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  1. Update - I returned the keyboard (got a refund) - Borrowed a keyboard (that I know works) - tried it again - the EXACT same thing happens. So it must be the PS/2 to USB converter that doesn't work. Where can I get one (high street)? I tried PC world (London city branch) - they said they "dont do them". Any ideas?
  2. dammit Got there at 19:05, they had closed at 19:00 Back at home... strange thing happens.. when I plug the keyboard into the USB (via the adapter) the keyboard lights flash on for just a second (I mean the lights that indicate 'number lock, caps lock and scroll lock)
  3. just look on Maplin online The item I have is called A77AH and according to their website, it should work with keyboards , http://www.maplin.co.uk/Search.aspx?C=SEO&...;Criteria=A77AH Q) My PS2 port for my Keyboard is broken on my PC. Which connector will i need so that i can plug my PS2 keyboard into a USB socket? Thanks - A) A77AH would be a suitable item. So it could be a faulty keyboard. It's not even a proper brand! I'll take it back to the shop now
  4. Thanks mate Also, just found this: http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?quick...0629dc9677be21e BUT THIS IS £30? And this one: http://www.microdirect.co.uk/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductID=2379 big difference in price 99p vs £25
  5. I have an intel MacBook Pro Don't ask me why, but i must use a PS/2 keyboard that I have for a certain project. I went to Maplin today and picked up an adapter. (Maplin is the UK equivalent to Radioshack) It cost £4.99 and looks as though it should have cost 99p. Looks a lot like this: But it doesn't work. It doesn't even work in Parallels I'm trying it with a brand new keyboard (that I bought from Maplin at the same time) Any ideas?
  6. eek, help, how do I do this? If I do this will it slow my system down?
  7. Looks nice. Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a try Don't want the IPTV thing though... ...plus it's 'free'? really? great.
  8. Great, just downloading NetBarrier which has a 30 day free trial (you can use all the features). If you want to buy it, it's approx £50 [1] It's useful. (I think) it stops apps 'phoning home' without your consent. You have to really trust apps not to phone home. In the Mac world, it's very unlikely that there is spyware or malicious software that will snoop on you (an example may be the iTunes mini-store which is kind of creepy as it could potentially snoop on you, although Apple says 'Honest guv, we don't') [3] There is a video tutorial on Little Snitch. Just downloading it here: http://www.twit.tv/node/4459 [2] But the major issue is that the demo version is limited (switches off after 3 hours). It also looks kinda complicated. Also, ironically, it blocks apps from 'phoning home' apart from itself I'll stress again that I don't think any of this is necessary (maybe for the uber paranoid), but it's interesting to know. [1] £50 seems expensive. But maybe it's worth it for added piece of mind. I just want to know if others would recommend it. [2] I hope Adam doesn't mind me linking to this free podcast. [3] This is UK slang, if you are American, it will make no sense
  9. HenryL


    I'm thinking of getting PGP desktop for Mac Does anyone here use this? Would they recommend it? It's just to secure my private data: - incase a portable drive is lost/stolen - incase my laptop goes in for repair, I'd rather they couldn't read my private letters/ docs - you might not want your current girlfriend to be able to see photos you are keeping of you with Ex-GFs And also, the added bonus is - when I do backups to the web, I can comfortably use one of the free storage solutions (eg. inbox.com appear to offer free 5Gb of storage)
  10. HenryL

    So what's a DMG file

    Just found this website: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-DMG-File-on-a-Mac How to Make a DMG File on a Mac The easiest way to store files for a Mac is to create a Disk Image. A Disk Image is a file which has the properties of a separate hard drive or CD. It has a set size limit and options for encryption to keep your files safe and secure. Steps 1. Start up your Mac. 2. Create a New Folder and place the files you would like in your disk image into this new folder. 3. Right click (or CTRL-Click) the folder and select "Get Info" and note the size of it's contents. 4. Open Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) 5. Click the "New Image" icon to create a new disk image. Enter a name for the Image, and select a size adequate for the size of your folder you created in Step 2. Set the encryption to "none" and Format to "read/write disk image". See Tips to learn how to encrypt the image. 6. Place the contents of the folder from Step 2 into the newly mounted disk image 7. Unmount the Disk Image
  11. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. For all i know, it could be the mac equivalent of del *.* (that's how little I know about Macs)
  12. Alot my files have unhelpful names like: family_guy_239423.avi And i have HUNDREDS of these (most are xvid) Is there any software that gives a thumbnail preview of each video file There appears to be no good/easy way to browse through video media on os x
  13. I've tried using one of the key combinations but it produces a TIFF file on the desktop No good. I want JPEGS I know I can use 'Grab' in Preview (application) but it seems laborious. Is there a quick way? Thanks
  14. WHAT IS A DMG? Is it like a 'virtual cd' When you double click it, it 'mounts' like a real cd (or disc) would. You can eject it and it then 'disappears' Is my understanding correct? Is the above true? What about password protecting disk images? I have an external firewire 250GB drive. It had loads of media and video files on it. I would like it so that only I can decrypt it. For example I might have the entire south park back catalogue What do I need to keep in mind? Do I need a certain amount of free space on my hard drive (for it to 'unzip' or decrypt' to?) Also, does it decrypt and creat the 'temporary' cache file on the laptop hard drive or the external hard drive? (So - for security reasons - could someone 'undelete' the file if they DIDN"T have the external firewire drive?) Hope the above makes sense, happy to explain again.