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    Feel let down by Apple Support...Looking for information

    Yah, I was tired ranting last night. Thanks for both pointing out the repeats and your advice. Personally I love the AEBS, and wouldnt dare to compare it to any other wireless router. Heck even in David Pogues test it was the only "N" router to perform at "N" speeds. Whats even funnier is I sold two other guys on the AEBS while I was at the Apple store looking at mine! They had seen me inspecting the refurb and started asking me questions about it. After about 5 minutes of telling them about the features the first guy grabbed one and went right to checkout. I saw the second guy grab his later while I was looking at the new iPods. Maybe I need to be an Apple Sales rep!
  2. Mopar_Dan

    Feel let down by Apple Support...Looking for information

    Quick Update for ya'll. I picked up the "New" extreme today. Im a little dissapointed because the exchange was not very informative. From what I could pry out of the genius Im guessing that the one I recieved was a refurb. I was expeting to get handed a box or somthing, instead I got handed a plastic wrapped basestation. Kinda left a cheap taste, after bringing my entire basestation in the box it came with still in great condition. Its up and running right now and I had to update the firmware since it was running 7.1. The good news is that its been working fine so far. (Hmmm maybe it wasnt interference after all ) Im happy its working, just upset that Apple didnt quite live up to its rep and that I feel like going to Wall mart would have been better. Thanks for letting me rant! Dan EDIT: Last minute question. Does anyone know if Apple has something like a "Customer Care" or "Suggestion line"? I wanted to suggest they change thier policy concerning the actual new models. Thanks! Dan
  3. Mopar_Dan

    Feel let down by Apple Support...Looking for information

    Sounds like good advice, thanks! It'll be nice to get a new/refurb one just to get rid of the WIFI drop. Dan
  4. Mopar_Dan

    Feel let down by Apple Support...Looking for information

    I was actually told by the genius that they were not able to ship the new one to me, even though I dont live local to the Apple store. So is it likley Ill get a refurb unit instead of a new one? That still doesnt seem right, I paid for a new unit when I bought it. Now I guess Ide be happy as long as thier arent any visual or mechanical defects. It just seems that if I paid for a new unit from the start, that I should get a new unit for reeplacment. See here's part of my problem, with 2 of the people I spoke with I get this vibe that I'm the one somehow crazy for thinking that my WIFI dropping out for 15 minutes randomly is a big deal. Almost like Im trying to get a new AEBS for some other reason....I dunno if they think Im trying to get the gigabit ports or what. I dont even need them, my goal is 100% wireless. Im 50% there, but cant if the wifi doesnt act right. Its just that feeling that I could have bought any other router from somewhere like walmart, walked in and told them it was having a problem it and wanted an exchange. Gotten my exchange and walked out same day. I didnt want anyother router, but point in case, it would have been easier to exchange.
  5. Hey everybody, Ive got a concern with Apples support system and wanted to see if anybody might have any good advice/information. So almost 2 months ago I started having issues with my Airport Extreme (N) dropping my connection for about 10-15 minutes solid. Well it progressively got worse till it was guarenteed to do it atleast 1-2 times a day. The catch is it would only drop the connection on the 2.4ghz band. My first thought was some sort of interference, and I started cycling the AEBS through several channels, locations in the house, you name it I probebly tried it. The conncetion would always be fine on eith 5ghz or hardline when the 2.4ghz was out. So after not being able to work it out myself I called Apple care, and they went through several tests/resets/setting changes. Nothing worked. I called Applecare 4 times trying to see how they could help me out. 3 of the 4 times I felt comfortable with the rep I was speaking with. The one time I wasnt, I felt as though I was being treated as if my suspetions about it being an issue with the router and not interference were being ignored and that I was not a priorty. The last guy I spoke with finally confirmed for me that I had tried everything possible to isolate any problem and that I would need to take it to see a genious. Now I live about an hour and half away from the nearest Apple store, but its in a mall and my wife didnt mind. Once I met with the genius, he confirmed for me just as the last rep from apple care did, that I had tried everything I could and that it didnt "appear" to be an interference issue. This brings me to why Im a bit confuzed.... When he told me that I could get a replacement (which personnally I dont care if it repaired or replaced) he said that I would have to come back in 3-4 days when it comes in because it had to be ordered. I asked if they had any I could possibley get now since I would have to drive the 1 1/2 hours to get back just to pick up the new one, to which he told me that they were out. Sounded like my best bet, so I thanked him and went to look at the iPhone. Well as I was looking at the iPhone I noticed there had to be at least 7-8 Airport Extremes sitting on the shelf by the printers??? So I went to ask the genius if I could possible just get one of the ones on that shelf, thinking he hadent noticed them there. Thats when I was told that those could not be used for service exchanges......something about the stores stock and service stock???? Am I nuts for thinking this is an INSANE policy??? I have to drive back there 3-4days later to pick up an ordered replacment when 8 are sitting right on the shelf? I just dont feel that thats the best customer service policy. I could of bought any other router out at Wallmart and gotten an exchange same day and not even had to visit with a Genius. Plus its not like I live right next to that store, I have to make the trip just to pick a new one up. I think Im just confused, Ive always been told that Apples support is top notch, all about the customer. It honestly makes my leary about how they would take care of something alot more expensive than an router. Ok sorry to vent a little, theres more detail to the whole thing. But I figured cliffs would be best. Thanks Dan
  6. Mopar_Dan

    iTunes sold out????

    Well, It looks like there was a server hickup. My wife got it downloaded the other day. Thanks for the feedback guys! Dan
  7. Mopar_Dan

    iTunes sold out????

    Has anyone seen this in iTunes before? My wife tried to purchase a album last week and was unable. I sent an "bug report" to Apple support. But after a week its still no go. Anyone else seen this? Thanks, Dan
  8. Mopar_Dan

    iTunes Pricing? How is it determined?

    I had to Google MPAA there. So this MPAA are the ones that set the pricing for all movies? Isnt that technically "price fixing", like what some of the memory makers recently got in trouble for?
  9. I'm probebly a somewhat average iTunes user as I normally just download music and podcasts. Now Ive noticed while Ive been looking around that alot of the newer movies are costing around $15us. Im a bit baffled why it costs so much when alot of DVDs are now costing around $13.99. As far as I understand, the iTunes movies are a compressed 640X480video with 2 channel audio. Compare that to full 720x480 quality with 5.1 channel surround and some extra features. So maybe theres more to the movies that I dont know about, but the prices right now seem to be a bit much for a movie to me. Is there something I dont know?? Dan
  10. Mopar_Dan

    8gb black nano not playing entire songs

    mine did that once. All I did was remove the song from the ipod, uplug it from itunes, reconnect and reput the song back on the ipod. Worked like a charm for me. Dan
  11. Mopar_Dan

    Airport Extreme W/ PC only household

    I discovered today that I need to correct some misinformation on my review. When I had listed degraded signal strength as a con, I had not concidered the fact that I was running 802.11A and not 802.11G as I had been previously. I decided to go with 802.11A because of the number of 802.11G networks in my area. Well as I had read earlier today. One of the drawbacks of 802.11A is that it does not have as good of range as 802.11G. as it turns out, I switched my Airport Extreme to 802.11G and BAM! My signal strength shot right up to -62db, -10db even better than my previous motorolla. So as it turns out my one "con" for this thing was actually my own assumption that 802.11A did everything 802.11G did, but on the 5ghz freq. scale. At least I had good news! Dan
  12. Thanks for the input guys. Sounds like Im in better shape just leaving it on. I appreciet the feedback! Dan
  13. Im curious about ya'lls thoughts on leaving my new Airport express on 24/7 or if I should turn it off at night? My last router was hooked up to a wall switch that I had turned off at night. The only problem I could think of is we get the occasional power outtage around these parts that usually cause some rapid on/off conditions. I was thinking that my new AE might be better off, plugged into the UPS and left on 24/7 as opposed to getting power cycled every night and then power outages. But to be honest Im not that sure. Anybody have some advice?? Thanks! Dan
  14. Mopar_Dan

    Is there a serious problem with apple power bricks?

    So it looks like they may have had a fix for a while and its just working its way around to those folks who had the earlier models. Hows yours holding up?
  15. PC World Top 25 PC's of all time I counted 5 Apples total. Dan EDIT: I just relized this was from Sep. last year. Sorry if its a repost!