple. I don't know how long it will take, but here is a point my mom made. She asked if Novell group wise is compatable with apple. I don't know much about Novell. But if Novell is compatible with apple, I think we may have some switchers.
  8. EckTheTech

    Mac OS X on x86

    I don't remember this at the time, well I was to young and didn't really pay attention to apples. But apple had mac clones. This was in hope to create more software and bring in more money to apple. Also it was based on hope that new technology would be promoted. But as you can see today, we don't have mac clones. This is the reason why apple won't allow themselves to become a software company. I feel that this is sad. But we shall see. I would love to buy OS X for any x86 computer.
  9. EckTheTech

    Adams opening segue

    I thought it was fine. I like the way you have it. It is original. No one here has to be pro. We are all apple users or wannabe apple users. That is the main thing we all have in common. You bring us together and that is all that matters.
  10. EckTheTech

    Mac OS X on x86

    I am using VMware, OS X, Pear PC, and I need to get Darwin. Not sure where to get it. Once I do that, it will ready to run. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Vmware_how_to
  11. EckTheTech

    Mac OS X on x86

    Well actually I am not. All the software is legal.
  12. EckTheTech

    Mac OS X on x86

    I am trying to get OS X on my pc. I just need darwin and I will be set. Once I get Darwin I can get ready to use VMware on my computer to run OS X. Also I can install OS X throught pear pc to transfer to VMware. Once that is done, I will have a working OS X on my pc. If you would like to see the link to install os x on your pc let me know by pm.
  13. EckTheTech

    iTunes error 502

    If you have Norton Internet Security, get rid of it. It causes more problems than it solves. Try disabling it before you check out the shopping cart. That might work.
  14. EckTheTech

    Locking iPOD With Password

    Well viewing the contacts and other information is easy to view from the iPod. Now proctecting that would be hard because how would you lock it. It would be hard to protect. Well that is what I think. I don't think that it is possible to lock the contacts and other information. Well lets see what other members like.
  15. EckTheTech

    Windows "Longhorn" named Windows Vista

    I absolutely hate using my PC. I dream about having a mac. Then when I use one. I am in heaven. I hate that ms operating systems never run the same. Plus they are extremely unstable. I belong to another forum, and someone posted that ms bought the biggest spyware company. Now ms' anti-spyware software no longer blocks that spyware. Also, ms puts spyware in there os. Ouch, that can't be good.