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  1. or.. rip all the songs off your ipod onto your mac using senuti i don't think it works for podcasts but still fast and easy
  2. imperial92

    iTunes won't open... V 7.3

    worked for me 2 : )
  3. imperial92

    Drop it like it's hot

    wow, thats odd but cool hopefully i wont have to do that my mini... this doesn't work on the solid state ipods right?
  4. imperial92

    itunes plug-in idea

    i had an idea for a plug that were the visulizer is like a mini screen saver for itunes were if you don't do anything in itunes for awhile the visualizer would come on... if anyone wants to write this little plug-in if its possible i have no idea but ya anyone can use this idea if they want!
  5. imperial92

    3g ipod not responding

    i have a 3g ipod and now when i plug it into my computer my mac doesn't recognize it but if i open up finder it crashes. Also the ipod says updating do not disconnect. also some times it will take a very long time boot and say do not disconnect. Also* if i try to turn it on when it is not connected to anything it just gets stuck on apple symbol. if i open ipod updater wall the ipod is connected it just bounces for a wile and then stops but does not have the triangle so i have to force quit it.
  6. i have an ipod 2gen and it recently started to not recognize my intelmac using firewire or usb2.0 and itunes 7. I have reset my ipod many times and toggled the switch back and forth then charged the ipod all the way up then connected the ipod to my computer. it doesn't show in finder or itunes but i can get it show up in ipod updater. Even though it is visible in ipod updater i can not update it or restore it also can tell me nothing about the ipod. Does anyone now how to fix this or have any suggestions on what to do? also when i plug ipod in it just stays on the apple symbol
  7. imperial92

    connecting to internet

    Thanks alot for the really indepth tutorial! thanks again Garrett
  8. imperial92

    connecting to internet

    I recently found a program called Amsn to use my isight as a webcam. It used to work when my ip address was then one day it changed to Now when i change it from to (using DHCP with manual address)my internet doesn't work do you know how to change my ip to i can connect to my router but i can't surf the web or go on msn or anything. PS the reson why my ip address has to be is becuase my router has ports open from 1683 to 1690 but only for that ip address. i tried to make it open for all ip addresses but lynksys support in india isn't that great and they only know how to use windows. i am using a 17" intel imac