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  1. What is the best way to sync Contacts and Calendars on my iPhone 6.01 to My Mac 10.6.8

  2. tomad

    Mac Defender Scam??

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate. Tom
  3. tomad

    Mac Defender Scam??

    Today This so called antivirus SW came into my wife's Mac. What is the best way to remove it? I think I got rid of it going to activity monitor, killing the process then, trashing the Application. But wondering if it somehow still exists or I should do more.
  4. tomad

    Jail Break 1st gen iPhone into iPhone Touch

    Perfectamundo, thank you so much man, it works great.
  5. tomad

    Jail Break 1st gen iPhone into iPhone Touch

    OK, sounds good, so I' m going to pop the old SIM out of my 3G S into my old first gen set it up, pop the SIM out and back into my 3G S and then I'm good to go. The first gen will sync to the computer I set it up on, like an iPod Touch, and the 3G S will sync to it's computer like a normal iPhone as before, right?
  6. tomad

    Jail Break 1st gen iPhone into iPhone Touch

    Graham, I had reset the phone, erasing all contacts and settings. So now It's an empty phone that want's AT&T activation before It will do anything. Seems like I need to jail break it.
  7. Hello, I have a 3G S, great love it. I want to jail break my old 1st Gen iPhone and give it to my daughter to use as a "no phone but all other features iPhone touch" you might say. What is the best jail break and way to go about that? Thanks, Tom
  8. Hello and Happy New Year. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a microphone that might work in the following situation. My daughter is in medical school and is looking for a Mic to plug into her Powerbook so that she can record her professors lectures. Any suggestions as to what might work well would be much appreciated. Her professors are on a PA system and thus can be heard well anywhere in the very large classroom. I don't believe there is very much background noise as all the students are intently listening to the lecture. Thanks, Tom
  9. tomad

    2 DVDs stuck in iMac G5

    My Gradnson inserted 2 DVDs into an iMac G5. Is it possible to somehow get them out, or must the iMac go in for service? Restarting will not eject them. Thanks, Tom