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  1. Don Davis

    Shared photo printer G4 and Intel Macs

    1st response was in e-mail form and didn't address the solutions, only that shared on a PPC Mac to an Intel Mac wouldn't work. I had to call and be transferred up to Level 2 to get the full answer.
  2. Don Davis

    Shared photo printer G4 and Intel Macs

    With help from Level 2 Support at Epson, here are 2 solutions: 1. Photo printers can be shared from Intel Macs to PPC Macs, but not vice versa. 2. Photo printers can be connected to an Airport Express or Extreme. Then each Mac, PPC/Intel, will use it's own driver. I tested #2 using my Airport Express and the 2200 worked as advertised. Good luck and good printing!
  3. Don Davis

    Shared photo printer G4 and Intel Macs

    Must be as Epson Tech Support says that the 2200 wil not work as a photo printer on AX or Airport Extreme.
  4. Don Davis

    Shared photo printer G4 and Intel Macs

    Photo printer functions allow you to select ICC profiles, color management, type of paper, etc. I deleted the OS X print driver and installed the current Epson 2200 driver for Intel Macs. According to Epson Tech Support, the photo printer functions cannot be accessed when sharing between a G4 and Intel Mac. Also, the 2200 will not work as a photo printer when attached to an Airport Express/Extreme. I am asking if anyone has a work around, maybe a GIMP Print driver? Thanks.
  5. I have an Epson 2200 connected by Firewire to a 20 " G4 iMac shared. I just bought a 15" MacBook Pro which cannot use the printer as a photo printer, just print documents. Anyone know of a workaround for this situation? Thanks. Don
  6. Since iPhoto and the new Aperture programs from Apple recognize RAW files, can the ability to view them on 5th Gen iPod's be far behind?