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  1. Hi I Have a FireWire Cable connected to my external video device and i want to display the picture(video) on my mac, what software can i use? Thanks
  2. Hello I have a PC which I want to install the CentOS which I downloaded from the official website, problem is i burnt the ISO with Toast and when i insert the CD into my PC and restart it, it boots but the CD just spins like an airplaine taking off, im guessing its something to do with burning the linux cd on my iMac G4, can anyone tell me a different method to burning this disk. Thanks. GavinT.
  3. hi, what am i doing wrong, i plug in the external usb 2.0 hdd but nothing happens, am i saposed to do something? thanks
  4. GavinT

    screw loose? help

    hi, im not to sure if i have a loose screw in my 20gb ipod, when i turn it upside down it sounds like a screw is moving around, i dont seem to 'yet' and i keep my fingers crossed have any problems, does anyone sugest anything?
  5. GavinT

    Holy Shit!

    Love Apple, Love MacCast :twisted: :wink:
  6. GavinT

    Are you getting a new Mac system?

    I might buy a new one when I can afford it. Right now I am happy with what I have. :wink: Love Apple 4EvA!