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  1. sebaz

    Lets make Macs faster!

    -Here's a small tip. Open up System Preferences, click on Energy Saver. -Click on the Options tab, and set the Processor Performance to: Highest. Now be advised, for laptops this will shorter you battery life, so it's a better idea to set the "Highest" setting to just work when you have your mac recharging.
  2. sebaz

    The amazing undeletable file !!!!

    try doing a secure empty trash can from the finder, as isaiah1112 said. Click on the finder menu, then select secure empty trash. Believe it or not, this has cure many files in use can't delete errors.
  3. sebaz

    Anyone have the new iMac?

    Wow great buys there I must say. Are you getting the bluetooth keyboard/mouse, or you just prefer the ones that come with the imac? Regardless, awesome choices *thumbs up*
  4. sebaz

    output audio balance

    This has been a recurring bug since 10.2 if I remember correctly. It's a shame this hasn't been fix yet. Maybe in 10.5? Or the bug will disappear with the mactels?
  5. Kinda unrelated, but from the look of things the Firewire bus speed in the G5s (even on the dual cores) is a lot slower, even when compared to the FW speed in a powerbook. Just wanted to drop that in there, food for thought.
  6. A small 6 minutes vidcast that overviews Front Row. This is Front Row running on a 12 in. 1.33 Ghz. PowerBook G4, using a Sony Ericsson T616 with a custom made Plug-In for Romeo to control it. A quick rundown of Front Row features. iPod video compatible. http://voidin.blogspot.com/2005/10/void-in...es-vidcast.html I know the audio quality is kinda sucky, but what can you do. Low budget stuff. I'll try to get a me a stand-alone mic that doesn't pic the powerbook's fan noise. Well hope you guys enjoy it.
  7. To update you on this story and give it a Hollywood like ending I must say my buddy is BACK!! :shock: Quoting from my blog post here.. To say the least, Im shocked and happy to have him back . Boy did it feel weird not having him around lol.
  8. In between the past few months the clicking noise on my 3rd Gen. 20 gig iPod grew more and more evident. Ever since that drop inside my bookbag back in January I guess my buddy was fighting death himself with each ongoing week. The clicking when the HDD spun up, and the sound of something "loose" inside when you shaked it a bit, were all a signs of the evident, my buddy was going to quit on me. Yesterday I went ahead and synch Twit to my iPod and notice extremely long times when transferring files. The clicking of the HDD was even more evident. Well I guess it finally went through and I got to listen to Twit yesterday night on my iPod. This morning, I tried verifying the the disk using Disk utility and it checked out alright. So i formatted the HD and proceeded to restore my iPod with the latest iPod firmware. The restoring process took ages, and the clicking of the HD was again present. Reset it by hand, since I couldn't eject it because it was in-use. Lo-and behold the folder with exclamation point. Reset, restore, reset, same deal. Diagnostic menus, turning off on. So i decided to just plug it back in iTUunes and sync it up when I got this error. Yup my buddy is dead. As well as reporting that my ipod has version 1.0 of the firmware, been unmountable, and many other errors. Warranty is no option. Replacing the HD may be, but at 100+ bucks and waiting it for it to get here since I'm in Argentina its a bummer. So im thinking of getting a nano to replace it eventually, or wait and see the new 5th Gen ipods. Truly a sad day, for my buddy.
  9. ...Well this is my take on how iTunes would like, lets say if you were running it on a Sony Ericsson T616. Pretty far fetched idea I know, but I liked how it turned out to be. My Blog Post
  10. sebaz

    i have 15 inch pb..

    Ok here it is just for you...a big cookie: But hey good machine you got there :wink:
  11. I guess they are finally coming, some Mac updates. Powerbooks/PowerMac next? One can only hope. Note worthy the Minis may be getting a videocard update finally! From AppleInsider
  12. sebaz

    Free PowerBook?

    I'll tell you what I have a 12 in. Powerbook and a Dual 2.0 PowerMac G5. By the most part I used my powerbook, for web design, image editing etc. I may then transfer them to the PowerMac if I need work with them there, which is the rare occasion. Right now I'm working on a web site from the comfort of laying down on my bed, can't do that with my G5 lol. I mostly use my G5 for tasks, where I know my PowerBook will tend to struggle a little, be it iMovie, iDVD, or just playing in Garageband or Ableton Live. By the most part a laptop mac is capable of doing whatever you may want to do, from whatever place you want to do it from.
  13. sebaz

    Free PowerBook?

    Oh man deep inside I have always wanted a 15 in. Ti PowerBook, congrats lol. You know the speed of it? By the most part I say that managing photos, web surfing, and other tasks shouldn't be an issue. Again, all depends on the speed of the G4 processor, and the ammount of Ram
  14. sebaz

    Which Mac Mini config is more powerful?

    I will tell you this much, OSX loves RAM. The more RAM you have the better. From the look of things I would say the 1.25 with 512. However, even then I would look into upgrading to a Gig of RAM. In short the small discrepancy of speed, is not all that important as is the amount of RAM the machine has. I do Dreamweaver/Photoshop and a bit of Flash on my 1.33 Powerbook with 768 RAM and it runs well. I have never have had an issue.
  15. sebaz

    Major New iMac G5 Problem

    Sorry to hear about your problems with your imac man. As for XP been more stable, Im a network admin MCSE dude, and I have to tell you at home i only run OSX on my macs and I just keep an XP box for constant virus def. updating, patching and playing HL2 and some other games. You haven't added any new RAM to the machine correct? If you have I'll just pop the new stick out and see if it works fine. Then you can narrow it down a bad a stick of RAM. You have a hardware test CD, i wold try running that and see if it fails any of the tests. Pop in the CD, restart and hold C. Run the extended version, at whicch point your iMac fans will kick at max speed, but just bear with that until the test finish. Worse case, and I would do this first, is call Apple care again, tell then your issues, tell them that their solution wasn't working and you want a stable fully working system. Again be calm, and all that from the sounds of things you may have to get your midplane board replace (motherboard). In which case you can send it to Apple, and have them do it. Replace it yourself, or take it to your local Apple store/Apple repair place near you. If you want to do it yourself here are some ics, so you get use to what you may encounter http://www.mrbill.net/photos/imacmidplane/ Again, I would call Applecare again, tell then your system is still acting flakey. Demand to speak to a higher up tech, if necessary and take it from there. Best of luck man, hopefully everything works out.