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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this but thought it was sensible to give the Mods some visibility of this. I'm in the UK and recently rebuilt my machine. I also decided to resubscribe to my podcasts as itunes had got a bit confused. If I go into the UK itunes music store search on MacCast (which it then shows a link for) and try to subscribe to the mac I get the following error: 'Your Request Could Not Be Completed' 'The Item you've requested is not currently available in the UK store' I've verified this with someone on a different IP address so not sure what's going on (I did manage to resubscribe through the direct link on the maccast website) Also I recently haven't been able to access www.maccast.com via work and am given the following message: ACCESS TO URL IS BLOCKED The URL: http://www.maccast.com/ is blocked for the following reason: Access denied by WebWasher DynaBLocator content category. The requested URL belongs to the following category: Malicious Web Sites. Not sure if this is an over zealous firewall policy or if they use a look up and maccast has ended up on it in error Anyway just thought I'd let someone know Cheers Haydn
  2. haydn

    Upgrading ram in powermac G5

    I had some 5300 RAM delivered and it had too many pins and didn't fit my Powermac slots so just check first
  3. haydn

    Mac Mini + Display?

    Absolutely - and another thing - read the label very carefully 'plays 1080p' doesn't mean 'displays 1080p' - if you want to display 1080p then make sure the tube size is 1920*1080 (I think) A computer input is just the better and more flexible option. I use the Mini through HDMI and it's fine even with the compromises, however text in 'desktop mode' as opposed to 'frontrow mode' is horrible whereas I've used computer inputs on Toshiba and Samsung and they look great - a TV with both is the way to go
  4. haydn

    Mac Mini + Display?

    You can set to one of the three however the issue is that the screen size of many many TVs doesn't match any of the HDMI resolutions. I have a Panasonic LCD TV which is capable of recieving a HDMI signal up to 1080i. However the actual screen size is something like 1344 which means that 720p (1280*720) displays with a border. If the TV had a 'computer input' the Mac would recognise it at it's true resolution but if you force the Mac into the tube resolution it goes out of scan because HDMI will only carry three resolutions of which the native size of the screen is one of them. I know that Panasonic is not the only manufacturer in this situation - you can set overscan but then you miss part of the dock and the top bar.
  5. haydn

    Mac Mini + Display?

    There is but it's not an issue with the Mac, it's that HDMI only supports three resolutions - 640p (I think) 720p, 1080p/i - that's the HDMI standard and that's all it'll accept
  6. haydn

    Elgato Turbo.254

    I've thought the elgato reviews have been a bit luke warm and that it's not that much faster than using Handbrake on a decent Mac. I went through this using a Powermac and Mac Mini a few months ago - even with those it took about 10 days on and off to do my entire collection (probably about 200 disks) - it's well worth it though you won't look back
  7. haydn

    Mac Mini + Display?

    Go for a TV with either DVI or analogue (9 pin) connector. I've tried both and they both look very good. I currently have my mini connected to my TV via HDMI, however I wouldn't recommend it as it only supports about 3 resolutions and unless your TV matches one of them you'll have black borders or have to overscan (miss the tops and bottoms of the pictures. Also text on HDMI is poor in my experience whereas a PC type connection provides a better overall picture and scan rate (cause it's designed for PCs rather than consumer devices I guess)
  8. haydn

    Upgrading ram in powermac G5

    You could use crucial's network configurator but I'd just give them a call. They're very helpful and will be able to advise. I recently threw a load of ram in my Powermac and ordered the wrong stuff which they very helpfully exchanged (for half the price of the stuff I'd bought) so they have my confidence.
  9. haydn


    I also use Hamachi to access my parents machine from my Mac (via VNC) - works very well and avoids any port remapping on routers etc.
  10. haydn

    iPod Dock with USB & FireWire

    Yes you can connect both USB and FW to the Mac at the same time. If you insert a USB only iPod, the iPod will flash up that it won't work on FW and then immediately connect to USB - should be no problems I really miss FW on the iPod - USB2 takes forever in comparison
  11. haydn

    Macbook Pro Memory

    Glad to say RAM isn't a factor as I have a stack of it but I don't want anything taking any more than it should
  12. haydn

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    I guess they want to show the 'sexy' stuff and not get it bogged down in the technicalities - that's what all the workshops are for and the keynote is for headline stuff that might mean something to the average joe
  13. haydn

    Macbook Pro Memory

    Last weekend I bought from Crucial for both an iMac and my Powermac G5. The Powermac RAM turned out to be incorrect (despite using the configurator). I rang them up and they informed me that the configurator wasn't explicit enough and I'd chosen the wrong one - 'but don't worry it's good news'. They then informed me that it was no problem to exchange the 2 gigs and the replacement sticks were half the price!). So of course I opted for 4 gigs! They offered to charge again and send straight out (which I took) or wait until I'd returned the ram. So great customer service! I also noticed that having upgraded my Mac Mini about 5 months ago (which cost £150 for 2-1gig memory sticks) the replacement I bought for the iMac at the weekend (same memory) is now £60!! So if you've been put off buying memory a few months ago worth checking again. One of my friends bought a 8 core Mac Pro at the weekend and is now considering stuffing it with max RAM having seen the Crucial prices next to the outrageous Apple prices. Has anyone noticed how hungry Safari is for RAM. It seems to just eat and eat and eat (Safari 2). I use tabbed browsing a lot and it's not unusual to see it use 200mgs+ (up to 700 in the last couple of days). Even closing all tabs down to a single window it still sits there with 200megs usage - is it just me?
  14. haydn

    Good ethernet NAS?

    Although looks like the topic's answered but I'll throw my hat in for the Lacie Ethernet drive. I have two terabyte versions which allow connectivity through USB2 or gigabit ethernet and also allow you to piggy back an additional USB drive off them. Seem good VFM, performance is good (although not as good as FW800) and I share with three Macs including streaming 8 meg bandwidth video from them (DVD quality).
  15. haydn

    Good All-In-One Printer for Mac

    I purchased a HP 5130 all in one device just before Christmas. It's very nice design (looks iMac-cy) good printer, photo draw, scanner and multi card reader along with USB2 and Ethernet connectivity. It was a good price and is economical to run (especially next to the Epson I replaced). No fax but I've not used that for about 7 years. It's an excellent all rounder and the only critisism is the scanner could be a bit better (it's not terrible but isn't as good as an expensive stand alone - but I guess you wouldn't expect it to be would you?) The HP does come with a decent set of software too so probably worth looking at theirs amongst any others.