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  1. PhilCunningham

    Go to Assist

    Is the maccast link for Citrix go to Assist software still available. Anyone know what it is? Best regards Phil
  2. PhilCunningham

    Track pad or mouse? or Both?

    How may people are using a track pad as well as a mouse? On my Desktop I am using both. I find I'm using the Trackpad for the Gestures and the mouse for pointing. Best regards Phil
  3. PhilCunningham

    OS X Lion. Thoughts, impressions, gripes and stuff

    I am really liking Lion. Especially the multiple Desktops a big improvement on "Spaces" snowy cat. The previews in spotlight are very useful. Only thing I've noticed a couple of things on Google docs don't seem to work. Seems quite snappy I'm running Quad Core i7 with 4GB ram
  4. PhilCunningham

    Apple Script Help

    I am using this "Lion" Apple script to change RGB files to CMYK As it stands below it works perfectly. I Just want to change one small thing: The script prompts you to "Choose a file" and presents you with a list of colour space destinations. What I would like is the script to automatically choose one specific file "Photoshop4DefaultCMYK.icc" Can anyone help? ---Script starts--- on run display dialog "Match an image to another color space." set chosenFile to choose file with prompt "Choose an image " default location path to desktop folder open chosenFile end run on open draggedItems set matchProf to choose file with prompt "Choose destination space profile" default location POSIX file "/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles" repeat with thisFile in (draggedItems as list) try set profPath to quoted form of POSIX path of matchProf set filePath to quoted form of POSIX path of thisFile set cmdLine to ("sips --matchTo " & profPath & " " & filePath) as string do shell script cmdLine end try end repeat end open ---Script ends---
  5. PhilCunningham

    Can't convert RGB files to CMYK in Lion

    OK in Lion there is a ColorSync script called "match" I opened it up and created an application "droplet" on my desktop. I can now drop multiple RGB files on this Icon an it converts them to CMYK on the fly. It works a treat!!! No need to use photoshop at all.
  6. I used to use a Photoshop CS4 droplet on my desktop to batch convert RGB files to CMYK. Now I find Photoshop droplets are now no longer supported as they are a "Power PC" app. I just need an easy way to batch convert RGB files to CMYK in Lion Any ideas anyone! Have searched the app store. I don't want to fork out 100s for £s to upgrade to CS5. Can anyone help!
  7. I have changed my password on 'member.maccast.com' but iTunes does not recognise the new password. All my members podcasts still play OK Can anyone help? Best regards Phil
  8. PhilCunningham

    iTunes Movie to DVD

    I know Adam covered [sort of] this topic a while ago in one of the shows. I can't seem to find the show can any one help. I know this is naughty but I can't find a strictly legal way of getting hold of this Movie on DVD for my father-in-law [father's day you know] I was looking for a copy of the 1952 version of "Les Miserables" I found a copy on Amazon as a US import but it's not PAL and it's REGION 1 so will not play on his DVD So I found it available to buy on iTunes and bought it. Of course as it's DRM I can't just copy it. So what's the easiest way of converting this so I can stick it on a DVD so he can watch it? Best regards Phil (yep I know it's not right...)
  9. PhilCunningham

    Can't mount external drive

    Thanks for that: I had just bought disk warrior and even before I had chance to use it the drive came to life. Phew I really should pay attention to Adam backup backup backup and more backup Cheers Phil
  10. PhilCunningham

    Automator not working in SL

    Anybody having problems with Automator not working in Snow Leopard? Phil C
  11. PhilCunningham

    Can't mount external drive

    Got a SmartDisk (SOHO NAS) that sounds like it's trying to spin-up. It was working OK last week. I've always had problems trying to mount it but as I've just bought a new 1TB drive it's just decided to pack up. Anyone know of any free mac OS software that I could try to resolve the problem? I'm using USB to connect to it. Any pointers would be appreciated. Best regards Phil Cunningham
  12. PhilCunningham

    VNC iPhone to MAC

    Thanks for that. I will give it a try.
  13. PhilCunningham

    VNC iPhone to MAC

    Have installed Jaadu App on my iPhone Have opened up the ports on my router Have enabled Apple Remote Desktop and Remote Login in sys prefs Have downloaded the Jaadu Connection App and run it. No success Have tried to contact Jaadu support through their web site but email keeps coming back. Can anyone help? Best regards Phil
  14. PhilCunningham

    iPhone display fault

    I wondered if anyone else has this same display fault. I recently downloaded the FREE iPhone app mylite. Mylite has a feature which shows the complete iPhone screen as white. I noticed the display had a very slightly darker shape on the display about midway down the screen. There is also a light pinpoint in the top left corner and mottling towards the top of the display. These marks are NOT on the glass. Are these faults going to get worse? Should I take my iPhone back to the store to get it changes. (iPhone was bought in January)
  15. PhilCunningham

    Bad night for the iPhone

    I think 70,000 units sounds a little on the high side to me. CEO of 02 is reported to have said that "100,000 being bought were exaggerated." he also said that "tens of thousands" were bought through O2 stores over the weekend. So anywhere between 20,000 and the 70,000 is more likely Mark Erskin CEO of O2 said the target for sales by Christmas was 200,000 Phil:)