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  1. kas187

    printer recommendations

    Hello all, I'm looking to get a new printer which needs to have wifi and ethernet aswell as networking capabilities. Currently i have my eye on the inkjet printers and im open to suggestions for the all in ones as well as the stand alone. I am mac user but the printer also needs to work with windows. Im in the UK and my budget is about £100 max. Any recommendations would be awesome!
  2. I picked up a 32GB ipod touch from my local apple store and im having an issue which im hoping someone might be aware of. I've given the ipod its own static ip address, given it wpa access key and it connects to internet fine. But i start to have problems when i turn on the ipod from being switched off and i expect it to connect to the internet straight away but it doesn't. The wifi settings are showing the ipod is picking up my router with signal bars showing but there's no signal bars in the top left of the ipod and i get an error when i try loading a site in safari. Anybody else experience this problem? Is it a known issue? Any help would be appreciated. kas
  3. I installed xcode 3.1 to see what it was all about but now i want to completely remove it from my system. Whats the safest way to remove it? Can i just delete the Developer folder?
  4. Hi all, I have windows xp running virtually using vmware but i would like to get windows to recognise the built-in isight on my intel imac. I think im missing the necessary drivers. From what i understand i can get the drivers by running bootcamp and burning the drivers cd and running that in windows. is this correct? update: I got it to work. Consider this thread closed.
  5. kas187

    ipodTouch and firmware 2.0

    Thanks for the quick reply apple geek. I think what you said does make sense and it is helpful. This will be my first ipod touch and my 3rd gen has died on me about 3 times already and im currently using my bros spare 5th gen as a temporary measure. I may wait till the end of july to see what happens with regards to the firmware update but to be honest, 2.0 isn't that much of a big deal for me. Sure the app store and the other goodies would be cool and all but i know that my use will mainly be listening to music, video, browsing and email, 2.0 would be a bonus though. Thanks again. kas
  6. Just a quick question. I'm thinking of getting a 32g ipod touch after the launch of iphone3G - which will have the 2.0 firmware. My question is that after July 11 will the ipod touch also come pre-installed with 2.0 firmware or will we have to buy it? kas
  7. kas187

    hosts file - blocking ads

    but how do i get there from the finder?
  8. hI, I'm a recent switcher and on windows i used to block adverts using the hosts file. Where is the hosts file on leopard and how do it? kas
  9. kas187

    file coparison software

    Cool. Ill check out cssedit too. Thanks for the help.
  10. kas187

    file coparison software

    I'm actually a web developer by profession and have already purchased textmate for my needs. I wasn't aware it also did file comparison.
  11. I just bought my very first imac 20" 2.4Ghz and i was wondering if someone can recommend me a file comparison software. I use Winmerge on windows which i find exteremly useful and i would like to get my hands on something similiar for the mac. Any recommendations? Many thanks kas
  12. kas187

    wheres the # on the keyboard

    ah ha, thanks for that joe!
  13. im a web developer and on a daily basis i work with css. Recently i was using my brothers ibook and i couldnt find the # key anywhere? Is it simply not available or just hidden needs activating. Can anybody give me any pointers? I'm considering making an order for a shiney new macbook so it would help me to get this small kink out the way. Many thanks
  14. kas187

    ichat alternative

    hello everybody. im thinking if getting the new macbook but i was wondering if there is an alternative to ichat. I currently use msn messenger with video chat on windows but as far as i know messenger on mac does not support isight. Are there any other alternative solutions or workarounds. kas :roll:
  15. hello all i have a 4th gen ipod and im having problems with the harddrive, bascially it just crashes on me and i lose everything that was on there. Furthermore when i put any media back on it will crash on me when i reach just above 2 gigs in storage and lose everything allover. Whats scary is that i hear clicks form the hardrive which i know isnt good. Coincedently my warrenty has just run out so i cant call apple but is there some windows or mac software avalable which can scan the ipod hardrive and make any error corrections? I know my ipod is pretty much gone bye bye but i need solutions before i decide to buy another. thanks 8)