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  1. SirThom

    OS Reload?

    Very good, thanks for the replies! =) I'll try to post back after I've run some of the tools in OnyX. ~ Tom
  2. SirThom

    OS Reload?

    Hey everyone! I have a Mac mini 1.5 Ghz G4, 1 GB RAM, which was purchased in January 2006 (my first Mac since an old Performa PPC running System 7). I have been extremely pleased with the system, and how well it has performed. However, it's beginning to feel a little sluggish in general (launching apps, quitting apps, searching iTunes, browsing in Safari, etc.), and I'm wondering if I should re-install Mac OS X, or if there are any "cleanup" alternatives to help restore my Mac's speed. Any and all help would be appreciated, and I apologize for my ignorance with this issue, as I've grown accustomed to reloading Windows every few months! God bless, Tom
  3. SirThom

    Purchaces Music

    I also add a "Podcast" "Is False" condition, because some podcasts protect their audio files for iTunes. Why that is, I don't know, but I've noticed that occur in my smart playlist.
  4. SirThom

    David Spade

    I think at 10 PM EST on Comedy Central.
  5. SirThom


    I like BitRocket! =) Also, this article may be of help.
  6. SirThom

    start up chime

    My Mac mini always plays the chime using the internal speakers instead of the Line-Out jack.
  7. SirThom

    My new project

    Thanks for the feedback! I changed the initial message to say "This user is still building his MusicSig" instead. Any other takers? =)
  8. SirThom

    My new project

    Hey guys! Just wondering if you'd be willing to check out something I just whipped up: MusicSig. Now I understand it's not last.fm (yet), but I just thought it'd be something neat to try out. For a preview, just check my signature! Best of all, I made it with TextMate. pwnd. Let me know what you think! =) ~ Tom
  9. SirThom

    Which version of Mac OS???

    Running Tiger, since it was pre-installed on my Mac mini.
  10. SirThom

    26,000th Post! WOOT!

    Congrats on this "milestone", MacCast Forums! Let's keep this thing rolling. :wink:
  11. SirThom

    Apache and 403 errors

    I wend into my System Prefs today and enabled Personal Web Sharing. I can see the Apache splash page just fine, but when I go to my user's folder (~tom), it comes back with a 403 error (forbidden). Is there something I'm doing wrong, here? =/
  12. SirThom

    Mac mini: should I wait?

    But then if the "dreaded" Intel models come out, you can get one for cheap on eBay, or elsewhere. =)
  13. SirThom

    Mac mini: should I wait?

    Hehe, that's very true. =)
  14. SirThom

    Mac mini: should I wait?

    Alright, the decision have been made. I'm waiting. =)
  15. SirThom

    Mac mini: should I wait?

    Hrmmm, yes. Bah, I don't know. What are the dis-advantages to using intel chips in the Macs? Perhaps that will help me weigh it a bit more.