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  1. nickkie

    Just got my 1st mac today...

    Thank you
  2. I just got my MacBookPro today. After i've been waiting for alomost two week.. This pretty girl run on core 2 duo 2.16 mhz. 2 GB ram and 160 HD.. hihihi.... i've been using her for about 2 hour and i'm really happy with the mac book pro... but i notice that it's generated a lot of heat around the left speaker.. is that normal???
  3. nickkie

    Virus scan???

    Thank you all for the information.
  4. nickkie

    Virus scan???

    Hi i'm really new to the mac. Acctually while i'm writing this message. My first macbook have not arrive yet.. The question is i heard that most of the pc virus is not effected to the mac. does mac require a virus scan software???