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  1. godsmac

    Apple Wireless Mouse

    Apple Wireless Mouse - just 4-5 months old. Obviously works and looks like new. $40 including S&H or email me an offer - mail@taviano.com. Payment accepted at http://www.taviano.com/paypal Thanks - Gabe
  2. Just seeing if anyone's interested in purchasing a 4th generation iPod (20gb photo). I have the original packaging, AC adaptor, USB cable, etc. I would ship two leather cases with protective screens (one black and one brown) with it. It's in great shape and I still use it a little today. Let me know what you would pay......was thinking around $130 + $15 shipping for everything?
  3. godsmac

    A list of Mac Podcasts

    God's Mac [website] [feed] Thanks again to Adam for being on our podcast!
  4. godsmac

    God's Mac Podcast

    Thanks for the compliment! We're actually looking at converting it from an entirely Flash-based site to using the modxcms.com CMS to make things more seamless and for future revision purposes (easier to apply the content to a new look and feel using a CMS than it is with Flash and XML). Thanks for taking the time to visit as well!
  5. godsmac

    God's Mac Podcast

    Just thought I would let all the MacCast fans know that we are now on our 7th episode over at www.godsmac.com We had the privilege of having Adam over on the show on episode #5. Let us know what you think. Thanks for your time!
  6. godsmac


    Great job Adam! Looks like a great forum!