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    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    Unfortunately they did it at the cost of the Hard Drive speed. I love every thing about this new MacBook Pro except that there is no option for a 7200 RPM disk. I understand that the only way to get a 200GB drive in a laptop is to use a slower spinning drive to 4200RPM , but they should give an option for a lower capacity 7200RPM drive like they used to There is no reason to only have options at 5400RPM in the 100-120 range. I think it's going to be problematic for a lot of people doing video work who don't want to carry around a large external drive just to work on a couple small video clips.
  2. Has anyone noticed that the iTunes Store separated the South Park (Comedy Central) Season 10 into two seasons? Apparently the season started last spring and went on hiatus over the summer after 7 episodes. It is just now starting up again with new episodes. A number of people that bought a Season pass earlier and expected to get all the episodes made this year are now complaining that they only got the first 7 episodes, and now the iTunes store is referring to the current episodes being produced as part of "Season 10B" and therefore you have to get a separate season pass for those episodes.
  3. kb2zuz

    Terminal Easter egg!

    Dead end You are at a dead end of a dirt road. The road goes to the east. In the distance you can see that it will eventually fork off. The trees here are very tall royal palms, and they are spaced equidistant from each other. There is a shovel here. >look tree They are palm trees with a bountiful supply of coconuts in them. >shake tree You begin to shake a tree, and notice a coconut begin to fall from the air. As you try to get your hand up to block it, you feel the impact as it lands on your head. You are dead. You have scored 0 out of a possible 90 points.
  4. kb2zuz

    convert mp3's to midi's

    You cannot convert them to midi (MIDIs actually have the notes of the music programmed in them, and the files contain no actual audio) However if your phone can play mp3 ringtones, you can make the mp3s smaller. First open the file in garage band, turn on "cycling" and place a cycling selection around a 30 second or less clip (your phone never rings for more than 30 seconds anyway) then share it into iTunes, and convert it into an mp3 again (change your import preferences to a lower quality mp3 setting for smaller size)