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    If you are having trouble with Yahoo Mail on your iPhone....

    No, you can use new or existing accounts. I have heard a paid Yahoo account will not work though. Whether or not it is new or old you should be able to go into the settings IF you are having trouble.
  2. seven n seven

    iPhone update 1.0.1

    No issues here but agree with you on copy/paste...and friggin let me download the messge from the server already!! One thing I am doing when I install an update or restore is to turn off the keyboard lock. I got a weird error when having to do a restore and the phone was asleep. WAKE UP!! I assume a *real* update is coming soon.
  3. I was having trouble with a Yahoo account receiving mail on my iPhone. I added it and deleted it several times and did the restarts that all the folks around the tubes say to do. None of this worked. I then created a brand new Yahoo Mail account and added it and it worked perfectly...so what was the difference. For some reason, (I think this happens when you create the YM acct on your iPhone) there is a section in your Yahoo Mail Account Settings, Partner Links.... that creates an "Activated" status. My Yahoo account that was not working had TWO of these. When I deleted them and then checked my mail (problem YM acct) on my iPhone it started receiving emails again. I am stoked to have this resolved.
  4. seven n seven

    Bejeweled for iphone

    check out: static.popcap.com/iPhone
  5. seven n seven

    Cool features

    maybe ta daaaa is better?
  6. So I am used to hitting the spacebar twice on a BB to type a period and was not enjoying hitting the punc key on the iPhone and then tapping the period and then the punc button to go back to the letter screen. Well I found a cool tip yesterday that I LOVE! Instead of tapping the punc button when you want a period, comma, etc just hold your finger on that button and when you go to the punc screen slide your finger onto what you want and then just let go... wahlah, back to the letter screen and super easy. Some may know this but I thought I would share.
  7. seven n seven

    Cool features

    Yup, I was about to mention that. Click that little car icon and wahlah!!
  8. seven n seven

    Question on activating phone and switching carriers

    Honesty is always good for the karma!! I firmly believe this. Good Luck!! You should have heard the lady when she offered to come test the network at my work. I told her that might not be a good idea and she asked why.. I told her I worked at the Cingular HQ.. she was like, ohhhhhhhhh K.
  9. seven n seven

    Question on activating phone and switching carriers

    They will ask you when you are planning to switch and you can say in a week or so and ask them to not cancel your number. Regardless of outcome I would ask them to work with you on the fee for ANY reduction. I have learned in life that those who do not ask, do not get. Even if they take $20 or $30 off that would cover a case.. I have had Sprint waive my entire fee because they mislead me when they told me about my ETF. They lady in customer retention must have been VERY understanding as she told me she was going to waive half of it and ended up wiping the whole thing clean. Heck, if your ETF is not pro-rated I would argue that you feel like current customes are not receiving the same treatment as new ones and that this justifies at least SOME reduction in your ETF. If you know you are going to switch (you own an iPhone already - unless you are considering returning it) I would highly recommend at least trying to get your ETF reduced.
  10. seven n seven

    Gmail on iPhone

    Funny, my Gmail works flawlessly but I have not been able to get Yahoo Mail to work on my phone in DAYS! I can send mail from my Yahoo account on my iPhone but it cannot receive mail...
  11. seven n seven

    who got one?

    I got one last Sunday as a gift from my gf. Thank you Laura!! Coming from a Blackberry it has been an adjustment. Do I LUUUUUVV the iPod functionality, butter-smooth screens, beautiful display, etc.. why yes. Do I wonder why I cannot load 3P apps like Jive Talk that don't require Safari? Yup. How in the you know what did someone forget COPY/PASTE?? Also, the iPhone was supposed to have double the battery life of the BB Curve and almost double the battery life of the BB 8800 but IT DOES NOT. Under even very basic use it has not even matched the battery life of my BB 8800 yet... Very slick device but if Apple does not get their act together with some improvements in functionality (geeezz its just copy/paste already) and 3P app capability.. that new dual-mode Blackberry is going to look mighty tempting...
  12. seven n seven

    Question on activating phone and switching carriers

    Oops, I did not answer a few of your questions... Yes, when you activate your iPhone you will basically go through the porting process (assuming you are using the same #) and you will be leaving your VZN service and transferring to ATT. Verizon will just add the ETF to your bill. Don't forget about the $36 activation fee with ATT. **I am an employee of ATT and I in no way trying to convince someone to become a customer of ATT. The answers I give here are based on my own personal views and experience. I have no desire to sell, market, blah, etc. I only hope to use my knowledge and experience in this realm to help out. Heck, if you take a look at my "week with the iPhone" posting you can see that I am trying to provide a personal un-biased view based on my experiences.
  13. seven n seven

    Question on activating phone and switching carriers

    Before you pay that fee I would do everything in my power to get it adjusted, pro-rated, reduced in any way. First question is do you know if your early-termination fee is prorated as it very well may be with Verizon. Other than this, do you have another family member on the same account? There is a reason for this. I recently switched from Verizon to Cingular and was able to get my ETF chopped in half because the other person on my account was not going to switch. However, this reasoning was in addition to me raising an issue about my service. Basically, here is what I did. I called customer service and WORKED my way to customer retention and explained to them that I was getting bad service/reception on my phone over 75% of the time. I explained that the reception in my house was inconsistent as well as my workplace and those were the areas I spent the majority of my time and I do not have a landline. They offered to send someone out to test the signal but I told them they could test all day but MY PHONE and MY EXPERIENCE was not meeting my expectations and I requested a reduction of my ETF. The key IMO is to be polite, respectful and when they ask "what can I do for you today?"... I told them I just wanted someone to give me a fair solution. The lady had a hard time responding to this as she would have to say, well, we cannot be fair today. I did not ask for a full waiver of my ETF as I understand the cost involved with handset subsidy but after being a customer for years, I felt I deserved a fair solution to my current issues. They could always bring up the question of so what made you so concerned about this now??? An answer to this could be that you are considering dropping your landline, started using your mobile more frequently, etc, etc. In the end, I paid $85 a while back to leave my VZN contract even before the iPhone came out. I honestly think that not being rude and just genuinely asking for help with my situation made all the difference.
  14. seven n seven

    My week (as of this Sunday actually) with the iPhone

    I have decided to return this one and try again. I know several people who are not experiencing the things I am. The brick incident did it for me as I don't think my $600 new phone should be doing that in the first 3 days. Overall I am stoked about the possibilities and what this is going to do for the handset industry.
  15. My gf was kind enough to share in her M&A bonus fortunes and buy me an iPhone this past Sunday. Yes, I am very, very thankful. So I get home and hook the iPhone up to my iMac and am activated and up and running in what had to be less than 5 minutes. I used my current phone # and the SIM that came with the phone and everything went flawless. Then I let it charge the rest of the afternoon. Sunday night, with it charged, I do the normal I-have-a-new-gadget stuff like play with the iPod, phone, email, etc. I setup 3 Gmail accounts, 1 Yahoo account and 1 .mac account. The Gmail and .mac email has worked great. Yahoo Mail has been almost worthless. I am used to a Blackberry so it is not as fast but the mail that works comes pretty frequent and looks amazing (attachments). After some basic fun and Big Brother 8 I was done. Monday the phone still had some charge and made it through most of the day until I had to charge it in the afternoon. I had not done any browsing or video so I was kind of shocked. I chalked it up to a new (not yet cycled-in battery) and moved on. Charge time seems to be a few hours. The times that I have talked on it the ringer volume and speaker (non speakerphone) volume seem ok. Not super loud but ok. The speakerphone is crazy quiet. I could be used to my BB 8800 but the iPhone seems to be whispering compared to what I am used to. I will say that the way the Tuesday comes along and my Gmail and .mac email accounts are working but my Yahoo IMAP (setup via the template screen) will send email but not receive it. I once got some funky XMYPTY blah blah error but basically I have set the Yahoo account up SEVERAL times and the dern thing just will not work. On to my favorite iPhone experience. While waiting for the ENDLESS "Connecting..." to ACTUALLY connect and give me my mail like the other accounts do, I decided to do a reset. The reset is holding the bottom button and power off button for 10 seconds. oh what joy... Well, my reset did not reset my phone. Actually, it bricked it. Instead of getting the Apple Logo screen and the phone loading back up, I got a screen that said, "Please Connect to iTunes" in a nice little yellow yield sign. WTF. What if I was travelling and not near iTunes. At first I thought this was actually what happened with the reset all the time. I was informed that my phone was "acting up" and that was not normal as a reset should actually RE-SET the phone, inlcuding turning the thing back on where I can use it as a phone, iPod, etc. So I take the phone home and hook it up to iTunes. More fun. I then see that iTunes is downloading a 91.2MB file of what appears to be some version of firmware for my phone. When this was downloaded and installed iTunes then told me that it could not restore my iPhone due to some error. It had gone to sleep and when I tried again with it awake it worked. Then I waited while it wiped my iPhone clean and reloaded everything back on it. Yesterday it seemed to be working fine but several restarts resulted in the phone not coming back on and some restarts actually worked. Oh, and less than 24 hours on a charge. I am still getting only about 24 hours out of the battery and I am not even going online and have barely used the iPod (for music). The iPhone states that it has almost double the battery life of my Blackberry 8800 and from what I am seeing this is absolute BS. I hope that the battery is just not broken in yet but real-life has my BB 8800 getting DOUBLE the battery life of the iPhone. Yes, this iPhone is going back to Apple this weekend and I will give the iPhone one more chance. The battery life is not the worst thing in the world but it sure is not as impressive as the battery "news" we all got several weeks ago. I can only hope my next iPhone works and is stable. Otherwise, I will be returning or selling the thing and buying the latest and greatest Blackberry. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple products but the iPhone has gone a short way to impressing me in the first week that I have had it.