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  1. Hi, We live in Hong Kong and recently signed up for a 1000Mb/sec internet plan. When they installed the modem (and i believe it is just a modem) I plugged my MBP into the modem with a CAT 6 cable, and was achieving 800-900 Mb/sec DL and about 600 Mb/sec UL speed. I then plugged the modem into my Airport Extreme (4th Gen Time Capsule) using the CAT 6 cable, then plugged my MBP into the AE with another CAT 6 cable and now get 150 Mb/sec DL and about the same for UL. I've seen threads on the Apple forums about this speed drop but does anyone here have any suggestions as to why it's doing it or how I can fix it? I have seen on the packaging of other router brands that they have a max throughput, some around 900 Mb/sec but most are generally lower. I can't seems o find out what the max throughput of the AE is? Look forward to any advice, Cheers Glenn
  2. Hi, Wonder if someone can shed some light on this. I ran a utility called "namebench" to determine if i could speed up our internet connection. With the results in hand, do I put these DNS settings into the router or the computer? I did put them in the router to begin with, then when i went to run "namebench" again, it auto populated the current DNS setting with what was in the computer (which hadn't been altered). I assumed the DNS it would be using or sensing would be the ones from the router? I travel a lot between countries and so if i set this in the computer, i need to keep removing them when i leave my home, then back again when i return home. Cheers
  3. Waldo Pepper

    DNS on the router or the computer?

    So it's safe to say then that regardless of what you have set in your system prefs on the computer, If the router has specific DNS addresses it will use those?
  4. Hi, I'm considering purchasing the Henge Dock for my MBA (I previously had one for the MBP). Once installed in the HengeDock you still only have 1 Thunderbolt port. I was planning on having a HDD connected via Thunderbolt but would like to use a wired internet connection when at home. So I need more than one Thunderbolt port. Does anyone know if you can plug the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter into a dock? or does it have to be directly into the computer? I read that to use it you need to download a driver. Thank you
  5. Hi, I'm going to ditch the Apple podcast app as it's driving me crazy. I used to be able to listen to podcasts one after the other in order and now they stop at the end of the episode and repeat! I can't find any settings to change this. As there are so many podcast apps out there I was hoping to narrow it down a bit and get some suggestions off of people in this community. My requirements are pretty simple, I only listen to Adam's Maccast but sometimes I might end up 4-5 episodes behind before I get to listen to them. I need to be able to start it off and then each podcast plays in sequence. Cheers Glenn
  6. Hi, It's been a few years since I did this but i'm planning on a clean install of 10.9. My question is about iMovie. I have a clone of my computer using superduper. After the new install of 10.9, can i just copy the 5 iMovie folders that are automatically placed in my Movies folder (on the old installation) into the same position on the new installation and then open iMovie? Will iMovie find these folders? I was planning on installing 10.9, installing my current iMovie from the iLife disk and then upgrading to the new version of iMovie. I know you can move the source files from within iMovie itself but i'm more interested in the other bits (Projects/Sharing etc). Any thoughts? iPhoto/iTunes are easier to move about but i've not heard/seen anything regarding moving iMovie files. Thanks Glenn
  7. Waldo Pepper

    AppleTV and the HDCP Error

    Hi, There is a huge topic over at the Apple Communities but I thought i'd ask here as I always get great responses and fixes. Occasionally I used to get this error on my Apple TV 2. I used to just restart it and it would then go for weeks before having to do it again. Something happened recently or something changed because as of about 2 weeks ago my Apple TV is almost useless with anything that streams. I can watch content through iTunes (Home sharing) no problem, but when I try to access Netflix, Hulu, or stream via Airplay I get this dreaded error "This content requires HDCP". I've changed the HDMI cable, swapped the cable around, connect directly to the TV etc and nothing seems to work! The ATV is connected via ethernet to the Time Capsule. The TC is using 7.6.4 which was just updated a few days ago (I was hoping there would be a fix in the update). Anybody else having this issue with the ATV? Cheers Glenn
  8. Waldo Pepper

    AppleTV and the HDCP Error

    The TV is about 8 years old (Pioneer PDP-435HDG, 43" Plasma). I've had the ATV2 plugged in to it and working great for years. This is what is perplexes me, nothing has changed, yet all of a sudden I cannot view Netflix, Hulu, or Airplay anything! The only thing I can do is watch content that is stored in iTunes. I have 3 HDMI cables in the cupboard, I've tried all of them, switched them around etc to no avail. I'm starting to wonder if something has happened to the TV tuner? Cheers Glenn
  9. Waldo Pepper

    Additional monitor resolution

    Thanks guys, all up and running with an LG 23" DVI-D/HDMI.
  10. Waldo Pepper

    Additional monitor resolution

    Just a question about resolution. I'd like to get an external monitor for my wife's MBP (mid 2010). I currently use an old 23" apple display which has a resolution of 1920x1200. 1. When shopping around where I live (Hong Kong) I can only find LED TVs that are 1920x1080, not specifically computer monitors. Will this slightly different resolution affect the end result? Will it be squashed? 2. Do I need the dual link DVI? Or is just the mini display to DVI ok? Thanks for any help
  11. Hi, I have found an old members podcast that i wanted to re-download. I went to the maccast site and downloaded the episode from the members section and imported it into iTunes. The problem is that it appears in it's own folder in the podcast section. So when I view all my subscribed podcasts I have 2 folders now for the maccast. I've looked at the file and can't see any difference in the metadata between the re-downloaded podcast file and all the other podcast files that are in the other folder. Ideally I'd like the re-downloaded podcast to be in the same folder as all the other maccast podcasts. Can anyone help?
  12. Waldo Pepper

    Importing an old podcast into iTunes

    The media kind for the file is podcast already. It appears in the podcast section in iTunes but as a different "show". Looking at the metadata, the "show" names are both listed as "maccast". ?
  13. Now that I know what the term was "Reservations" I found it in the Aug 2012 podcast. Thanks for giving me the clue. Glenn
  14. As the title says, sometime this year Adam put out a podcast about how to setup your router and computer to use fixed IP's on your home network. This is so that even when I go away for a few days and then come back, the router will reserve the IP address for just my computer. I've searched through the maccast main site and can't seem to find the podcast that it was in. Anybody remember? Cheers Glenn
  15. Yes, I am a member, I'll go and have a look at those now. Thanks Glenn
  16. Waldo Pepper

    ITunes Script or App for Entering Metadata

    For a while I used "VideoMonkey" but it kept crashing, and I couldn't add files by dragging them to the window I had to use the FILE menu command etc. Anyway, it sent me looking and I found a fantastic app called iDentify. I downloaded it from the App store and almost immediately upgraded to the paid version it was so good. It searches both the IMDB, TMDB, and TVDB and is successful almost every time. The only files that it couldn't retrieve data from were movies (old ones) but if you do a search in IMDB manually with a browser and then copy and paste the IMDB code into iDentify, it retrieves all the metadata. It only accepts iTunes ready files, so I just use Handbrake. Once the metadata is written you can have it send the file straight to iTunes. Hope this helps, Cheers Glenn P.S. I just realised you were referring to music files? I was talking about TV and Movie files. Sorry for the confusion!
  17. Waldo Pepper

    Replacement for Mobile Me Gallery?

    Hi, I live abroad from the rest of my family and have for years used the old MobileMe gallery functions. Everything was easy, I could use iPhoto to upload images, and use iMovie to upload movies of the kids growing up. Access to the page was easy and images and videos were in the same place. The people that access this media are in their 70's so things need to be relatively easy. Has anyone found a good solution to this yet? I've tried YouTube which is easy from iMovie, Flickr (but people need to sign up before they can see your pics) and was thinking about Picasa (but you need to download additional software). Surely there must be a site somewhere that can do both movies & images and be integrated with the iLife suite? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Glenn
  18. Hi, My wife's MBP is seriously running short on HDD space and so I want to have a look at which files she might be able to archive off the computer. I remember there was an application that tells you the size of all the files and where they are, and lists them in order of size. I just can't remember the name of it! Thanks Glenn
  19. Waldo Pepper

    App to tell me where my big files are

    Lets not talk about the old days, my kids don't even know what a "CD" is! Thanks for the tips, I ended up using "Space Gremlin" but after having a look at DaisyDisk, I like the look of the UI. Cheers
  20. Waldo Pepper

    Airport Extreme slowing down my connection

    Thanks John, I'll have a try at making these soon. Glenn
  21. Waldo Pepper

    Airport Extreme slowing down my connection

    Thanks John, I might try a new cable. As said in my previous post, I live in Hong Kong and there isn't much in terms of "quality products" here. It's more a case of get it done as cheaply as possible and pass it off as "good work". In this case, I bought cables which were labelled as Cat 6, but there is nothing printed on the cable shielding, as is the normal case. It wouldn't surprise me if it's CAT 5 or lower! I have bought a length of CAT 6 cable with boots and connectors so I will try and make my own for a test. Do you know of a website with some good easy-to-follow diagrams on how to wire the connectors? Cheers Glenn
  22. Waldo Pepper

    Remembering the password

    Hi, I couldn't find if this has been discussed here but previously I had said "no" to my iPad remembering a username/password. I want to now change that for only 1 of the sites I visit. How can I do this? There only seems to be a reset function that resets al of the password data in which case I would have to enter all my passwords again. Glenn
  23. Waldo Pepper

    British Apple TV in States

    Hi, I live in Hong Kong, and my previous ATV1 was from Australia and my new ATV2 is from the U.K. Both work fine. When I started up the ATV2, the "Store" country defaults to your current location. I just changed this to the U.S. Store and it all works perfectly. There is also a setting for time zone, which I changed to Hong Kong and it doesn't make a difference to the operation. Hope this helps.
  24. Hi, I'm having some issues with my HDD and are considering replacing it. I have a MBP and when I open the lid there is a small clicking sound (only 1 click) coming from the HDD. My wife has the same computer and hers doesn't do this. Anyway, I had the shutdown screen today (the one in all the different languages) and it took me quite a few restarts to get it going. I eventually had to restart in "Recovery" mode and repair the HDD. I feel that this is the beginning of the end for this HDD. I have a current Time Machine backup. If I pull out the current HDD and put in a new one, it will need to be formatted etc. The only way I can see to do this is to put in the original DVD (OSX 10.6.3) that came with the computer and format the HDD and then install the OS. Then I would have to re-download OSX 10.7 and install. Is this correct? Is there a way to install 10.7 without having to do the 1st step of installing 10.6? Cheers Glenn
  25. Waldo Pepper

    Mounting the external HDD

    Hi, If I have the external HDD mounted and then I unmount it, Is there a way to mount it again from within the OS rather than having to physically pull the FW cable out and plug it back in? Thanks Glenn