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  1. pajd

    how much email space do u use

    I keep track of everything, so it's about 1.5GB...
  2. pajd

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    The macbook pro, clearly.
  3. pajd


    It is a website to know, a good alternative to .mac even though I sometimes experienced some crashes. Still, the premium membership is MUCH less expansive than .mac for a lot more space. Check it out.
  4. pajd

    Missing Manual Review

    I agree. This collection is great as it addresses question for all kind of people (newbies as well as geeks).
  5. At first I liked the pcs 'cause you can configure and tweak everything in it. Yeah well, that was when I had nothing important to do with my computer. Now that I work in a university I need my computer to actually work and I do not want to be looking for hours for a .dll or to solve some incompability. Anyway, my toshiba laptop died one day, just like it (hard drive and cooling system) and I could discard a 2 years-old laptop I had paid $2700! So I bought a powerbook... It just changed everything. It just works! It's pretty, it's fast, it's just perfect. Two years and yet not bug. I won't go further into my panegyric, but I just get everybody around to switch as I'm tired of fixing their constant problems. Now, after 10 years of pc, I'm just a total mac addict.
  6. I think it definitely doesn't worth the $99. Look at Spymac, they offer a complete pack that is better than apple (less the integration of course, but oh well) for much less.
  7. pajd

    should I move to Firefox

    Really hard to say. Safari is great and integrated to MacOSX, but firefox is supported by more websites, has some great features that Safari lacks. If you install Saft to enhance safari, it is really hard to decide. Personally I use both!
  8. pajd

    AppleCare Protection Plan

    I personally use the store insurance plan. It covers screen braking while applecare doesn't. It's less expansive too. College or firm can do that too sometimes. Good luck.
  9. pajd


    Congratulations! My sister also recently got a brand new macbook. I've been playing around with it for two days and it rocks! I bet you won't regret your purchase.
  10. pajd

    Download off a connected User

    Try this one: http://husk.org/apps/blue_coconut/ I get some errors (mainly because of firewall config) but generally, it works just fine. Pretty slow though.