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  1. Yey got an iPhone and love it!

  2. iSmile

    Show off your Desktop

    Here's Mine!
  3. iSmile

    UK iPhone, first thoughts!

    Firstly wow!!! The iPhone is great we sure have been missing out over here! 1. Not missing 3g yet EDGE is fine and GPRS isn't too bad either. 2. Where is iTunes ringtones support for us UK peeps, iToner is great but i just wanna try iTunes. 3. Only problem with docking the iphone to charge/sync is i have to turn off my speakers otherwise i can that weird interference noise, if i was really bothered i could turn the iPhone's airplane mode on but then i wouldn't get texts or calls!! 4. No video recording support (maybe a software update???). 5. No bluetooth file sharing, i understand you wouldn't be able to share songs, but pics maybe.
  4. iSmile

    Running Leopard Now

    Yeah i didnt like it but if you go into mail setting you can change it!
  5. Is anyone else having a problem with ejecting USB and Firewire drives in Leopard. 1. Click the eject button next to the drive in the finder = nothing happens 2. Drag the drive to the trash = nothing happens 3. Ctrl click on the drive - eject = nothing happens 4. Open up itunes - click import - then click the eject icon next to the drive = YEY EJECTS This is a weird bug on my 6 month iMac intel core 2, 2gb RAM
  6. iSmile

    Ejecting External Drives in Leopard

    PROBLEM FIXED! After downloading "login & Keychain Update 1.0" via software update and restarting my mac i can now eject the drives! I dont know if it was the update or the restart that did it, anyway problem sorted thanks for your help!
  7. iSmile

    Ejecting External Drives in Leopard

    Yes i have a firewire drive and a USB drive both with the same problem. Yes i can eject using disk utility! I suppose this is a work around for now at least. Also im having problems with ejecting dmg mounted drives.
  8. iSmile

    Leopard Launch Events

    Hey just thought i would post my pics of the Apple store Bullring Leopard event. Please post any you have it would be great to see what was going on around the world!
  9. iSmile

    Your Rig

    Here is my new setup, the old desk was getting two small.
  10. iSmile

    The Next Big Thing.

    What do guys think of my little leopard banner? Just got bored today....i know stick to the day job lol.
  11. The apple store is down and its now just in the US. I checked UK, France and Australia there all down. Could be just another update to the store OR maybe something else???
  12. iSmile

    iPod Touch chaos in UK

    I walked into my apple store (Bullring, Birmingham, UK) on the 18th of september and happily strolled home with my 16GB iTouch. This was their first batch of only about 30, dunno how many they have in stock now! Keep trying im sure you will get one....Good Luck
  13. iSmile

    Jabber + iChat

    Hey I recently switched to the mac and want to know how to keep in touch with all my MSN buddy's I got Windows Messenger for mac, but its rubish. Can i set up a jabber account that will allow me to text chat, audio and video chat to my MSN buddy's using ichat. If so how?
  14. Hey I live in the UK so haver never used the iPhone. I am planning to satisfy my multi-touch hunger, with the iPod Touch. My question is... I use Aperture for photo managing not iphoto. Can i sync photo's from Aperture to iPhone/iPod Touch? Thanks for your help Miles
  15. I know which one i would choose but i wanna see how badly people want 10.5
  16. iSmile

    Final Cut Express HD

    Hey, im a semi-pro film maker on a low budget. I have recently switched to the mac not just for its multimedia apps though! I was wandering if Final cut express hd is worth the money? iMovie is pretty gud but i think i need something a little better. Final cut studio is a no, mainly cuz of the price but also i think its too professional right now for me! Im looking for power but also ease of use! If any of you guys own Final cut express and are willing to give a little review that would be great.
  17. Hey im new to the mac and need to know. How do you just deleate 1 item from the trash, instead of the emptying it? Thanks guys Miles
  18. iSmile


    Here is mine! Im new to the mac soo thats why i only have the basics ohh and MSN lol. Click here for full quality version
  19. Hey As with alot of you guys i have a widescreen iMac. In iPhoto 6 it allows full screen editing, this is great but... I dunno if its just my camera but it dont take widescreen images. This means there are large black line on the left and right of the screen. Is there a way for iPhoto to get these images to fill the screen, just like it does with full screen slideshows! Thanks Miles
  20. iSmile

    itunes 7.1

    Quicktime 7.1.5 is out too, loads of bug fixes reccomended for any quicktime user!
  21. iSmile

    Your Rig

    Here is my 20 inch iMac, you can just about see my iPod 5th gen too! Click here for full resolution image http://www.mwsdesigns.com/stuff/rig.jpg
  22. iSmile

    Show off your Desktop

    Great desktop backgrounds guys! Here's Mine. http://www.mwsdesigns.com/stuff/DB.jpg Anyone interested at getting this Background image click the link below! http://www.macnyt.dk/gallery/images/picUpl...85063769436.jpg
  23. Hey im still pretty new to the mac and have a question. Is there anyway i can password protect a file or folder in Mac OS X Tiger. or do i have to download some third party software! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  24. iSmile

    Dashcode! Any Good?

    I just downloaded the public beta version of Dashcode and its great! Even if your a noob, you can still make great widgets. If your a pro programmer you can still use the coding view! What does everyone else think?
  25. I have been using pc's for around 15 years 5 of them studying IT at University and 9 living and working in the IT world. I grew very attached to my 5 or 6 machines and know windows inside out. So about 3 years ago i purchased and iPod and was amazed by its simplicity and ease of use. I still think today iTunes is the only good software that runs on a PC. Anyway after getting through the ipod 4th gen, ipod photo and onto the video i started to like apple and often found myself looking into there other products, evantually i decided i was going to get a mac. So last weekend i marched into my local apple store and bought a 20 inch iMac. Apple's customer service was great and setting the mac up was weird because it just seemed to easy. As the week went on i began to learn all my computers skill over again. But this time instead of it taking 5 years it took more like 5 days. The mac is just incredible, i was installing some software the other day and as a typical PC guy i was looking around for some sort of setup file to install it. When i found out all i had to do was drag that one file into the apps folders, i freaked out, it was soo easy and just aww wow. I installed windows xp yesterday using bootcamp, after the first 5 mins of using it i relaised how s**t windows is. It even crashed on me...twice, Mac OSX has never done that. So yeah, i just cant belive what ive been missing out on and the only machine i will be installing windows vista on is my shredder!!!