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  1. I'm looking for a companion program for the free PlainText app. This app uses a folder in Dropbox, and makes it easy to edit notes in that folder. It would be nice to have a program on the Mac that uses the same folder and has the same interface, like Noted (http://noted.finotto.org/), but Noted doesn't use Dropbox and hasn't got a global search field. You can ofcourse use programs like TextEdit, but then you have to open and save everytime you switch between notes.
  2. Maurice

    Tweet a PDF file on the iPhone

    On a Mac with Dropbox it is even simpler, copy your file to the Public folder in the Dropbox folder and right-click to get the URL. From another forum I know now how to do it on the iPhone with GoodReader: - In Mail, open the PDF in GoodReader - In GoodReader, navigate to the 'Connect to Servers' section, and connect to Dropbox - Find the Public folder and upload your PDF file - In Dropbox, navigate to the Public folder and select the PDF file - Copy the public link - In your twitter client, write your tweet and paste the link Job done! Well, it takes some steps, but it is at least possible...
  3. Maurice

    Tweet a PDF file on the iPhone

    I want to tweet a PDF file I received as a email attachment, is there a way to do that without using another device than the iPhone? I have Dropbox and Evernote, but is there a way to get the PDF to the public folder of Dropbox? Or is there another way to get this done?
  4. Maurice

    internet problems on imac g3

    On the settings in OS9, I think you have to provide the correct nameserver in the TCP/IP settings, OS9 will not detect it.
  5. Maurice

    internet problems on imac g3

    I'm pretty sure that is the wrong RAM. I've just bought 3 of those old iMacs (233, 266 and 333 MHz), all with 160 MByte RAM; I'm not completely sure, but that is as much as they'll take, there is only one memory slot beside the 32 MByte that is soldered in. With 160 MByte of RAM, it is easy to install Panther, runs quite well, surfing and listening to music works well, video (like flash) is a bit too much. You can install a standard harddrive, but if it it's larger than 8 GByte you have to partition, the primary partition may not be larger than that. I wouldn't bother if I were you, 6 GByte should be plenty for non video applications. I was pleasantly surprised by how usefull these 9 year old Macs turned out to be (they were very cheap, 10-50 euro), and they feature 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, but no DVD or FireWire, and USB 1.1; if you want to transfer data use Ethernet. Memory upgrade is a bit tricky, you have to disassemble the iMac; but there are good tutorials on the Web.
  6. Maurice

    Internet sharing using airport

    Well, that may be so, but I still find it strange that Apple doesn't provide WPA on the sharing option. Can you recommend a 'dirt cheap' router that works well with Airport?
  7. Maurice

    Network Storage

    You can also use a LaCie Network drive, works great with Macs, and no FAT32, Gigabit too... http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10882 http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10843
  8. I have a mini connected by ethernet to a router, and I want to share the internet connection with an iBook using Airport. With sharing this can be done easily, but is there a special reason why I can only choose the (worthless) WEP-security, and not WPA? With WEP you can't leave the connection on permanently, it's just too insecure, so I have to turn it on when I really need it, and then not forget to turn it off again. Is this a ploy by Apple to force us to buy a separate Airport-express? Another problem is that the iBook is not on the local network, it can't find the shared iTunes-library of another mini connected to the local wired network, a problem also solved in the Airport-express. Is there a way to overcome these problems or am I forced to buy a wireless router of some sort? I use wireless not often, so I don't want to do that.
  9. Maurice

    How to capture streaming video? ...

    VLC should be able to do it, although it is often hard to figure out which URL to give it. I never got it working...
  10. Maurice

    File and Folder Compare

    I'm looking for a simple utility to compare 2 folders (each file must be read and tested) to check if a folder copy went well. I search thoroughly, but couldn't find a free utility that does just that. On OS9, I had such a utility as part of a CD-burning program. Any ideas?
  11. You can import a complete folder listing in a textfile with TextWrangler (http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler/): open a new textfile an choose Edit -> Insert -> Folder Listing. All files and subfolders are listed. Does anyone know a free alternative to DiskTracker or Disk Library?
  12. Maurice

    Can Intel Macs boot from USB?

    I want to boot in flash, that's not feasable (cheaply) in FireWire unfortunately. Pity that the booting process is that slow in USB...
  13. I read this on the SuperDuper site: Does this mean Intel Macs can boot from USB? If so, has anyone tried to boot from a USB stick (a minimal installation of Tiger is less than 2 GByte)?
  14. I'm still using Panther, and mostly for one reason, the file search. I have about half a million files and folders that I search regularly on file and folder names. I need the same simple search option in Tiger (without Spotlight looking in the contents of files), but it looks like I have to jump through many hoops each time I want that. Is there a simple (and free) solution to my problem?